Political ugh

I’m not going to say one word, or try really hard not to – I have a fighting spirit – and this … ok I’m not gonna say a word – I’m just gonna let it rest right there.


Ok I can’t help it… sorry… so then… some of the deaths are on the hands of the President of the United States? Cause if there had been honesty and tact… yes maybe some panic, but less deaths – people would have been more vigilant and then the president wouldn’t even wear a mask for longest time! – whoa!


And look they reopen schools – how you feel about that now America? Does that sit well with you? You gonna send your children out there to germ central being in school? Schools are notorious for germs – you ready for a second more deadly wave?

You gonna wear your mask now? You gonna send your children to school?

Ughhhh I can not contain the fight on this one… hello – fricken deadly!

Wake up people!

That was NOT the way to play this! Playing with others lives because you don’t want to cause a panic over a deadly virus?? Omg

You fuckin lead a country! Protect your people!! Don’t blow sunshine up our ass! I really hate that… I hate that in general – be blunt – give it to me “as is” so I know what I’m dealing with…

It should be the rights of the American public and worldwide – that each person knows the severity of what is coming at them!!

Omg – ok I can’t speak anymore cause I will keep going off

I can not take another 4 years of all this!!

I have a little fire myself 😘✌️I usually just stay quiet with these matters. I keep my opinions to myself with political and religious matters – but this sparks me.

I’m just tired of his shit!! Omg so much shit!!

Ok yes I have to be done here ✌️

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    1. Lol… well just so you’re aware… I am always open to hear differences of opinions and have debates – sometimes IF honestly speak and show me a different way of thought – I can appreciate that and perhaps rethink my position…

      I just don’t want to be tricked or lied to. That is a big thing for me.

      And here we are speaking about people’s lives! So this is a hard one. So many have raw emotions

      This was a deadly virus that can kill people. He acted like it was nothing.

      Where is the protective testing now? There is none, you do that for yourself… but is not required.

      And schools … that kills me… they know is deadly – we don’t have good enough precautions – but let’s stick our children in the line of fire 😮 omg

      It makes me feel sick and he doesn’t try to stop it. That’s our next generation, they are people too. Our future! Is it not better to be safe than sorry?

      Ok well whatever. It is hard cause it makes me frustrated and mad. But whatever – what’s done is done. We are now aware.

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      1. I understand you are frustrate, so are millions of people, but this is one topic I refuse to talk about just yet. In future, I will freely tell you why.

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      2. No worries… appreciate your feelings as well.

        I am frustrated. I get not causing panic, but it is very deadly, and children can carry it too. I believe it is far more dangerous than people realize.

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      3. That is very crazy, but it was downplayed from the start and that added confusion with what to believe. People didn’t and don’t realize exactly how dangerous it is.

        I see it coming in more and more at work. Now people don’t know what to believe

        You won’t know how it will effect you until you catch, and even then the rate of spread that is also scary

        People are going to do whatever they want. They have the info now.

        I’m not going to take any chances and haven’t been, I follow all precautions, and also isolate from others on my own time. I am very careful, but that still doesn’t mean I won’t catch it

        I am not a democrat nor am I a republican… I am independent. I really don’t like either. I am on the conservative side. But I do care for people and I do appreciate honesty. I think it was wrong to keep how dangerous this is, people should have been told just what we were facing, all that did was cause confusion and disbelief.

        It is dangerous, and can be fatal and make people very sick- with long term effects… I do not want to take that chance with either myself or those I care about, or anyone else… I don’t want anyone’s death because of me.. I know many who are in the high risk group. And I don’t know if I could survive this. This will be an issue even after it’s over

        Others can and will do as they please. So is what is at this point. People now know.

        People can believe and handle however they want, and they will. Nature will correct it sadly.

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      4. Oh my gosh Trish, I respect your political stance, but right now we are depending on independents like you to make a HUGE difference in this elections. Right now you have the choice of changing policies or keep complaining. Seriously though!!!!

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      5. Hey Trish, my comment was utterly out of line and I am sorry. Of course you have your own beliefs and rights, and that’s the whole point of a democracy. I crossed that, and it’s unacceptable!

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      6. You are very sweet to say that… no worries … we all have our own opinions and ya know this whole thing so charged in all ways and all crazy … no worries 😘 but you are very sweet to say that – thank you ❤️

        And just so you know… you will always know where you stand with me… if I have any issues – I will say … I feel is better to air it out and get it off the plate. Then we can just enjoy life ya know?

        Elections – they pull you in lol

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      7. It will be ok… we will get through all this.

        I always always always will read or listen to others views – so never worry with that. I take all the perspectives in.

        It will be one hell of an election that’s for sure!

        You are really sweet! 😘❤️

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  1. Only the tip of the iceberg with that a-hole. And, yes, his legacy will be more C19 deaths than any other country in the world. We’re close to 200,000 deaths, literally 1/5 the world total. Japan had 1,400… and (or because) they reacted a billion times stronger than us. The whole country had fewer infections and deaths than just Los Angeles county!

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    1. Oh I know… every day he frustrates me with something!

      Yet he continues to pat himself on the back with how awesome he is … and what a good job he does – that is such insult to injury

      I’m just so tired of everything he says/does. He is exhausting – only out for his own best interest.

      We should look to Japan then. What can we learn? Little late – but better late than never.

      I just find it all very disheartening!! So many lives!!


      1. Oh… he also told Woodward about the existence of “a new secret nuclear weapon system” which (a) was supposed to be kept secret and (b) citizens haven’t heard about. What is it? Who knows? But now the world knows we have it.

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      2. Yeah I saw and heard that too.

        It’s kind of ass backwards, down plays a deadly virus, yet leaks national security information – doesn’t make any sense to me.

        And I don’t understand how it’s ok? He doesn’t have to answer to it. But I guess that’s the way of the world.


  2. Lot to say:

    Corona has nothing to do with politics: wear a mask and keep social distancing and be safe, but we made it into one, where wearing a mask seems to be supporting the left and not wearing one means standing with the president (this was veiled, no one came straight out to say it; but definitely was political — wondering if any on the left defended why they choose not to wear one). We can’t be more stupid than this, yet here we are. It takes six months to get everyone to put on a mask.

    I plan to vote in person though because not sure if the vote by mail will get counted or get there (I know I can drop it off myself). Also it’ll be interesting to see any will be voting twice because of what the president said. People are going to claim the President told them to do it. I hope it won’t be a close one.

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    1. Hmmm it became political when he held back pertinent serious health information in regards to how dangerous this truly is.

      As far as him wearing the mask… that is par for the course with him… he knew just how deadly this is, but disregarded in every sense… did not wear a mask and constantly down played the seriousness of the situation we are now in.

      How many deaths are the result of people who didn’t think this was a big deal?

      It became political when he didn’t protect the public.

      Well time will tell. Time always tells. I will also be voting in person.

      This election will be nuts

      Thank you for your opinion – appreciate your feelings 😘✌️


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