Funny Friday

Let see … tonight we talked and laughed about a lot of things!

First they showed me these meme videos … eh… so I asked … does anyone MY age make really funny videos lol

They tell me no because people my age are just not funny 🤨😄😄… ummm yes we are!!! I’m sure there is someone!! There has to be … I googled and gave a few suggestions and they would bring up the person – see they had millions of subscribers … and then tell me they probably just have ONE viral video… and then they would find that one video and pop my bubble with a one hit wonder lol

Ok look someone my age has to be hilarious!!! There has to be one!!! At least one!!!

Then they tell me – my humor is different 🤨😄 umm yeah cause I have awesome humor lol – not stuff that doesn’t make sense.

Whatever – kids today lol 😘✌️

Then we talked about driving permits … with my oldest – I’m the one who taught him to drive… I had him try driving maybe about 13 … on a deserted backroad… with me right there – going slow… trust me I am the epitome of safety…

He remembers lol… I tell him that’s why you awesome driver now – your welcome lol 😄✌️

But he doesn’t do the greatest in cities… he never goes to the city … unless he’s with me or following me.

I brought that up to venture out more… and he says “hey mum, I stayed in San Francisco for one whole week and drove around there all week”

😄😄😄 because to him – if you can drive around San Francisco you win the driving award 🙄😄😄😄

San Francisco is gridded – do you know what I mean by that?

It means the city is set up like a grid… very easy to navigate (same with Sacramento) the only issue with San Francisco is that some areas are hilly, some roads are weird (such as Lombard St – which lays claim to the crookedest street in the world, very steep with hairpin turns) and then San Francisco is a tourist destination- so traffic traffic traffic

But this boy learned to drive here in California… baby let me take you to Boston or New York – if you can do one of those without turning ghost white lol… then ok, I’ll give you props

Boston has no rhyme or reason to any of the streets!!! And both Boston and New York have umm… very aggressive and also defensive drivers lol… so yeah California boy – he had one week in San Francisco lol 😄😄

He continues to lay that claim thinking now he is expert level 😄😄

Oh yeah… then we talking about things people eat 🤨😳

He made a comment about if some nationality puts a delicacy in front of you – sure try it 🤨😮

Umm ok I’m not doing bugs or fish or things that are alive… nope… respect the nationality but nope … I want to say even if I was starving – nope… cause I think that is still how I would answer ??

He said he has tried crickets before – some kid at school had chocolate covered crickets and all the kids tried it …omg 😝

It’s just not for me. I have a mental block on that for sure!! If that’s your thing – then awesome eat what you like… you wouldn’t like everything I eat either probably?

I do “try” odd things – if they have some kind of value.. I am speaking only about odd foods – not typical foods – but I am good on bugs and stuff

In Florida – there are restaurants that will serve alligator 😝 and I think some have snake? And of course some consider frogs legs a delicacy – omg nope

Yeah I don’t eat ANY of that!! 😝 I will pass

Anyway we had fun laughing about things tonight ❤️

I didn’t mention anything from work… there was a lot at work today.

So… I was offered a job as Funeral arranger/director… more of an increase, than what they gave me today. If I want full time and benefits with them – I have to choose that.

I said I would think it over.

This is hard – I do love certain aspects… but other aspects concern me. And if I take that… death is my career – do I want it locked down like that? And can I keep a work/home balance? Cause it’s pretty heavy?

Big decisions 😳

They would have to start grooming me for that… cause I would be all in… if I say yes.

So I have to think here. Is a lot of pressure so I am not sure.

Thinking about many many things !!! Makes me feel nervous – cause then I would completely handle peoples services 😮 on my own 😮 every single detail.

So I dunno – just many things.

Today before work… I applied for a job really quick – I had my resume… and did a really fast cover letter – just very ?? I dunno … I didn’t make it all fancy or anything … I was just down to earth and mentioned my skills and what I am good with… I did not expect an answer right away, but they messaged me RIGHT back immediately!!! 😮😳🤨

I had to go to work – I didn’t expect that!!! I couldn’t do anything- I had to go. It was just a spur of the moment thing I just jumped on

I replied back after work. But was after 5. They Monday through Friday … is for builders – I dunno … we see what happens … will the plot thicken?

So… I’m gonna do comments and try to do some quick reading but I do have to get to bed. Here comes the weekend – early early!

Gnite for now 😘✌️❤️

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  1. I’m 13 and who says people your age aren’t hilarious? I know someone who’s 56 and he’s probably the most hilarious person there is! Theres never a serious or dull moment with him! 😂 so yeah you can be funny! Kids my age just don’t get what’s funny anymore………

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    1. Thank you very much – I agree! Lol … they find a lot of things they think are funny that I don’t understand… and they don’t think what I find funny is funny lol – I don’t follow pop culture or any of that – they do

      You sound wise beyond your years! I definitely agree with you!!

      I just have to find ONE YouTube’er who is MY age that is funny. That was their thing. Not any YouTubers my age that are funny lol

      But I am sure there is one somewhere!!

      Thank you for saying ❤️ appreciate that 🥰

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      1. Haha well, neither do I. I don’t follow any of that stuff. Some might say I’m living under a rock I say I don’t want to get involved with that stuff. Thats because whats funny to them now is pretty stupid. At least before there was actually something you were laughing about.

        Haha, I don’t know about wise maybe wise in the mouth😂

        Ok, this is funny I never really knew what YouTube was till about last year! 😂

        Oh, yes there are plenty hilarious people out there! Definitely! 😉

        Your welcome! 😊

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      2. I stay away from all that also… I don’t really like being a follower or having society dictate to me what I like or don’t like… not to sound weird lol

        I am more of a free spirit type … so I just do my own thing and enjoy the people around me.

        And I definitely agree lol… their humor things are a bit stupid to me also… I don’t understand what they laugh at

        And yes before was actually really funny things “everyone” enjoyed ❤️

        You are very funny lol… your personality is very sweet kind and delightful!

        Yeah my oldest is a YouTube’er himself 🙄😄 he does video game things with his. Does crazy edit things and stuff like that

        There are MANY really funny people out there!! Totally agree!!

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      3. Yeah not weird at all I’m the same way. I guess I’m just old fashioned but I like it that way!

        Yes, same

        Yes, they are they laugh about things that shouldn’t be laughed at.

        Yes, used to be that way. Now when you laugh over nothing your gonna get some awkward stares. Cause nobody knows what your laughing about or understands it for that matter!

        Aww, thanks I love making people laugh and smile! 😊

        Oh, yes I have never liked those video game youtubers I feel like its such a waste of time. Like go outside or something……

        Yes, there definitely are! We just still need to find some of them!

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      4. I am old school also lol … I like that. Old soul. I have always been that way as well. It’s a good quality.

        Sometimes it’s a little bit funny when they are all laughing at something NOT funny – cause I can’t believe they are laughing so much over things – so I do like to see their laughter … I just don’t get it

        I like to make people laugh and smile too ❤️ that is also a good quality!

        He does his YouTube channel on the side of his actual job – he’s done that since high school… he is 26… I also have a 18 yr old – they are boys… and then I have a 13 yr old girl, she turns 14 in December

        I am determined to find at least one so I can prove them wrong and we are funny – classic humor, ya know? The good stuff lol ✌️

        Have a great weekend 😎

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      5. Ooohhh my oldest’s birthday is in May!! May 8th ❤️ he turns 27 😮😱😄✌️

        My 18 yr old turns 19 in October!! It goes by fast!! Every year a little faster

        Make sure you cherish every day!! ❤️✌️

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      6. Wow May 8th? Mine is the 7th😆

        oh wow so this coming month! I’m glad I still have 5 years till I’m 18 lol

        Yes, I di Cherish every day! My grandma just left😭 I have never met her before until this week. It was very hard to say bye I cried😭😭 I just wish she didn’t have to go…….

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      7. Oh wow!! You are a Taurus ♉️… very close birthday to my oldest – how funny!!

        So then does your birthday also occasionally fall on Mother’s Day? His does … he was actually born ON Mother’s Day – he made me a mother for the first time – on Mother’s Day ❤️ best present ever!!! ❤️

        You must be strong and like to be fair, have strong beliefs – good person… stubborn sometimes? Lol

        Stay young as long as possible!! Cherish your family!! My mom always used to say “don’t wish your life away” lol… I couldn’t wait to be older… now that I’m older – I wish to be young again lol… but not for “me” just because I want my family all back

        Ohhh I bet she didn’t want to leave you either!! She must live far from you? I’m sure she will come back as soon as she can… I bet she was excited and thrilled to be with you for the first time!! I hope you have amazing memories and photos to hold you over until you see her again 🙏

        That must have been very emotional! I would have cried too! I am the same way as you.

        I’m glad you got to meet her though – cherish those moments you had. Hopefully you get to see her again very soon 🙏

        You sound very very sweet and like such a strong young woman. Always believe in yourself and stay strong! You will do well. 😘✌️

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      8. Actually I don’t know if it does. But, I guess you could say it does cause we celebrate it on my birthday too along with my dads birthday! His is may 5th so we have very close birthdays lol😂 so we celebrate mother’s day, my birthday, and my dads birthday.

        Aww, I bet that was probably the most wonderful gift ever!

        I try to be fair, and I know I have strong beliefs lol and I definitely know I’m stubborn😂 when my grandma was here I could see where that came from. And also were naggers if that’s a word?😂

        I don’t want to grow up! I’m happy to stay young!

        Yeah, she does she lives 3 days away from me. She said “don’t cry or you’ll make me cry” we all ended up crying😂

        I have lots of memories and photos!

        Yes so am I! I will get to see her in 9 months! She, lives in Maryland! I’ll get to see the beach lol

        Aww, thank you! I KNOW you are very kind!😊💕

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      9. Hahaha well that’s a mighty big celebration in May lol… that sounds awesome!

        My birthday is 7/7… but I was supposed to be born on the Fourth of July lol… so I tell my kids that celebration is for my independence from the womb 😄😄✌️ I am a joker lol – but is kinda true – I just run with it lol 😄✌️

        You are hilarious… that’s awesome that you are so much like her… is really cool to see the traits you have with other family members – I bet she loved that… probably wanted to stick you in her suitcase to take you with her! Lol

        Oh yes I am the same way with my family… my family – or what is left… is far from me also (not as far as 3 days though 😮)

        I have a brother in Texas and sister in Maine … I am in California … we are all over the country… if one starts crying …we are all like dominoes lol… we all cry, and then hug forever – don’t wanna let go lol.

        Is hard not to cry… how do you not?! I will always cry with those moments leaving people I love. I can not control that – I never want to have them be so far! They take my heart with them!

        Maryland is beautiful!! You will absolutely love it!! You will have an incredible time… that will be summer – Maryland is awesome in summer 😎

        Thank you very much 🥰✌️

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      10. Yeah it is big😂 sometimes I’m just like OK let’s skip my birthday! I don’t want to get older anyway😂

        Wow nice! My sis was due on July 4th also, but she came June 15th!

        I’m glad you think so! It always brightens up my day when someone tells me that! Haha maybe I don’t about that tho. Because if I’m like her that means I nag like her😂

        Why does your family move so far away? That’s sad I don’t think family should do that. After all family has been through they should stay together!

        Yeah…. Same with my family if someone tells you not to cry you start crying.

        Its impossible not to cry I will always cry if one of my loved ones leave! Yes, they will take my heart with them!

        Haha, yes I hear its also very humid I live in Montana so its very nice here! Grandma says I’ll probably pass out cause its so humid 😂😂

        Your very welcome!😊💕

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      11. Hahaha well I stopped counting at 29, I would not like to get older either lol 😄😄✌️

        Your sister came early 😮… I was late lol… the only time ever in my life I was late lol 😄✌️

        Eh… I don’t necessarily call it nagging – maybe slightly nudging along with zest 😄😄

        Well I’ve always lived far from family – my family is originally from Massachusetts … my dad got a good job that took us all over the country … so was always far from family – we close and saw them every year but they were always far … sometimes is a good thing, sometimes is hard. I’m not sure which is the best option – I do miss them. I do wish were closer. But I definitely don’t wanna live in Maine lol… and I do not want Texas either lol … so they gotta move out to California which neither one will do either lol 😄 my sister probably would… but she has her own family in Maine – space is nice sometimes and sometimes sucks

        Oh yes – prepare for humidity!! If you are not used to that yup it is wet and sticky hot … the air is very heavy!! You will see lol

        I have never been to Montana so I have no idea what is like there

        In California we are dry like a desert 🏜 where I live (hence all our fires 🔥) 🤨 … we almost to rainy season though 🙏

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      12. Haha yeah she came early😂

        Yes, but my grandma would still call it nagging lol

        Wow you guys are spread out!

        Yeah…. Sticky hot doesn’t sound like Montana at all. Its dry hot here that’s why there are so many fires! But, its very easy to breath here at least!😄

        That’s good rain needs to come! It keeps tricking me into thinking its coming then it just spits and leaves! We need the rain tho

        Liked by 1 person

      13. Yes hahaha you have better air than me lol… although it’s been better lately. Not very smoky anymore … it was smoky and raining ASH there for awhile 🤨lol

        But that’s all gone now… mostly … depends on wind direction … we have been cleared out of the smoke past few days 😊

        I am ready for rain myself lol – definitely need the rain!! Should be soon… here comes October 🎃

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      14. Yeah one of my favorite places is Lake Tahoe – or up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains 🏔 so beautiful and peaceful and away from city – it is refreshing! Totally refreshing for the soul!

        Hahaha yeah sorry about all that smoke lol… for a little while there – I believe it went into Canada too 😮

        We are under a fire watch and warning currently… because of being so dry and the winds have picked up – which means fire danger ⚠️ they will shut our electricity off if wind speeds get too bad… so far we ok though

        This whole year feels like a big giant nothingness 😮🤨

        It was normal for January and February – and then March through July was nothing … August and September been insane crazy for me… and keeps just getting crazier and crazier!! And here comes election – everyone is fighting lol what is next?

        Almost 2021!!

        But yes it has kinda just flown past. 😮

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