It just happens…

Well now – interesting events yesterday 😮

I didn’t get a chance to come and tell everything – after kids left (about 8:30/9pm) … I had to drive back into the city – because I am house sitting for at least a week – possibly 2 weeks… and there are 2 huge dogs.

I didn’t get there until 10pm… and I brought my whole house 😄😄 kidding but not really … they don’t have a coffee maker (isn’t that like a sin or something? lol) so I brought my own and a couple of my own cooking things? Some groceries, and cooking gadgets (cause I didn’t know what they had) all my shower stuff, clothing… umm just a lot of stuff lol… I’m here for at least a week – MAYBE 2!

Anyway – I had to set myself up. ✌️

They left at 2am 😮 they are driving to Utah – 13 hour drive? If is nonstop – but they probably be stopping?

I am only 15 minutes away from work (omg I am so excited!! – I don’t have to take the highways in and my commute gonna be so easy ❤️)

I have my dinner all prepared and is cooking – will cook all day… so when I come home it be all amazing smelling and home cooked meal woo hoo! I just did that. (Is crockpot so cooks slowly all day) I did white chicken chili ❤️ (that’s one of my favorite things)

I prep all that usually as soon as I buy groceries (so I just brought it all, I had it done already) and have everything portioned so I just dump in and it’s done really quick and easy!

No dogs better eat my dinner 🤨😮😄 I think it be safe 🙏 we gonna find out … I have it pushed all the way back and up high on counter.

A neighbor across street will check on dogs while I work, and let them out.

I will be back after I get to work and I will tell you about yesterday – oh do I have some stories 😳😮

My day yesterday was amazing!! But also “😮”

I know – sorry about the suspense … it just happens

I’m gonna put this song here – cause it kinda fits yesterday lol… and not why you might think 😮

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