Today I did a set up for service tmrw. She was beautiful. Really beautiful. We always have them looking amazing – but this one – just beautiful… she looked like an angel… she is now I guess.

But she was really REALLY beautiful. I’ve never seen so perfectly beautiful!! Really sad.

Anyway. Just got home. Maybe 1/2 hour ago. Heated up some leftovers and we had dinner. Exciting lol

Tomorrow I am at Ugly walls and Monday I am at Haunted Mansion. Thursday I be with lawyer and Friday I have to pick neighbors house at airport. Whew … I am avail either Tuesday or Wednesday for work. They get one of those days or none – we shall see .

Monday my friend has cancer surgery… so we see what happens there.

Oh yes I can not forget to text Maintenence guy about the key!! Must do first thing in morning!! Hopefully I remember that. 😘✌️ I think I will …cause otherwise he is going to show up – and I would like peace lol … so yeah I will remember 😄✌️

I also have to call on my car… I don’t know cars really but I’m kinda learning little pieces here and there…

Like for example – I am pretty sure I have a leak in my coolant lol … it’s been kinda over heating … so I been checking all my fluids…

Power steering ✔️

Oil ✔️

Brake Fluid ✔️

And I also check the Coolant… and here’s the thing with that… when I park somewhere after driving there is drips, I was hoping was the ac… but I don’t think so… I let car cool down but next time I go to drive, I check the coolant again and is low – I am filling that all the time!! – if I do not – it starts to over heat! 🤨 and I definitely do not want to seize my engine or anything

So I will have to have that fixed

I should be ok though, I will bring it in this week. I don’t think will be too expensive?

Ok so. There is that. But I am kinda excited that I learn little things like that. Totally not a car person! But when you own a POS you have to learn lol ✌️😘

I went to start the neighbors cars so that they do not die while they are away… they have me leave the windows open cause the heat had been so bad… but when I went to his BIG giant truck… I opened the door … tons of ash fell on me 🤨 and is there on the seats – I brushed it off and I’ll wipe down sometime this week – closed the fricken windows lol

When I used her car last… I forgot to roll them down thankfully … no ash in there – sometimes forgetting is not a bad thing ✌️😘 (but that is a rare occurrence lol) just worked out for me here due to ash lol

It still rains ash – everywhere – in Sacramento and at my home far away lol 🤨… and every night that smoke seems to just settle in. 🤨

I was thinking… do you know Pompeii? It used to be a city in Italy, buried by Mount Vesuvius in 79 ad…

Of course “this” is absolutely nothing even close to THAT… but it makes me imagine what they must have went through!! And how horrific that must have been.

We have a super volcano under Yosemite … I could tell you about it… and was going to… but ya know, I don’t think I want to put that out into the universe – you can google. 😳 2020 does enough already. ✌️

Alright well I will read shortly.

Gnite 😘✌️

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