I went to the grocery store and got my groceries. The smoke is still pretty heavy… things are not AS orange anymore – as night comes the smoke comes in more too

Instead it looks like a gray overcast day with fog. The smoke smell is pretty intense though. I am still coughing, even just being out there for little while.

My sun and sky:

I got a call from an old friend who was having medical tests run… he has colon cancer. Goes into surgery Monday.

Ugh what is up with all this?

He called me weeks ago cause he was having a few issues – he told me his symptoms… I am not a doctor… he just wanted a friend to vent to who was an outsider – and I do alot with people who have medical issues.

I listened. I don’t like giving medical advice and just because I had breast cancer, does not mean I know these things!! So I just listen and let people vent. I am good with support and compassion

Here are the symptoms of colon cancer :

He had the first one listed, change in bowel habits – constipation … cramping which he just passed off on his diet and gas… and weakness and fatigue… but he has a job that causes that and he is not young, he is maybe 55? Ish? I’m not totally sure somewhere around there – I don’t believe he had ever been screened before this

He did not have blood OR weight loss.

His diet was all red meat, rice, white bread, alot of soda… all of that increases your risk of colon cancer

You can have no known risk factors, which is why screening is so important!!! It has the second highest rate of cancer deaths in the United States, second to lung cancer

You should screen starting at least at age 50.

I don’t like when they put ages on when to screen… I know a few young women in their 20’s and 30’s with breast cancer.

So is important at any age – please know your body. Save your life

They have tests now that can check for these mutations making it easier to see if you would be at risk..

The earlier you catch things the better.

So, that happened – just thought I would share things that come around. Education is good. Better to know and be aware.

He just told me that this afternoon. I wish him the best, told him if he needs anything to let me know… is always good to have good support around you.

Don’t be shy with these things – it can cost you your life. they are not a big deal to simply be checked – don’t be afraid or embarrassed

The more education out there – the better.

I have a lot of people I know recently having issues 😮 or maybe is just because people come to me and it just seems that way?

Just be aware – cancer is not something to mess with or disregard.

I was scared myself. So I understand. But the earlier you catch something the better it is.

Alright well anyway. Lots of things on my mind ✌️

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    1. I hope so too 🙏 it breaks my heart to watch people have to go through that.

      I am very open and honest with what I went through – to pretty much everyone… I used to be really modest. Always covered up. But going through that I was topless alot… so that kinda got me over that… and then with the medical part I am extremely open with it… I just feel if I can save one life by catching early ? I dunno I was shocked when happened to me.

      It was hard for me because I was modest… and then be forced to not be. So since that was taken away from me, I use it for an advantage… it helps others

      Even with other medical issues – helps them open up more freely cause they know I understand – I wrote about it extremely raw

      They all know what I went through. They all watched me.

      Even if it’s just because they are afraid to go in… I am comforting and supportive. No judgement, not really bothered by medical issues or things – I see and do a lot at the funeral home. That sort of stuff doesn’t really bother me… doctors have seen it all before – I am a mom, I have seen it all too lol

      My own stuff however… those photos – I have a few that are shockingly severe… they make me feel sick but only because I look at the picture and all those moments flood back in – bleh – I remember those exact moments

      But yeah – I did not expect that news today – I also hope he be ok 🙏


      1. I got sooo many AIDS tests… cause it was the only way to get a lot of my friends to do so too. For most, they were neg but tge process made them face reality. But one was positive and that was a really hard afternoon… esp because I knew the process and realized it wasn’t going as normal… so I knew he was positive before he did.

        I’m open about virtually everything for that same “never know who it will help” reason.

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      2. Oh how heartbreaking for your friend… I can only imagine the fear. Ugh!

        Yeah exactly!! Very important!! Always good to share openly – that’s exactly it… you do not know who you can help!! It makes a difference even if only small.


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