Smoky again

I almost forgot… we have more fires 🔥 🤨 it is smoky again 😝 really bad again!! Bleh

From the Glass fire up by Napa 😮

Can we just have rain already!! Omg

Oh and then Trump and Biden had their first debate yesterday, which I am sure you have already heard about or watched … cause … well just because

In case you missed it… you will want to fast forward to 27:45 … anything before that is just dead air… although the dead air was nice ✌️

Here it is:

Ok good night for real ✌️❤️

10 thoughts on “Smoky again

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  1. That wasn’t a debate.. it was a whiney baby being rude!! Current rumors are that the next 2 “debates” will include moderator ability to cut off mics… and that Cheeto is already refusing. So they may be cancelled. I say HOLD THEM and let Biden have the floor to himself

    I read that something like 30 wineries have been destroyed by the Glass fire.

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    1. I was just stunned … even my children have more control than that debate did… if my children EVER acted like that omg!! I have never witnessed such disrespect and disregard and rudeness… Biden is not totally innocent there either … I want facts, I want issues, how gonna solve, why should I vote for you… and I could careless about their stupid bullshit crap… you are running for President not kindergarten line leader 🤨 let’s be adults here

      And I’m sorry, I was appalled when Trump would not denounce white supremacy groups but instead tells them to stand down and stand BY?? Are you serious?? Do you realize that if he doesn’t get elected this will get really bad?? Omg … he throws gasoline all over the place – I’m sorry he just does. I can not handle anymore fires!!! Stop it!!!

      If he can not handle his appropriate time limit and have any kind of respect… then screw him – absolutely give Biden the floor … that would be his own choosing if he decides he can not be an adult. Holy crap!

      Yes many wineries 🍷 have been completely destroyed 😮 completely lost and burned 😳😮 how devastating for so many both business/lively hood and also lives

      I am sooo over these fires this year omg it’s just so much!!!

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    1. Oh sooo much fire!! Too much!!! I need it to stop or we gonna be nothing left!!

      2020 has just devastated – the year of change and devastation 😳

      Almost to 2021! Almost there 🙏

      Our rain should be starting soon 🙏 we are still hot currently (99f/37c today) … but Sunday we will drop 10 degrees and enter fall lol … if we can just make it through October – we be good!! 🙏 then the rains will come

      So far, knock on wood… still safe ✌️❤️❤️ thank you

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