Too fast!!!

Bleh that was the worst commute ever!! I could have gone side roads and it would take me 20 min and I know them…

But instead I thought oohhh it is Sunday highways be chill, let me just zip over there – shaves 10 minutes off…

Well the exit I needed was closed!!!!!!!!! And then I don’t know that particular highway – is different one than the other “4” I use!!!!

GPS never told me exit be closed 🤨… also the app I use for GPS changed the voice and I don’t like it!!! At all – not that is a huge deal … but I just don’t like it now. I can’t hear it as well. That is my goto GPS!!

I either have to figure out if I can change it back – or find another one… I do not like apple or Google maps – they make me get lost ALL the time!!! I am directionally challenged lol 😘✌️

Then I couldn’t find my glasses and had a small panic attack over that lol… I had put them in my cleavage 🤨 totally forgot about that because normally I put them on my head- but my hair is done today and all cute and I didn’t want the glasses messing it up… but I was flying around trying to be fast … I forgot all about that, cause is not something I normally do!!!

See what happens when I go fast??? I am much better if I go slow.

Paperwork and things like that – I be fast… but I suck with being fast physically

Well whatever bleh … it is not easy like Sunday morning!

Anyway… this is funny and will bring a smile 😄😄❤️ I fricken LOVE SNL ❤️❤️❤️❤️… they are sooo hilarious!!! Lol

Happy Sunday

3 thoughts on “Too fast!!!

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    1. Hahaha… I hate when mine does not tell me about road closures!! And sometimes it will tell me I have arrived when I have not 🤨😄✌️

      Usually when it tells me I have arrived and that is not true… I will exit the directions and then re-enter them but tell it I am walking (but I am not, it will just be more precise) – then it will give me the proper info 🤨 kind of annoys me lol

      But whatever better than pulling out big giant paper maps lol – I do remember that lol

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