At work, busy busy… trying to get everything done – pretty mellow, couple meetings – lots of paper work. Getting a lot done. Just ate lunch.

Waiting to hear on my car… talked to guy this morning. They are checking everything out for me… I trust him… I have dealt with him before and know I can trust him. 🙂 I feel ok with whatever he tells me 🙏 hoping for best!! Prepared for worst ✌️

After work, grabbing that friend at the hospital and I’ll drop him off at his house and make sure he is ok… then I will head home.

I called my daughter to check on her a little while ago, school went well…

And I told her what’s going on, and I apologized for being so busy with so many things 😕

And my little lady said… Mum that’s ok, I got things here – I know that is the life of being an adult ❤️ she said don’t worry, I’ll pick up the slack on this end.

She totally almost made me cry… I just feel bad cause didn’t get home until 9pm last night and then tonight maybe 7/7:30?

Friend has surgery at 3pm… should be maybe 2-3 hours and then I bring home. I get home as soon as I can. Whew

Ok I can’t read or anything currently – but at some point I will 😘✌️

Back when able 😘

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