Day off – weird sun

Hello… day off… relaxed ❤️ being lazy for a minute ❤️✌️

Talked to my grumpy little old man, he’s doing good… he texted earlier… should be in surgery right now. He will text me when he’s out, let me know he’s ok.

He was in good spirits, so that’s good – he was cracking jokes lol

My neighbor (the lady I met during the whole Covid shut down) she stopped over this morning and will need help later with her back fence – one section blew down in the winds lol

So she thinks the woman with nerve damage (aka me) can help her lol… I told her we can try… we will do that later this afternoon probably. I told her I have today off.

So she says is today the only day you have off? I said I don’t know I will have to check… my weekends and beginning of week are my massive days – other days are at will.

Also I was thinking – how will Power loss work with homeschooling 😮 yikes!!

Luckily I still have power – all is still well – not taking that for granted lol – we have no wind currently.

I guess there are massive fires all around me again… well kinda far from me – but is weird with the raining ash? Some of the ash is big!

We still have weird skies and smoke… but is better – not so incredibly thick and heavy currently. That has kinda cleared somewhat.

I tried to take a photo of my sun… but it doesn’t even look like a sun… I couldn’t see it yesterday … today at least I can see it… it looks weird though

See that doesn’t even look like a sun!!! Lol … but that’s my sun ☀️😮 that is from this morning

In person is even weirder! Everything is orange

Ughhh there are so many fires – I’m so tired of keeping track of them!! There is too many, and new ones all the time!! Enough already!! Can I please have some rain? Isn’t there a dance or something one can do? Lol

I want this… both amazing music and speaking about rain which I currently want lol…

I wish I could just place an order for rain lol ✌️

My area is so extreme! Either all heat, all the time with fire OR in winter it’s all rain all the time with floods 🤨 (and cold)

I am spoiled with the sunshine… but not when it’s smoked out! Oh fricken California!!! And also 2020! ✌️

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    1. Yeah it’s weird up here!! I am ready for the rains!! Can we start that early this year?! 🙏😄 I have had enough of the fires … it’s been what? Like a month of constant smoke and fire? I have lost track!

      Very crazy fire season this year… I have never seen or heard of it this bad!!! Ever!

      Do you have problems down there or no?


      1. We’ve got 2 large wildfires down here. I think SD has one. Nothing like central to northern CA. I feel like most everything down here has burned within the last decade, though I know that’s not true. One of the fires, Bobcat??, keeps threatening Monrovia so people there are on evac standby.

        I don’t want too much rain… that brings mudslides!

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      2. We have a fire up by Lake Oroville … and then others all over the place … I forget what a blue sky or the normal sun looks like 🤨

        The raining ash… well is ash so yuck… but is kinda like having snow but not cold. Little flurries – it reminds me of that anyway.

        Oh that’s right!!! Down there you guys get hard core mudslides … we do on the mountain sides but not like you do down there!

        We will have flooding. That might trap me at home 🤨

        I am in the country and I live on what my kids call a rollercoaster road lol… it’s hilly, deep dips… that will flood and I won’t be able to get out lol omg – I did not think of that lol

        I was just thinking rain because I am done and tired of the fires! Lol …

        But I suppose we still have 3 and 1/2 months of 2020 😳 it ain’t over 🤨 almost there!


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