I might have to do some juggling here…

The friend having cancer tomorrow (Monday) texted me really late last night – I was already sleeping…

He said he might need a ride to and from hospital on Monday – would I be able to?

I am to work haunted mansion literally all day long. So I will have to coordinate – I already mapped it out and timed it… so I just need the times from him and then I can approach my boss – I could do on lunch if I can actually leave. We have that huge case so I will HAVE to coordinate

I can juggle. This week will be little nuts – but every week is being nuts lately!!

But ya know, support is vital to survival… and that is terrifying to go through… you don’t need to be worrying about rides or whatever – worry about your life.

But I’m serious, the better support you have the stronger you be. He’s in for a fight – I kinda worry will be really bad – we will see… I hate cancer

Is ok to be scared, and feel like you are helpless… cause up against cancer ya know, it kinda feels like that.

It’s scary, I’m sorry but it is. You have zero control. Your fate rests on the cancer itself and if it has spread, and how bad… and those doctors treating you.

I’m sorry… yes … is terrifying.

The hospitals should actually put in place passionate people to help in these situations – like patient advocates? – to explain a doctors words in normal terms, to be a support both mentally and physically … not a nurse…

But just support. Not everyone has that. But that should be there, it was not offered there when I was going through it…

I was very lucky … I had everyone jump to help me… and hold my hand through that entire time … my entire community and all my friends and what I had left of family from around the country and right here ❤️ … when I had dark days… they made sure I smiled or was ok… it was all the time… I was very humbled!! Speechless, still am with that, they blew me away… still does.. while I was alive, I got to see how people felt about me ❤️ how much I meant (I wish was all the time always and not when someone is sick or dying)

I just have incredible amazing people around me ❤️ I am very very lucky

But again not everyone has that… so ya know, I know what it’s like to go through that.

So we see… I texted a little while ago to see what time has to be there. Surgery is at 3pm so maybe 1?

And I can’t go in the hospital – so just a drop off … and I don’t know how long surgery is.

All these surgeries are in and out… even before Covid

My own mastectomy … 8 hour surgery… intubated – tube down my throat, whole 9…then 3 hours in recovery, I had all kinds of tubes (4) – really gross btw… and iv’s … and they still sent me home that night …and I had amazing top of the line insurance.

Get em in and get em out. Yup

And ya know my little grumpy old man I help? Well he has a mom who is about 90… last year she had a pace maker installed… that was also in and out surgery!!! 😮😮😮 and she’s a VET with the Air Force!! We dealing with the heart there – where is the heart?

Welcome to America 🤨 push em through. Like the industrial revolution but with people. We forgot how to care for people

I miss the days before HMO’s and PPO’s and crap-o’s lol … when it was actual true care and that oath meant something… I’m glad I’m old enough to remember those days before they went away…. but whatever I went off track for a minute lol – happens ✌️ if you read my blog you know this 😘

So I just have to see what he tell me on times, or if he needs my help. Of course I will help.

I will be back maybe for lunch? Or later or whenever ? Lol at some point ✌️

7 thoughts on “Juggling

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  1. You are right. Cancer just make anyone’s faith out of control. I have a relative who had been gone through it. It was very tough to survive emotionally also. We should stand by for those people who have none to support him or her. I’m very happy to hear that you managed your schedule for him.

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  2. What… they kicked you out the same night???

    I had a colonoscopy. No friend to pick me up, only taxi/uber, so they refused to release me and was held overnight even though my procedure had been early and anesthesia was fully worn off by 6pm. And almost a 2nd day cause they forgot about me!!

    So that’s the way to get to stay… say you don’t have a friend/family to pick you up.

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    1. Hahaha yeah they did not keep me… maybe is different up here? I don’t know? – that was Kaiser

      I will remember your way next time lol

      I totally needed at least one night!! I went in at 7am surgery surgery was at 8:30… in recovery at 4:30ish (I don’t remember I was incoherent) released at 8 or 9… again I was still incoherent – for 3 days I was!! My kids had it all documented cause they had to handle all my medications… You should not send a patient home until they are coherent!! At the very least! But yeah I will remember your way next time.


      1. My way wasn’t planned. I expected to have some recoup time then take a taxi. But hospitals require you to be picked up by someone you know. As if that makes a difference… 3 times I’ve been picked up by “friends” they didn’t even get out to drop me off! One simply drove me around the building to my car and I drove myself home!

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