Running everywhere – doing everything, supposed to be days off!

Oh my goodness – I am just always busy right now!!

If I am not busy with all the things happening with work… I am busy with my own stuff 😮

Yesterday morning I used for my own personal stuff – cleaning and laundry, groceries etc…

Then I did half of the cleaning job thing I have yesterday afternoon – which completely wiped me out … my arm hurt really bad last night – I laid down and I was out – when I woke this morning I didn’t even remember falling asleep!!!!

This morning I went back and finished it – I divided it up this week hoping wouldn’t be too bad on my arm but still was …whatever, right now I need it so… whatever – no pain no gain.

Now I have to run and grab some paperwork from lawyer – fill out and fax back. Bleh gonna take me like 2-3 hours

And then… we have major shockwaves at work… is like mass exodus 😮

And after Monday – that day killed me… that was awful… we do not have the staff and it was a lot …

My stress level was through the roof… and then some woman at the Carecenter called for something – while I am dealing with thousands of things … one of my arrangers forgot to upload something …so I asked her a question about because I am not familiar…

And that bitch copped an attitude BIG TIME … bitch you don’t know me… I am trying to help you, you want done correctly I am trying to help you do that… if you wanna bring attitude bring it… cause I’m gonna give right back and we gonna have some issues

At the end of the day I went to my boss and said I don’t know who she thinks she is, but we gonna have some issues with that attitude. I’m trying to help her and she goes full on bitch mode! 🤨😠 the woman is from New York… yeah well bitch, I’m Massachusetts so I will throw that damn attitude right back – you wanna play, I will play.

It takes something extremely wrong to set me off – she hit that.

My boss said she does that and “everyone” complains about her – but she is the only one who handles the entire place… she says she is harmless – and respects you if you throw it back – oh I’m gonna throw it back alright … I’m sorry you do not treat people like that!!!!! She gonna learn me. ✌️

Yeah I really don’t care what she handles – you gonna come at me like that… oh yes I will give you attitude back – we on the same team and I was trying to help her so yeah I’m gonna give it right back to her – we gonna have some fireworks 💥

Be respectful and I have no problem… be a bitch right off the top… yeah I can do that too! I usually will bide my time and see how it plays cause everyone has an off day… and ya know whatever – I am very peaceful… I have great calmness but again – how she was was uncalled for and you do not speak to people in that manner!!! How she still has a job is beyond me!!! That is just disgusting to treat someone like that

I told my boss – I’m not standing down to that… that is unacceptable… and my boss said … if you do that, she will back down. She just wants to see who can handle her

Fricken rude!!! I’ll handle her… you do not treat people like that. So we gonna have some fun here.

Anyway I do have to run for right now to get that paper work …

Tonight is the vice presidential debate … as if there needs to be one… but whatever

Kamala Harris will be behind plexiglass … because Trump has infected MANY within the White House and Washington …

Also… he won’t be transparent and refused assistance from the CDC… I bet he knew he was positive … you don’t want me to think that? Then be transparent … you are running for president… why would I ever vote for a liar or someone I can not trust? I can’t trust one word he says. And you done sir

Also Mike Pence – his Vice President … refuses to use plexiglass following and setting Trumps precedence …

Do you want a president who doesn’t give a shit about his people??? We have 211,000+ deaths here in the United States and we are likely going to hit 400,000 – will one of those be someone you love? Or yourself??

While the assholes in Washington do not give a shit about anyone or anything but themselves – they show NO care for the American public during a world wide pandemic…

I’m sorry but with the amount of deaths we have (and are expected TO have) that is total disregard – I have a massive issue with that!!! Carelessly infecting

They just don’t get it and they don’t care.

I am so tired of all the bullshit!!! Omg

Anyway… We get to watch this tonight … may the best woman win ✌️😘 this is gonna be interesting!!!

Ok so I go get that paperwork handle that… and then tomorrow I want to go drop off my resume somewhere that wants it done in person… so ok

I kinda am not totally sure – but I am just gonna do it. Throw my cards up in the air – see where they fall

I love my current job… which I will tell you about all the stuff happening later … but I do not want to be thrown in the fire when I question the position to begin with… I don’t think they have the staff for training and I am not screwing up anyone’s death!!! … and then that stress level from Monday … I can’t handle that kind of pressure and panic – I am not supposed to be having stress like that

It was insane on Monday, and even that is putting it lightly – so that is a concern … I kill myself for this job… so I dunno we see – unless they staff it up… I’m not going to be able to take that on

I do not want to take on anything that I can not positively handle and devote to… I also need to make sure it is not going to kill me either

I am always honest with my boss so she is aware of my apprehension and what areas I am uneasy with.

Anyway I will share more about that later. I have to run for now ✌️

I should be back around 6pm – just in time for the debate ✌️ batter up

Ugghhhh I am not juggling well with so many things – I am not adjusted! 😝😝😝

I seriously would like to put in a request for another lock down please ✌️😘

I be back

6 thoughts on “Running everywhere – doing everything, supposed to be days off!

Add yours

    1. Ugh 🤦‍♀️ yes I know lol… I don’t like that though – I like harmony … things go smoother if we work together instead of harshly… how people do not get that, I do not know?

      And yup… definitely stand up for myself now. Cause if I don’t – who will? So I will stand up and I will speak my mind ✌️

      I do not like arrogance… or rudeness or hurtful people… so yeah I will speak up.

      I know when to hold my tongue, and when to stand up. I actually have respect, integrity and morals – she did not

      But you run into that sometimes – if she wants to come up against me, go ahead bring it!

      I also STRONGLY believe women should be positive and supportive with other women…

      The way she speaks to all people, man or woman, makes your work environment hostile. That is uncalled for, and can be a problem for any company

      Her and I will have problems if she going to be like that.


      1. See it is very basic to speak up your mind. I also don’t like arrogacy. Sometime I hold my mouth and try to manage thing and to talk calmly to those who are not peace loving but after moment if she or he is not bothered to my words I will go and fight back and speak up with whatever in my mind. Because you need to stop it! Someone is continuously bitching and showing rough behaviour to you and you will just listen it peacefully and don’t speak up that is not a normal mentality do like that. So yah speak up for self esteem is necessory. I stongly agree with you.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Exactly!! If you allow it – they will continue.

        It is very important for us to speak up for ourselves – you are totally correct.

        Always try for peace, but there are some who you can not reason with.

        I strongly agree with you as well 😄✌️❤️

        Liked by 1 person

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