This is why I’m hot…

Boys are coming – I have to hurry… this will be quick and I be back later…

So I have a major decision to make – they gave me a small raise… and then offered me a different position 😮 do I want it – I will tell you about it later

And then… we had a service going on… so we had an attendant (woo hoo!)

We have this one attendant – that I just love so much cause he is soooo awesome!!!!

The minute he walks in the door – I am just thrilled … he is so funny and delightful – has the best ever personality!! He just makes me smile constantly – he is so funny!!

He is gay though – not a big deal but is funny in the story..

He is non-threatening to me so I can just enjoy him totally!!! ❤️

We tease – I am a teaser lol … so I give him shit and he is a teaser … he gives me shit lol

Do you remember the hearse incident? Let’s not re-hash if you don’t remember – I don’t wanna remember that

Well he was with me 🙄😄😄 and I am always calm but he was trying to get a rise outta me lol… so he was pretending was really bad lol 🤨😄 I didn’t really buy it – whatever 😄✌️ so I remained calm (I used to be with police so I know how to always remain calm)

Well I met his dad a little bit before the hearse incident… his dad is very sweet… almost identical just not gay 😄😄…

So anyway the guy comes in to be our attendant today and we chit chatting about everything is just those convos that never stop – always so much to say and joke around about

And I was explaining something and mentioned that incident lol…

To which he tells me – I was gonna give you so much shit about that and never let you live that down lol… 😄😄 but he said he went home that night and told his dad he couldn’t wait to see me again to give me shit 😄😄😄 …

And his dad said “NO!!! Don’t give her shit – she’s hot” 😄😄😄

Omg I almost died laughing … so ummm … is that a get out of shit free card? Can I use that ?? Lol – that is fricken awesome lol

So he is not allowed to give me shit now 😄😄😄 how funny is that ? 😄😄

He said “ewww I don’t wanna know my dad thinks you are hot” 😄😄😄

The next time he goes to give me shit – I shall remind him how hot I am 😄😄😄

I’m sorry – you are not allowed to give me shit remember – I am hot 😄😄😄 I am sooooo running with that!!! ❤️❤️❤️

I should play this song in the hearse with him next time lol…

Yes I told you – I am a teaser 😘✌️😄

Ok I be back later 😘✌️❤️ woo hoo Friday!!! ❤️❤️❤️

10 thoughts on “This is why I’m hot…

Add yours

      1. Hahaha I get the same way when my eyes get too tired lol ✌️ have a good sleep!

        My mom used to say… hurry and close your eyes, cause will be like a moment before you have to wake again…

        It does always seem like I close my eyes and then the alarm goes off lol

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I always have laughter ❤️ thank you very much though … laughter is what helps me survive always – that’s my thing ❤️

      It was just funny cause I don’t think like that, and I don’t think my co-worker person thinks like that either lol… so when his dad say that – it threw him off and gave me ammo to tease with lol 😄😄 – all in fun… was very funny!! Hahaha it still makes me laugh hours later lol

      I have my laughter always, but I also have sensitive side – which you see sometimes here. I guess on both aspects lol ✌️

      I hope everyone has some laughter in their life ❤️ it makes a difference!

      Thank you again 😊😘✌️

      Liked by 1 person

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