Ok I think I jinxed myself … I told someone earlier that I don’t really get ads on my phone … and I usually ignore that stuff anyway and I have my phone set to extreme privacy and I don’t let Apple collect any information on me…

I’m sure they do anyway… and every so often if I use Safari … it will give me ads that maybe it’s heard me talk about or whatever other strange thing…

I am here with my daughter … I opened something and it was ad 😮😮😮😮😮

But the ad was LOUD and talking about something not even slightly appropriate!! Omg seriously?!!

I will have you know… I do NOT search this, read about this, or anything else about this!! There should be zero reason for that to be coming up on my phone!!

I don’t text about it… talk about it, nothing…

The ad started and again was something shocking and inappropriate 😮

I was shocked, my daughter is hearing it and also shocked 😮 I couldn’t believe it

I am totally stunned. 😮

I did not expect that in an ad 😮😳 I don’t even want to say what was!!! Omg!!!

I’m just still stunned 😳😮

Anyway… now I completely forgot what I was going to blog about 🤨

Oh yeah… I am going to make a new post… cause I’m just all stunned here!! 😮 not a lot shocks me – but that totally did!!!!!!

If they are going to give me ads – keep the crap PG please 😳😮 omg … I would give that an X rating 😳😮 omg … how is that ok???

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      1. 😄😄 eww processed foods lol … years off your life lol omg – totally!

        My 18 yr old might be down… that one is a struggle with him lol


      2. Hahaha yes invincible – he does believe that

        He says is a part of being old and he will deal then 🤨

        They turn 18 and think they grown up 🤨 lol


      3. There is a philosophy that a woman’s life is laid out much more clearly for them than a man with many expectations. While I married at 20 and overcame many obstacles with a sick wife and premature child, there were many areas where I cannot claim beimg grown up.

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      4. Yeah … I was always an old soul though … also raised strict Irish Catholic – I had my rebellion period at 15… lasted one year – broke my parents in for my brother and sister lol

        I was never a partier… always responsible – I am the oldest child. But at 20… I had not reached 21 yet… and getting pregnant – I always wanted to be a mom … at 16 almost died and they told me wouldn’t be able to have kids – so was shocked

        Thrilled but shocked… and I have loved being a mom ever since ❤️ definitely made me completely grow up right there and then

        All my friends were out partying and I was a mom… but even then I loved the peace and being with my child ❤️

        Like I said – always an old soul ✌️


      5. Trisha, that is amazing! I have never been one to party. I haven’t smoked, drank, or gambled. Ha ha, I do not even own a television.

        I did think I was missing out for a while when it came to the party scene. Time and experience has shown me otherwise. I have a lot fewer regrets than if I would have partied.

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      6. I always tell people the reason I look so young is because I have never partied lol ✌️😄 I do kinda believe that…

        I own a tv… but I don’t really watch tv… if I wanna watch something I stick to Amazon prime or YouTube

        I only like to watch certain things.

        I never thought I was missing out … my kids are entertaining ❤️ I really was born to be a mom ❤️

        I miss it so much cause they all growing up, I often think about possible fostering or adopting later ? But we see – probably not a baby but one who really needs someone

        Is just a thought currently… I am not in that position currently

        I do not even ever, even now wish to party lol… that is just not me… I would watch my friends and was always a lot of drama going on lol … I am not a huge fan of drama

        I have always loved peace – not a hippie lol ✌️😄

        I am just used to my ex causing drama and things

        And also when I was young … I lost 2 friends I loved VERY much … one was a car accident and the other was a suicide

        Both rocked my soul. So ya know have always cherished what had to offer in a peaceful way


      7. I am talking about travel, or trying a new hobby; well thought out functions that will broaden your personality and make you really stand out to the grandchildren. Hiking, pottery, painting, roller derby, you know….🤠🔥

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      8. I am already a hiker… I have hidden talents I don’t talk about… travel be nice… I have done the United States already – but not the world. Blogging kinda introduced me to the world ❤️

        I went through a lot with the cancer so currently just enjoying life cancer free and out of a domestic violence situation ❤️

        I really don’t need to embark on anything because I just love how life comes

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      9. No worries always love convo ❤️ appreciate that

        I’m doing ok… surviving and everyday gets more and more amazing – I make life what I want it to be ❤️

        Plus it helps that cancer is trying to kill me – and I got away from a man who always hurt me… so yeah doing really well 😄✌️

        I am happy ❤️

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      10. I don’t know much about podcasts?? I have to speak right? What would I say? Lol

        I do well in writing. I speak well too … but I would have to map out what I speak about

        With writing it just flows

        If I am speaking – with someone it will flow … but speaking to myself is weird

        And no one has to see me right – I am extremely cautious with that… I’ve had stalkers and because I have worked along side police … I know how people steal identities so I am ultra careful with that.

        Not to mention I really love my privacy

        I am not sure what topics I would say in a podcast?? And who would want to listen

        A blog is so much more peaceful and I do that with ease and no fear ❤️

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      11. Hahaha yeah … blog is just right

        My oldest wanted me to be some online personality – hahaha uhhh nope lol 😄😄

        He thinks I be perfect for that… but I just like the peace of a blog ❤️ I love this community and fits me just right. Has helped me through everything and been a blessing.

        I don’t need attention or anything else. I am already strong

        I just like to enjoy life in a simple manner not all crazy or over my head or worrisome lol

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      12. Yeah this is just my speed and such an amazing community

        I don’t do any other social media – I stay away from that as well

        I had a Facebook and is still there – all my friends and family are there … I keep it there but never log on – I just want to keep them as is

        I fell off the face of the earth after my surgery

        Currently just kinda quiet – absorbing peace (again not a hippie lol) 😄✌️

        Just been through alot and that moment of surgery I just needed peace after that … so I go for that

        Like a moth to a flame lol

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      13. Hahaha can not wait to hear your story! I check your page little while ago but there was nothing new yet. I am curious now lol

        I am very full of life … I keep a very good balance

        Life will always throw things (hello – 2020 lol) but ya know life happens – the key is appreciating every single day and the amazing people around you ❤️

        Life is gonna have ups and downs … it threw me around like a rag doll for a moment … but I be damned if I let it take my life lol – I do have a slight fire lol … I am soft womanly type… but I have extremely strong spirit!! Lol

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      14. Hahaha funny you mention. Roller derby though – I love those thigh high socks so much that in winter I will try to get away with shorts and wearing those socks – instead of pants (not for work – that would not go over well at funeral home lol)

        But I was approached for roller derby team wanting to get me on board

        The problem with that is – I am soft – very delicate – definitely all woman

        I bruise easy lol

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      15. I can’t golf ☹️ I used to ❤️ I loved it… but I have nerve damage from the cancer surgeries and reconstruction – I can’t now

        Have no idea what pickle ball is but sounds hilarious

        If I have to use my right arm it’s out

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