Whoa 😳 I can’t talk and I’m not really here posting right now😮…

I have big news 😳 I said I would take the job. It won’t be for awhile – cause I have to train – sit with families, watch, take classes… learn how to do everything – they say they gonna train and I will be comfortable.

I do love my girls and this team… they are awesome!!

So why am I still nervous? Is that just me being weird? Because I am not comfortable yet?

It would be raise, full time, vacations, sick days – Monday through Friday etc etc

So what is my problem? Why do I feel so nervous? Death will own me now 😮

Is that it??

Ok I have to go- back tonight once I am home and situated 😳

They all tell me I’m gonna be amazing with families. Which I know. I am awesome with families – I do really good.

I am comfortable here… maybe it’s just that?? I really don’t know?? I just feel nervous

Is a good job. Just not all happy or anything

I don’t know what it is… I don’t know what my problem is. But I said yes. Ok then

I’ll be back

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  1. Fear that you’ve committed yourself to something that win’t work out? That’s usually my paranoia and I have to FORCE myself to remember that I haven’t sworn to be perfect and to never leave!!

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    1. Yeah I am afraid of that… I do want to be perfect with jobs … and if I commit… I commit lol

      So that’s probably it! But that’s true … I have to keep thinking what is my best interest at moment

      Currently more and more, I think I made the right choice for the moment. ❤️

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      1. I’m glad!!
        It’s all about work life balance. If you find things falling out of balance then you start making adjustments.

        I’ve done temp work for most of my life. My shortest assignment was a few hours. My longest was 4.5yrs (temp the whole time!). I’ve never walked off a job but there have bern a few times I refused a contact extension.

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      2. Temp work was great with my ability to rapidly gain new skills. My first agency routinely sent me on jobs for which I wasn’t really qualified cause they knew I’d pick stuff up immediately. It allowed me to increase my pay with each new skill and job!

        My dad was a lifetime-1job person and didn’t like me job hopping but I realized, very early on, that only working at a company for a few years would become the norm one day, so I was better adapted for the future. My longest stint at a company was 8.5yrs, a combo of temp, perm, and the company being bought out several times so my job kept changing. I like to keep things to a year, 2 max, to stay out of office politics.

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      3. Oh yeah I am like your dad lol… currently. I get a job and stick to it … my dad was like that too… but back in the day, companies were loyal to their employees too… you don’t see that anymore.

        Hmm 🤔… interesting

        When I first tried to get a job after being a stay at home mom for like 15+ years… and I was in a domestic violence marriage… so I had no references, no recent job history, nothing – and 3 temp agencies told me these words:
        “We don’t take people like you” I never forgot that.

        I had one of those temp agencies reach out to me recently… but ya know… they didn’t want me then. Now they do? So I didn’t want them now. Should have at least met me.


      4. I said the same to men when I hot thin… “you didn’t want me then; you can’t have me now!”

        Sorry about your agency experiences. There are a LOT of bad ones out there! The good ones look at your skills, not whether or not they can contact a supervisor (esp since most companies require employees to give only positive reviews or none at all, to avoid lawsuits). I know my 3yrs of unemployment, plus all supervisors being long gone from those firms, hurts me.

        I thought of you a couple min ago when it took all my strength not to provide HerbaLife with cover letter that simply said, “your application website is a f*ing DISASTER!”

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      5. Hahaha yeah … how I felt with my ex when the other woman came to the door ✌️ and done.

        Well I had no history – I had not been in the work place for over 15+ years. But they could have had me come in and tested me, see how I did and what I be best for… I wanted work – they were employment agency.

        And how do you say that to someone reaching out for work? “We don’t take people like you” that was not very nice – so I just did it myself… that’s when I went to my police ❤️

        I figured I start with them at the bottom and work my way up and here I am lol ✌️

        Hahaha that’s hilarious about the cover letter 😄😄


      6. Yep. NEVER respond to Indian accents.
        Apple One and Kelly used to be good starter agencies but I can’t vouch for them now.

        Apple One was esp good because you could transition to Apple Professionals, which basically doubled your pay (then you’re “contact” instead of “temp”… exact same thing but diff pay scales).

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      7. Oh interesting … I didn’t know that was how they worked… I thought they just send you to various jobs as a temp and then that company had the option to keep you or not?

        Do they still do that? Or have times changed?

        Do you get benefits while being a temp?


      8. Yes, in CA you get benefits as a temp. Most “starter” work is short term… filling in for employees on leave, or sick, or help to cover a special project. Nowadays, temp-to-perm isn’t very common. Well, not at my level… I’m not sure about entry level work. But either way, the agreements are two way… you don’t have to accept extensions, and the employer doesn’t have to keep you for the full length of the contract. If they decide they want to hire you, they pay a sort of “finders fee” to the agency… usually 3 months of whatever the agency’s profit from you would have been (the old formula used to be that you made 3/5ths of what the agency charged the client… client pays $25/hr for you to make $15… but I’m sure that’s changed as benefits increased). Soo… a lot of times you work temp for 3mos before getting an offer because then there’s no add’l agency fee.

        There is also “1099” work… independent contractor with no benefits… but it’s rare now. It sounds bad but the pay is usually high enough to cover your own insurance, esp after allowable tax deductions. For me, the sole problem with 1099 work is that you’re not paying into unemployment and disability programs so you also can’t collect from them later.


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