Debates and peace

Omg I am up past midnight 😮😄 I haven’t done that in a long time!! Woo hoo!

I have tmrw totally off – but I want to drop off my resume so think I do that first thing in morning – they open at 9? So I won’t be too early cause I don’t want to freak people out with my early ness … I am a early person it is very hard for me not to be, even when trying… I actually have to force myself to not be too early!! That is so hard!!! Time is of the essence

They said they might do a on the spot interview 😳 so – have to be all perfect so we see how that goes … however 🤨😄 …

Is … do not laugh… is automotive admin assistant for a large well known company

Yes I know I hate cars – I will try not to make any faces lol ✌️ is full time, good money and benefits – and offering overtime! Is a really cool job offer so whatever we see – must remember to not make dislike faces lol

But maybe I learn even more about cars too. So whatever – like I said, we just see – don’t know if don’t try

I will only take if feels right so we see … fricken automotive lol whatever … these things just come in my life lol

When I want to push something away… it comes at me more lol – what is that?

Anyway… I’m not overly positive with it – watch it work out lol

I once got a job that I had seen… and I was on my way there and thought oh I am just wasting my time – this isn’t going to work… I almost turned around and went home…

But I didn’t … I just thought “eh whatever … if I waste my time, whatever – can’t hurt just to see… I was nervous though

They literally interviewed me and hired me on the spot… that is not a usual thing normally – although has happened to me 3 times so I guess I can’t say that.

But the point is … I almost turned around and didn’t try… so now I just always try and just see what happens even if I think no.

So I’ll just try. Can’t hurt

I do love the job I have very very much… I love my people, I love the peace I find with that job, I love helping people, I love connecting…

But we have only 5 people doing 3 homes – the pressure is intense and they won’t hire more and I can’t handle that stress – that worries me a lot

And then all of the sudden many all around the area – not just my homes – just resigned for various reasons … so the whole thing is rough

And I am in a position that first of all… how are they going to train me properly? I do not want to be thrown in any fire!! I am good with fires!!! Omg no more fires!!

I take it very seriously because this is the loss of someone’s loved one!!

Ok fine … I might be a slight perfectionist – possibly… just in certain areas and this would be an area like that… I worry with it. A lot

And then ya know I have been killing myself and I dunno? I know I’m worth more… corporations do not watch for you – you have to do that.

But anyway … I just feel unsure and uneasy with it and that makes it feel wrong – but I love it there and the peace draws me in, and I love the girls … but I think it might be wrong.

So I gonna see

My favorite girl who told me a secret the other day… she let her secret out finally… she is leaving also… I love the other girls too – but she was the first one and is amazing – it was a hard decision for her also

I dunno we just see what happens – I used to change now, whatever

On another note… I CAN NOT wait for SNL on Saturday night lol – that should be funny too ❤️

The vice presidential debate was better – not a total train wreck like Trumps was

Pence reminds me of a minion of Trump or Trump Jr… he kept speaking didn’t care about time. Just like Trump… he also didn’t answer questions and instead just spoke about whatever HE wanted which was usually saying how bad Biden and Harris was

I don’t want to hear that… answer the fricken questions … you want me to vote for you yet you can not tell me how you gonna make it better and instead do attacks? And don’t even have the respect of the rules … like hell they want to protect the American public

Kamala … I like her… I like her a lot… little liberal … but I like her

I am an independent … I don’t like too far in either direction.

But I liked how she presented herself – poised and respectful – I liked that a lot!!!

She did speak of the issues for the most part … she did ok – not stellar or anything – but she did really well. She has a ?? Very good presence, I liked the way she handled herself against Pence… and I did like what she had to say

SNL is gonna have a field day up until the election with both sides lol – I really love that they do that!!

They make it sooo hilarious!!

Did you know that George Washington was the only President of the United States who was not a member of any political party? Here’s some education for you…

Unity NOT division- do we hear that or do we ignore that?? But whatever do your thing. Is what is… I do not like having such division – each side is too much…

An independent will never make it as president again. You will never see that again – George Washington will be the only one

You just won’t ever see that again… we have the electoral college and third party candidates just are not positioned to win with how our system works – it would be extremely difficult – just about impossible

So we remain divided – and since we have race issues I’m gonna go ahead and bring up this profound quote… I am just gonna apply this all encompassing with everything … so in the words of the late Rodney King… Can’t we all just get along?? … I always loved those words he said… he wasn’t perfect (who is) …but his words were ❤️😘✌️ I loved his words – but no… no one fricken listens – everyone is too busy fighting 🤨 whatever … I guess is like that everywhere 🤨 can you show me a place that has ultimate peace?? Tell me where?

Crap I just googled and it said Iceland … no offense Iceland – you would just be too cold for me… let me change my question lol…

Is there a warm place of peace somewhere in the world?

If I Google the most peaceful place it keeps coming back with Iceland… no matter what I type!!! 🤨 ugh – well I suppose nothing is ever truly perfect 🤨

I am sure Iceland is amazing and wonderful… obviously you know how to have peace evidentially … ugh is just the cold that kills me. 😝

But whatever…

In case you missed it… here is the Vice debate … you watch it and see what you think – make your own opinion ✌️

18 thoughts on “Debates and peace

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    1. Went well, but I don’t think is right for me- but that’s alright … you come across things all the time … not everything is meant to be.

      It went well but I don’t think so.

      In the meantime, I keep getting contacted today for positions closer to me… that is weird… so we see

      Life is funny ❤️✌️

      I will find the place I am supposed to be…. eventually – is a quest lol ✌️😘

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  1. Hamilton, the play, taught me that in the first elections there were only presidential candidates and the loser became VP.

    If you google “highest quality of life”, you get Denmark. I think it’s Norway where taxes are obscenely high but so are govt benefits and crime is so low that at least 1 jail allows inmates to leave for work each day and only spend the nights incarcerated. But, yeah…. cold!!

    Good luck with the job app. Two of my very early jobs were at Honda headquarters. I liked it there! I heard it was hard on higher ups, because Honda brought in executives from Japan who demanded the more formal Japanese business style. But at entry level it was great!

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    1. Hahaha that is half funny … because on one hand to make the loser Vice President – would have one of each side… would it keep everything even or would nothing get done? 😄

      But it is a funny thought lol

      Why can’t there be a safe and peaceful warm place? Lol

      Yeah it went well … but I dunno… I didn’t feel like it be for me? I wasn’t totally comfortable ?? It went well but I dunno? We see what happens – I didn’t really get a feeling there

      But I had a lot of offers today? Oddly cause some I didn’t send out to??


      1. I learned to trust that feeling. The 1 time I ignored it became the 2nd worst job of my life.

        Good luck with the other offers! The 2 I hoped for are gone. I tried to apply for another today but the company’s website kept crashing and I finally decided that was Fate intervening.

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      2. Oh yes I have also had those fate stepping in moments – you do have to trust those.

        Yeah I ride on those vibe feelings – I just have feelings with what is ok for me and what is not

        My decisions are based on those – they seem to work out always – I hate to leave the job I have … but I don’t want to kill myself either

        There are many fish in the sea lol 😄✌️you just gotta catch the right one that won’t make you sick lol


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