Just rambling…

I worked too many hours … so I only have one day left … they want me Friday. This was a weird week. I worked all those hours.

So I get tomorrow off again!! Woo hoo!! Check me out with time off!! Although not a lot to do. I didn’t plan on time off… so I hurried and got everything done on Monday. Where am I gonna go? Lol

I work on Friday and through next week. Friday through Monday and then one day at will, when needed.

I grocery shopped tonight… I pick it up tomorrow. I really love not having to go in…

One thing I notice more shopping online – is the packaging of items… there is a lot of waste!! Carton things for fruits or boxes of dry goods … drinks come in boxes. Lots and lots of packaging waste!!

I am trying to make my trash little – but that doesn’t help me any!! It’s a annoying. I have been trying to challenge self with how have little trash… then the way companies package things completely ruins my challenge 🤨

The coyotes are out tonight 😮 they sound close 😳 they always freak me out – cause it’s like a bunch of screaming and howling! Sounds creepy

That app on my phone that asks me questions … asked me today what the last movie I saw in theaters was 🤨 it asks a lot of questions sometimes that were pre-Covid lol … that makes me feel like it’s a smart ass lol

Anyway… the last movie I saw in theaters – I think was “Sonic” with the kids. Right before Covid happened – 2 weeks later we were shut down. That was a memory – thanks phone lol

Sometimes my phone does things on its own … without any app… lately it has been saying things like … oh look you have memories 🤨 …

So I look and then it’s memories of all my cancer stuff and pics in the hospital 🤨 I would like to keep the pics but not be reminded – I don’t even know why it’s doing that all of the sudden 🤨

I have the medical photos of my journey – those I don’t mind too much… some of them make me cringe but only because I remember those moments. Some of the photos are very severe.

I use those to help others. Like a walk through. It helped me when others did that, so I do it too. You can see what you up against and what’s going to happen.

The photos my phone is reminding me of are those AND other ones 🤨 the ones I don’t want to see. I keep them because was a moment in time. Part of my story. Part of my life. – but don’t show me them like that!!

How do you even turn that feature off? When I used Facebook it used to remind me of all of it… when I had appointments – all the things I wrote, what was happening, what I felt- I can’t do those memories. I don’t go on Facebook so I don’t worry about those – but now my phone is doing it with the photos

I’ll be all happy and bubbly and it says oh you have memories 🤨 and shows me those… can I mark the ones that are ok for memories? lol not all of them are.

It will also put together slide shows with music for me when I didn’t ask for that or want that! Weird… very very weird!

Anyway. So day off again. Lol ok – I feel like I did with the shut down lol … not sure what to do. I did everything already!

Alright well good night 😘✌️

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  1. Probably an auto on feature with some background update. Try this:
    How to Turn Off Memories Alerts on iPhone & iPad

    Open the “Settings” app on the iPhone or iPad.

    Go to “Notifications” and tap on “Photos”

    Tap on “Memories” within the Photos notifications.

    Toggle the “Allow Notifications” switch to “OFF” to disable the ‘you have a new memory’ alerts in iOS.

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