Adventure time continued…

Alright so let’s see … what a night it has been omg 😮

Ok… so to start off with, before I left work, I checked the coolant and filled per usual. And when I do that it’s usually fine.

I left work… got past the 1st highway… everything was fine

Got to second highway… still ok, but car was struggling…

And by 3rd highway – it was not having it… I had my foot on gas but it was not doing well, and then there was a burning smell, and it was overheating

Ok time to pull over – so I did that probably about 5:30… I pulled off to the shoulder… I shut the car off and waited but still was not going to happen.

Ok so now I needed to think about how to handle this…

I was not too far from that shop of the guy who fixed my car last time!! What luck I be so close by!!!

So I am on the side of the highway… fricken AAA’s app wasn’t working for me … so I went online and it wouldn’t let me pin point where I was… and when it finally did – it said error please call 🤨

Ok fine … it’s hot, it’s smoky… cars are just completely whizzing past me… all I could think of is please let no one kill me!! 😳 I kept thinking of that semi 😮😳 its really scary on side of the highway like that 😳

So I call triple A and the guy puts in the tow request and says usually no one allowed in truck with driver … umm so they gonna leave me on the side of the highway?? 😮😮😮

And he said they have it listed as emergency dangerous area call so would probably bring me somewhere? (Well I fricken hope so 😮) how do you leave a woman on the side of the highway? Omg

So anyway they tell me 75 minutes 😮 ok fine whatever

15 minutes go by and they call me again … they ask if I want them to call CHP (California Highway Patrol)

At first I said “well what are they gonna do? Just sit here with me?” Lol

And she said they would have lights on and put cones out. Ok yes please cause those cars were coming so close to me – yes do that…

So Triple A called the CHP for me and this young one shows up 🤨 smiles the entire time!! Ok whatever do your thing

And he asks me if the car will start so I tell him what happen – he tells me to try the car and we see if get off highway.

My car battery was dead because I had my hazards on.

So he jumps me with his CHP vehicle… tells me to try to slowly speed up on shoulder and he follow me through next exit… he escorted me fully off the highway and to a safer place 🥰

So we did that – he blocked cars for me to get into the lane… stayed right behind me until I pulled into a empty theater parking lot.

He said he would call the tow company and tell them where I was newly located and stayed with me for a little while 🥰

But soon he had to go…

Not long after that, the tow truck driver comes … he hooks me up on a flat bed… he said where you need to go? And I told him the address of the shop, he asked if I needed a ride … I did… so he said that was ok… to go ahead and hop in 🥰

He brings me to the shop and unloads my car … he asks me who is picking you up? Do you have a ride?

I said I have to order a Uber or a Lyft… he asked where I live but where I live is way too far!! I said thank you but is very far…

So then he says – go ahead and order your ride and I will wait with you until they get here.

And he did.

We were talking and he was Indian, from India – really cool guy… we were talking about our kids while I waited and I mentioned that one night my daughter tells me “she knows everything already” 🙄🤨

I said no just wait until you my age and she told me that “times were different now, way different than when I was a kid” lol 🙄😄 … I said the same thing to my mother lol

He laughed so hard and said “so it is not just Indian children who say that?” 😄😄😄 it was very funny – he was very sweet and kind and waited the whole time with me to make sure I was safe … it was a sketchy area

My ride came pretty quickly, I said thank you to my tow truck driver and good night – it was dark by now

And I jumped into my Lyft which was cheaper than Uber

But he was nice too… we kept masks on the whole time

We talked the whole ride home. Also really nice kid… young like my oldest

I didn’t get home until 9pm!!

So looks like I be using the cherry red truck tmrw 😳 with the kisses omg

My car is now at the shop.

This woman is beat to hell!! Omg and I have a pimple that seemed to have formed during this whole ordeal! 🤨😄

Ugh. That was awful! But an adventure and I trust my car is in good hands

In the meantime… during all that I called my landlord and my daughter and informed them of what going on.

My landlord said … why you not buy new car… umm cause money lol

And she said right now they doing 0% apr because of corona … can you do a $200/mo payment brand new off the lot 😮😳 umm maybe but omg we gonna be very scarce with food? I don’t know if I can swing that? Ok well she said we gonna look and try. Ok 😳 I dunno though we see

I’ve never bought just like that on my own… and I’m nervous I don’t know if I can swing it ok?? Cause I don’t know??

And then just as I’m coming home my daughter call me … someone was worried about me❤️❤️❤️❤️

Awww ❤️❤️❤️ the shoe was on the other foot lol

I have a story or situation from work too… is weird? But I’ll mention that maybe tmrw … I am hoping is nothing and just my imagination but I am blind to certain things and my guard is up… I will share that another time

All this other drama has me completely exhausted and it was smoky – I just wanna go to bed and let this day be done lol

That was crazy… totally an adventure I did not expect at all!! Everyone was really awesome helping me ❤️ thank god I carry AAA ❤️❤️❤️

Lifelong member there lol AAA rocks

I am way too old for these crazy adventures!!! That beat me up lol so exhausted!

I’ll respond really quick and then I need to go to bed – working haunted mansion and doing the hospital – omg

Alright so… that was my adventure for the next 10 years lol kidding … I’m sure there are more coming

Aww my little POS – poor little thing is dying on me. I hate to get rid of it though – has been good to me… and that will mean I have to take on a payment 😳 we see

Ok Gnite 😘❤️✌️

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  1. Sorry to hear about your car trouble, must have been stressful. At least it is taken cared of now and there were nice people who helped you. And your daughter is sweet! Does the stresses of the day go away when you see your children?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much 🙂

      Was a little stressful I suppose… but you know, things happen… just have to go with it, and it always straightens out anyway. I don’t really stress too much over surprise happenings – I just have to handle it.

      Yes the people who help me are incredible people ❤️ and I meet the most incredible people all the time!! ❤️

      Yes absolutely seeing my children makes it all melt away… I was so thankful to get home and be with daughter last night ❤️ I was sooooo thankful!!!


      1. Thank you 😊 life is always going to come at you… so you do what able and the rest, you just handle as it comes. Like I said, it all straightens out ❤️

        We bond at mealtimes too and Friday nights are family nights – every Friday we play board games and just enjoy time together ❤️ I love Friday nights ❤️ they are my favorite!!


  2. That was a crazyday lol. I also love some adventures in daily life but sometime after a stressful day full of work it’s just go wrong. Anyway you car is really making troubles these days this is very annoying after a hectic work day 😫

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    1. Hahaha yes that was quite the day!! I was so exhausted when I got home!! Omg … and I’m back at work currently lol … until 5pm and then picking someone up at hospital.

      I believe impossibly have Wednesday off ??

      Yeah the guy is looking at my car today – I talked to him this morning and he will call me with updates – haven’t heard anything yet. I trust him though 🙂

      It has been hectic lately lol… nothing like the Covid shut downs lol… that was a break for me. But going well, ya know life 😘 there is still always stuff to cherish ❤️

      Hope you are doing well!! Happy Monday … or probably Tuesday for you already? Lol

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      1. That’s so funny how far ahead of me you are 😄

        It is now 5:30am on Tuesday

        Today I have training … well “they think” lol… cause if it gets busy… that’s out the window – but hopefully

        So should be good day!

        Glad to hear you doing good… can’t wait to hear more of your beautiful India adventures! ❤️✌️


      2. Far from destinations but close from humanity I think. I have came across many people but human like you is very rare.❤️I’m glad that I have a friend like you❤️take much love and i’ll pray for your happy trouble free life. By the way now here is 10 at night lol. anyway wish you happy working day hope it will go good.

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      3. Hahaha it’s so funny to me that we can’t match times OR days 😄😄 you are like way over on the other side of the world!! Lol

        My family is in different time zones than me – my sister is in Maine and she is 3 hours ahead of me… and my brother is in Texas which is 2 hours ahead of me… makes New Years last forever 😄😄

        I am very honored and humbled by your compliment ❤️ thank you very much … that was a REALLY nice thing to say ❤️ I’m very touched

        I’m glad I have a friend like you too! ❤️

        Today went pretty well, was only training so was good… I had to be on camera 😝😄 it was big giant training meeting with everyone on video 😝 I need to find a way to make my camera not work 😄😄 I just feel weird on camera and I’m really private so is uncomfortable to me. Why they need to see me? Lol

        But went well. I’ll do a post shortly about the day 😘❤️

        Thank you always for your friendship and kindness! ❤️ you are also human

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  3. I’m glad you’re okay!!
    My escort was over the big pass from the San Fernando valley to Camarillo. About 2/3 up, my truck started sputtering and dropped to about 5mph. Cop escorted us over the pass but only to an exit. It was pre cell phones. I don’t know how I found a car repair shop. It was about 4pm on Fri evening and they said they couldn’t look at it till Sun. My younger sister and I were on vacation, with my parents unreachable on a different roadtrip vacation. I snapped and started crying… where were we going to stay? Our vacation was shot to hell in the middle of nowhere! Someone at the shop had sympathy, took my truck in, figured out it was only a clogged gas pump and had us back on the road in 30min, for only the cost of the part. Camarillo Car Care… at least 35yrs ago and I’ve never forgotten!

    I hope you get whatever outcome you want… repair or new car. The deals really are amazing right now!!

    I bought my current car (a used Lexus) when my last car bit the dust 3 blocks from work (30 miles from home). I had to uber to a car lot. It was scary to NEED a car but turned out great!

    Good luck, whatever you do. At least you have the cherry kiss truck to get you by!!

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    1. Awwww 🥰 what a sweet story!! No wonder you have never forgotten ❤️ sometimes you come across the most amazing people – I never forget those things either ❤️❤️❤️

      Yeah that’s what my landlord was saying about the deals. So we see 😳 I’m still waiting to hear back from car guy… I talked to him this morning. They checking everything out. Oh boy – I might be forced to get a new car 😳 I will keep informed ✌️

      Hahaha the cherry 🍒 kiss truck too funny!! Ugh that draws sooo much attention!! Lol … but I am very thankful I am not missing work!!!!


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