I never imagined …

So… today was weird.

Right off the bat, I should have known that… cause day started weird…

I left for work my normal time 7am… I have to be there for 8… but my boss called before I was even out of the country area of my town- I had just left home… and she asked me to cover ugly walls all day…

Ok no problem… so off to that one I went. It’s just a little farther – and I’ve started liking that one.

Ok… got to work… I have to do a million things at that one – the very moment I get in… I have tons of lights to shut off and other ones to turn on, then I have to do the phones (which I hate their phones cause is a big production) the other 2 – I just push a button… this one I have to bring computer up, login to my funeral stuff… bring up the internet, go to a website – log in to the phones 🤨 … then go to settings and switch them… see big giant production – just let me push a button lol ✌️ but whatever … I’m always running around that one when I first get in. That is all normal.

Then my district manager says, I’m on my way over 😳 umm ok?

And then kinda cornered me and asked if I had thought about the position?

So… I just mentioned I have been thinking and here is where my concerns are…

I do want to keep a work life balance, and I’m not sure if I would be good at it? Is sales and things… I would completely handle the family!!

Meaning when a call comes in – they become mine… I will be like an event planner but for funerals… I will have to walk the family through what we offer as far as services, all the paperwork – cause there are many papers to sign…

A lot of families are umm?? Well grief stricken and umm?? It’s hard because they don’t really know what to do… I hold hands well… so I know I have compassion and I have this severe calmness… I am alive and full of life in general – but with this I have a severe calmness making you calm and at ease, so I know I can do that

And I don’t mind explaining everything – however many times they need.

I will be in charge of what they want, whatever they buy, the church, the services (if they want priest or whatever), I will have to coordinate the cemetery (they will handle the plot with the family – I handle everything else)

We do everything ourselves – death certificates through the county and state, permits everything.

I will be in charge of someone’s death 😮 of course I want to do good. I don’t want to take something on if is not something I can do. I don’t want to waste their time or effort

They tell me I already handle families well – and I do… but I don’t handle all their stuff currently… I just calm them get them set for the arranger or help answer questions, or release things to them etc… I do a lot- I do services already sometimes – but just in general not planning and taking over the whole thing!

So district manager spent all morning talking to me about position and said will bring me up to speed first. I will sit in and watch for a little while.

Then they will have me do the paperwork with the family

In the meantime, I will take courses, and then little by little they gonna bring me in… make sure I am ready.

Ok… I can do that. 😳

I already love all the girls – we all work really well together … and I am good with families… I like making it easier on them, bringing them a peace as much as possible. I connect alot- and quick

I am comfortable there, I like the job… there is a peace and calm to it. The planning and everything is fast paced sometimes… but that’s fine, there is still a peace.

That job kinda saved me through COVID … and I’ve kind of melted into things there?

It would be Monday through Friday… 8-5 with an hour lunch (😝) I know why they hate taking lunch lol – you get in a zone getting everything handled then you have to stop for lunch lol – but whatever

I would get a good raise… on top of what they already gave me… full benefits … vacation, sick, the whole 9… it’s all right there… I also get discounts if I die or any of my family (not to be morbid lol… sorry) – but even for my mom … not that that’s a thought in my decision, or needed for her, but it’s there.

I would handle the small funeral home – that be my home base – my original one ❤️

So I said yes, I will do that. I am very organized with things, so I like it to run smooth. I know there are crazy things sometimes and I know I’m going to get attached and connect. And I gotta handle doctors to sign off on things, and all that stressy stuff.

So I think I took a career 😮

I think I know what my problem is … or one of them? lol ✌️

I like a “distance” ?? Taking this going to make all these people come close into my life? I will be in this REALLY close knit industry – they all gonna know me… which is fine…

It’s just after my surgery, I’ve been so? I dunno to myself? Here they will come into my world – I let that down and then come in – I feel like I’m getting married or something… kinda like that?

And then, sadness and death everyday… that doesn’t really bother me too much… cause I am focused on making better and easier for the families and people left behind. But I connect there too

Ok. So I am officially going to be a weird girl lol

When people meet me for the first time in real life outside of work, I give off a lively vibe… I am very full of life… I’m always smiling and bubbly… I am just not what you expect in that profession. When I am at work … I just have a huge calmness and peace? And I am really good with people in general

It’s just weird… I have 2 sides … my full of life/funny one… and then the calmness.

I never saw myself here? Now I see dead people 😳 literally

I went from being all completely alive at the golf course – and coming back to life with the kids at school… and now death? That’s weird

And my staff is absolutely hilarious ❤️ they make me laugh and they are supportive and awesome ❤️ they do give a balance – funeral people are awesome… thoughtful and caring and hilarious!! And you wouldn’t think that with them being hilarious but they are!

I just never saw myself here. I’m gonna have to watch that balance

Alright death, you got me. 😳😮 don’t kill me 🙏


I love that song ❤️

10 thoughts on “I never imagined …

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  1. Firstly cheers to the fresh start with new experiences. I hope this new start will gonna add moments and obviously a lesson(as every work and it’s experience has a lesson to learn) in your bucket list. I will wait to hear your upcoming kinda adventurous though lessonful experinces. All the best!

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    1. ❤️🙏❤️ yes – thank you very much!!!

      My heart is into helping others – and death is such a hard time.

      I’m excited but also nervous. I want to do good at any job I take on… but I also want to make sure doesn’t completely take over my entire life ?? I have to watch that balance. It can be a hard job because of the emotions involved and then on top of that all the legal aspects and things to be done.

      I think it is a good choice. 🙏 just a little nervous. But maybe that’s because it be new?

      It’s a life altering decision so that also makes me nervous lol ✌️

      Thank you always for your kindness and support ❤️❤️❤️


      1. Definitely I agree. This is the job where you may face the emotional aspects but at the same time you have to be practical for arrangements of certificates kind a staffs. It’s quiet obvious to get nervous but it’s okay I know you will find out the way from your nervousness and rock the job!

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      2. Yes lol … I know … my main concern will be the families themselves so… all the other little things I can learn as I go ❤️ I rock every job I take ❤️😄

        I just like to make sure I am strong within it ✌️ which I am sure I will get to once I have the classes and training ❤️

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  2. Congrats on the leap and promotion!!

    Remember that you can still change your mind at any time! If the new position doesn’t feel right, you’re allowed to move on!! It’s not some lifetime trap.

    I hope it works out well for you!!

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    1. Hahaha – I like how you put that… that is very true… usually if I take something I make sure I am serious with it, I always want to do my best… but you are right. That was a good way to put that. ❤️

      I think is going to be good ❤️

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  3. ps: I have the same issue with lunch breaks but that’s exactly why we’re often forced to take them… to get out of the zone!

    I loved that my last 2 positions allowed me the flexibility to skip lunches and comp out the time i other ways, when I actually needed a break.

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    1. Well if we don’t take breaks then it goes into overtime… and some are sticklers with that… and California has these labor laws lol

      We are supposed to get a lunch everyday- before the 5th hour or something like that… but this business is not cut and dry like that… I always mark that I take lunch even if I eat at desk with working lunch… I take mini breaks here and there – like you say when I need them.

      But on Sundays they force me to take a lunch lately 🤨

      I’m not 5 lol ✌️😄


      1. Yeah… I remember being somewhere that even got super weird about our required breaks. That’s easy to monitor if people are on timeclocks but not when salaried!! When I had to do timesheets, I’d say I took lunch even though I nearly always worked through it. But it depends on the job and bosses. I had other times where you couldn’t pay me enough to stay at my desk, nor 1 min after my 8hrs!!

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      2. We are timed but we time ourselves – I just mark the lunch… some of the others are very precise with it and it causes issues

        So now on Sundays they make me take a actual lunch 🤨


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