And Monday begins …

I have to go get ready for work… today is Monday so…

Lol… Mondays are always crazy

But yesterday… someone have a very rough Sunday ☹️

I thought MY OWN were devastating how they happened … but someone just had it worse.

In the morning… they lost their mom… and before 5pm… they also lost their father 😮😮😮

Boom and boom 😮 they were divorced but still – to lose both on very same day. They were old… but still – boom boom

But I guess in a way might be good? Cause you have all the shockwaves at once, and they were really old

What are the chances that they pass on the exact same day!! 😮 that is crazy

I would be soooooooo mad if I ever pass on same day as Satan!!! I definitely do not want that!!!! I want to share NOTHING with him!!!! EVER!!!

Anyway… that was my very first Boom Boom – mom and dad like that. They were almost 90, so not a total shock but same day – that is rough – but again I guess you get through the mourning quickly? It was just really weird

Alright well… I have to go… I should be back tonight and have tmrw off ❤️ ahhhhh

Ahhhh the 80’s ❤️ if you didn’t go through them – I’m sorry – they were fricken awesome!! I grew up in the 80’s that was my coming of age time 😄✌️ so I have that influence lol

Great music and I’m also the generation with the first original video games and systems – so yeah – it was amazing! Also … we were free’er and soooo much more connected as people ❤️

Ok before I get sidetracked and go off on to some big post lol

I have to go ✌️ back after work

Yeah I totally love 80’s music ❤️❤️❤️ that last one – I love sooo much ❤️ but I kinda love them all so 😄😄✌️

Ok I really have to go 😘✌️

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  1. I felt sorry for their offsprings. No matter if they got divorced but It is rough to lose your mom and dad in a same day. Anyway a heartful consolation to them. And just a suggetion , I think you love to listen and play musics with a classic touch you should listen to Tagore’s song I hope you will like it too. Anyway good morning , Hope the day will go good without any hectic.

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    1. Yeah I got beat up today!! HUGE … 5 more deaths, they just kept coming!!! Omg! I need a massage really bad lol… whew that was a fricken Monday!!

      Most of the day – I did not know if I was coming or going!! Everyone decided to die today … and then tons of transports to other states – families coming in to plan services 😮

      Today was nuts!!! Crazy!! My day was crazy hectic – whew!!! Omg

      I looked up Tagore but there are many 😮 but none specific? Which one do I try? Cause some have different names ?? Is that a type of music or is that a music artist?

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      1. Seems that the day was crazy lol anyway take rest .
        Yah Tagore is a world famous bengali peot and song writer. his full name is Rabindra Nath Tagore. Along with the poem and song he also wrote short stories and big stories and novels one of the incredible one is GITANJANLI. So yah if you searched for Tagore there are many but i would love to recommend you to listen his music creation. There are plenty number of artists who are use to vocalise his creation which are in bengali but there are many artists from westies and middle europe also who are just convert the lyrics into english and vocalise it. The music is rich in classic as well as we used it as music therapy to the mentaly dying patient. In bengal it is very popular kind of mental therapy also. It is just great your every situation has a tune in Tagore’s song we used to call it Rabindra sangeet. He also is a knight holder by the British but he didn’t accept that title because that time british ruler are very rough to general people of India and against that he refuse to hold Knight badge by British. Also he is a nobel prize holder for his contribution to literature. If you searched Rabindra Nath Tagore you can find his name and you can know the entire about of Tagore family. Therr are many more bengal artists who are reconisable for many reasons Tagore is one of them. For now I would like to recommend you “Down Memory Lane”. In bengali it is prounced as “purano sei diner kotha” I’m sending a youtube link to you listen to the all time hit classic composition.

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      2. Oh wow – incredible music – loved it!!! Down memory lane ❤️

        I am a bit of a dork sometimes … cause I want to know things… so I looked up a documentary on him…

        He comes from privilege – a line of successful Indians… I love the way of his humanitarianism!! His words are beautiful – I have never heard of him until you tell me… his heart is beautiful!! And he suffered tragedies … the loss of his wife at age 29… his second daughter and his son 💔

        He has a brilliance! Cause he could realize the suffering of others and how much peace is worth ❤️

        He felt humanity… wow!!!

        Is not just his music… his plays, and writings, and thoughts – what a beautiful incredible soul!

        Interesting – thank you for sharing that with me ❤️ I am completely impressed ❤️❤️❤️

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      3. My pleasure ❤️ There are many actually i will tell you one by one. Yah he is a pure gem from bengal. If you have manage time to read then read to his epic novel GITANJALI it is just incredible❤️

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    1. I love that song completely ❤️ is one of my favorites ❤️

      Yeah – I talk to the guy today … he’s doing ok. They were older so they aren’t in any pain or anything anymore. Almost mercy for that.

      Mine was every month family died … I wouldn’t be over the first and the next would happen and it just kept happening …

      So is very small way… you handle all at once with this one

      Arrangement took hours – 4-5 hours planning both. Burials. Different churches – different cemeteries – different things

      They are irish ☘️ like me


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