Slow day

I am slow moving today lol… I don’t have to work… so I am slow today lol

I still had the stupid internal alarm but that was good cause no one set their alarm and there is school. Woman is doing that currently. Internal alarm comes in handy from time to time lol… even though I don’t like it – sign of aging lol ✌️

She has a substitute in one of her classes today … evidently is a really old old teacher – and she is laughing …

I said “what is so funny? Aren’t you having school?”

And she said “yes but he’s so old and doesn’t know what he’s doing with the technology so there is a constant beeeeeeeeep”, and she made the comment … is that his life support? 😮🤨😄

Ok I try not to laugh because that is half offensive and bad – but then also slightly really funny. Ok fine whatever – laugh when you can.

I have to pick up groceries later and I am meeting with lawyer this afternoon too. 😳😮🙏 ugh please go ok 🙏

I get so tense to deal with that. Makes me feel sick but whatever – can’t wait to be done. Almost there.

It’s funny I just say I am divorced lol… and people be like “ohhh I’m so sorry”

I’m always like “oh no, don’t be sorry, is a good thing” lol … it was and has been so horrific and now is so much better, and just gets even more and more amazing everyday getting away from that!! ❤️

But is funny how people perceive that.

Ok so… perhaps I should move my ass lol … my ass does not want to move lol

Ahhh the things we force ourselves to do lol – adulting 🤨😝😄✌️

Ok I really need to move … cause the more I don’t – the more I don’t want to lol

I be back later ✌️

9 thoughts on “Slow day

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    1. See!!! I told you is hilarious!!! I laugh every time cause it’s just so crazy lol 😄

      When I think about it scientifically and how the earth rotates … when I am on the side that faces the sun – you are in darkness lol… and when I am in darkness you face the sun lol … you are literally on the other side of the world to me 😮😄

      Have a good sleep 💤… I be getting ready for bed soon lol 😄 you must be waking up 😄😄


      1. Hahaha I’m pretty sure you are exactly 12 hours ahead of me lol 😄 it seems to be that

        So I’m gonna guess and say right now is about 7:10am for you… you are just waking up lol

        For me, it is 7:10pm lol 😄 I just sat down lol

        Have a great day!! ☀️
        It is getting dark here 🌙


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