I always come in thinking – ahhh will be a nice peaceful day… for the most part today is. It’s pretty mellow- constant but mellow… I like mellow lol

Just a lot of work and people keep appearing… I helped one young man, and then some woman was supposed to stop by – but she is unable to – I tried to find some options for her but is not doable.

Then the maintenance guy comes – when he comes I’m on the phone with a client – and he’s ringing doorbell 500 times – yeah he’s gonna have to wait.

So I finish up the call and then go check what he wants … I had to walk out to him, I don’t usually go outside…

As I walk out, one of HIS workers whistles at me 😮😱… The guy I deal with just smiled and shrugged … I think he was embarrassed ? And boys will be boys. 🤨🙄

Anyway… I was able to give him 1 key 🔑… but I have to get him 2 more. And then he needed a lot of stuff – usually I don’t have that much contact with him 😳 it’s usually fast – he just asks me to open doors for him.

Tomorrow I have to remember to text him when I get to work and tell him if I have that key or not? I don’t know if there is a double or not?

The guy I deal with then tells me he is taking his guys out to eat at some place… they want to go there because there is some waitress one of them likes 🙄 and he tells me “ he thinks she likes him too” I said “good luck with that” lol.

And then I’m setting up for a service tmrw

Getting some stuff done – sorta – -in between things ✌️

Tmrw should be… lol I’m kidding – I’m not saying one word 😘✌️

I be back later

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    1. I am telling you.. I should wear a GoPro!! You would be stunned how men act!! You would totally shake your head in disbelief!! Seriously!

      These are reasons why women are cautious and defensive.

      Cause ya know, be a gentleman – so many need lessons.

      I’m sure some women need lessons too

      And on top of that… the older I get the worse it gets!! What the hell? I always thought would end when I got older, but so far it does not 🤨

      It’s probably the boobs .. I got the mad at the boobs the other day because I swear it had to be the boobs!!! I always got a lot of attention before, but the boobs omg – what have I done? Lol ✌️😘

      I didn’t think about that aspect when going through that. And here we are

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