More fire stuff

Ok now I see where all the smoke and ash is from… we do have a fire close…

This is up around the Paradise area, which was already wiped out back in 2018.

I have many friends in Yuba and Plumas Counties where they are doing evacuations … Butte, Lassen, Plumas and Yuba counties have evacuations – started Tuesday night… already burned at LEAST 95,000 acres!! The people around the town of Paradise are fleeing again 😮

Maybe Paradise is not the place to live 😮

That is somewhat close to me, but no evacuations for my area at this time… and that cloud cover is keeping temps down so that helps, winds have died down and are shifting

I will go out later to pick up groceries so I will see how it is.

So clean air and blue skies… I miss that … we are just going to be one giant piece of ash!

I will let you know how is when I go out later. I haven’t been outside yet.

I always stay safe, I have a way out should it get bad, we have packed bags, all my photos are digitalized – I have them already… all important things ready to grab. Have fire equipment too – just a little but enough to stay safe

I make sure we safe – I make plans ✌️ am careful and safe.

If fire does hit my area – I’ll just take it as it comes. Should be fine though – not to sound too over confident … cause I’m not… but should be fine – I have plans in place should anything happen.

It’s just alot!! This year is just bad! It’s NEVER this bad!! It’s like the entire western area of the United States 😮😳.. even Washington State and Oregon


I have 1 friend who said they are not going to leave their home 😮 they are up in Yuba… they want to protect their property – oh my goodness – yikes

3 people have already died… so I dunno… if someone is headstrong there is no convincing otherwise 😳

So hopefully today goes ok. 🙏

My area is fine – just smoky and ashy… I am far enough from it that is not a threat to me at this time… is close but not too close for comfort.

Alright I have to run – be back later

I would say this is the absolute worst fire season I have ever experienced or seen! It is not usually THIS bad! It’s gotta be 2020… I am just gonna blame 2020 for everything this year!!!

6 thoughts on “More fire stuff

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    1. Yeah… is still smoky today… I just got back from the store picking up my groceries – it’s not as orange as it has been – I can’t see the sun though – it looks like an overcast day with fog. Our temps are lower cause the smoke is blocking out the sun.

      Always stay as safe as possible 😘❤️

      2020 is like hell 🤨

      Hope 2021 is a good year, I am ready for that! 😘✌️

      Stay safe also 🙏✌️❤️

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  1. I don’t understand the “protect my property” mentality. I can only guess those people have never seen a wildfire up close. “Stuff” is not worth risking your life!

    I’d be gone long before a call for evac. I have a fear of getting stuck on congested roads. Plus I’d rather not think about it… I’d rather be off somewhere, doing something else.

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    1. I do not understand that either. They just worked really hard for what they have, built that house I believe… their life is there…

      But ya know like you say… is only things… your life is more important – they just see differently.

      I would absolutely leave if gets too close, but if I was still here when evacuations were placed – I would be out right away!!!

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      1. Yeah definitely harder when there are animals to contend with… I am out here in country… lots of ranches with horses and cattle, even alpacas … many animals out here

        I saw some news reports with a few people in the fire area who couldn’t get all their animals out in time… that just breaks my heart!!

        It is a nightmare ☹️🥺


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