Power loss

Today I get to rest ❤️ for the most part … I am doing laundry and just little things around the house.

Tuesday we will have wind… so that is a potential possible power loss. 🤨 I want everything done and ready lol

If everything is done, and I have all the preparations (which I do) – it will be smoother than last year was.

It’s a little annoying to have to plan for power outages lol (in heat) … but I would rather be at ease knowing I am ready whenever, and won’t be bad.

Last year was so bad – they gave us no warning… last year was horrible – plus I had just had surgery!! Lol omg. Yeah I’m not doing that again! So I am ready this year.

Now we are coming up on the winds again. So I have to keep on my toes cause they can shut off if the winds get bad – ugh pain in the butt!

They need to hurry and fix their equipment…

I have seen them since last year and they have actually been out there trimming the trees off the power lines and doing Maintenence – I know will take them years to fix their crap

Ahh I could live somewhere else… but the peace and safety I got here after everything was good. I want that.

I love the beauty of the country, I like the peace, I like the people, I like being away from the crazy city… I like not much traffic and I love the country roads …


You can breathe in the country ❤️ there is peace – so its a trade off with the crap stuff lol ✌️

I want that peace I find – SO MUCH that I will deal with the things that come with it, even if I have to accommodate bad stuff

Like coyotes and rattlesnakes… fires, floods lol… power loss lol… yeah I love the peace that much 😮

Oh yes – they will be doing power outages … starting today or tomorrow! Ok then

I am no longer doing nothing lol 😄✌️ I will be preparing 😘✌️

Ok so here comes the loss of power again – alright it will be better than last year anyway – we will see how well I have prepared 😳🙏🙏🙏

I will be back, after I square away my preparations lol ✌️

5 thoughts on “Power loss

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  1. It’s still hot there? 75, breezy, and overcast here.

    Sucks that you have to suffer because the power companies chose profit over maintenance… there was plenty of money for both!

    I hope you somehow avoid the rolling blackouts!

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    1. Yes!!!! 108!!!!

      I hope we avoid their power outages too… tomorrow we are expecting 20 mph winds I think that’s over their threshold? I’m not sure though

      I am prepared this year – I even just took a test run lol


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