All is well … so far lol

My little grumpy old man is out of surgery!!

Lol… I asked him how everything went … at first he grumbles “awful” 😄😄

He says… they did it way different than last time and had grips holding his eye open.

He just went on and on. Kinda grumbling about the whole thing lol

I said “well last time was years ago, maybe just the technology is better now… different but better? Time will tell”

I asked if he can see?

He said …well I’m supposed to keep the eye covering on, but no I can’t see. 🤨

I asked “did you take the eye covering off? Are you supposed to be wearing that?”

He says yeah 🤨

Ugh lol… I told him “put that back on!!! You don’t want to damage what they just did! You do not want to go through this again! Put that back on” lol

He said he already did 🤨 but I don’t know… he is a strong willed little old man lol – thinks he’s all tough… he really doesn’t listen lol … I hope he did though

I told him to go take a nap, he has to go back to doctors tmrw for them to check it. Early early in the morning.

I think he will nap 😴… that is something I think he will listen to.

I’m not sure if they gave him a sedative or not… or pain meds? But he was funny … after things like that people get sentimental even if they usually aren’t

He was just saying some very sweet kind things – like sentimental type… thank you for being there, are a good friend etc etc – he went on for a little bit

That was really sweet though ❤️

He is always very sweet to me… but he’s also a tough grumpy little old man lol – highly opinionated lol … he is always very sweet and kind to “ME”… but is usually not sentimental like that lol

Anyway, I be fixing a fence shortly – or at least attempting lol 💪

I asked her … how come you don’t ask a man neighbor who has muscles lol… cause I don’t know how much help I can be – but I can certainly try… I’m just really limited.

She said because she doesn’t know them (I don’t either) lol … we are a good team… kinda like a comedy team but whatever lol – should be interesting

We planted trees back in spring – that went well … so far they are still standing lol

Ok I’ll be back at some point

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  1. I could give all kinds of scary insider info on why the eye cover is needed but I won’t.

    I don’t know what surgery he had but it’s common to provide pre-sugery anti anxiety med. Numbing drops are used during surgery. Post surgery meds would depend upon the procedure. If it was cataract surgery, there should be minimal pain. If it was PRK (highly unlikely) it would be intensely painful.

    It wonderful that you’re helping him out!

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    1. Ugh he does not listen at all!! He texted me maybe an hour ago with the patch off showing me his “new eye” lol …

      So I wrote back very cool now get that patch back on before you cause another problem…

      He wrote me back and said “thanks mom” 🤨 I am just trying to save him from future problems… I am not sure which eye procedure he had… he told me but I can’t remember

      I didn’t really help him out, I was going to take him to the hospital and pick him up, but his neighbor offered to do that… and the neighbor is right there… I am over an hour away from him.

      All I do currently is just check in with him and make sure he is ok, or if he needs anything.

      When I was closer, I was helping him organize his clutter, and kinda spending time with him – he would listen to all my stories, lol… he is a shut in – doesn’t have people… but he likes me and is comfortable… he doesn’t really have anyone else, his mother is 90, and he never had kids.

      I have people who are there for me, and no one should ever be without someone checking on them. Or caring… so I do that.

      If I am able to actually go help him I do… but this time I didn’t have to. He had it covered.

      He is elderly, kinda grumpy, very opinionated lol… but he has a good heart – he is just misunderstood.

      He is a little bit like a little kid, but he’s endearing. Set in his ways.

      If I can just get him to keep that eye cover on!!

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