I totally thought I did something really bad… I thought was going to be really bad!!

I tripped all my fuses … I was running a lot of things lol… I flipped them all off and all back on and nothing happened 😮

I had to call an electrician lol


So let me tell you… there is a fire near by somewhere – my sky has been smoky and orange all day long… no smell really – unless I am used to it now 🤨😄

And it was 108 today… and I am trying to be prepared for actual power outage lol… not the one caused by me lol

My house got so hot… luckily I have that battery and that little ac – had one room – good to know works well… test run lol

So the electrician comes – I thought he would have to come inside? But he didn’t… I didn’t even know he was here…

He just comes to my door, and says ok you have power now 😮😄 what how in the world did you do that???

And he takes me to outside around the house and shows me a big giant breaker box on the side of the house

I don’t understand why there is one inside and outside – but whatever now I know

Totally thought was going to be this huge deal – bonus it was not!! ❤️

Ugh that was me! I did that… ok well lesson learned lol – I won’t do that again

And on the off chance I do… now I know 😘✌️ I will try not to do again.

If it’s not work… it’s me 😮😮😮😄 OMG

Ok well finishing up now that I have power back

I will be back

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  1. Glad that was easy to get repaired and a good test run of your backup system!!

    I didn’t realize today was smokey, thought it was cloud cover. A short while after seeing the ash on my car I started going into violent coughing fits. Probably allergies. I took some nasal antihistamine and put on my mask to keep out additional particles. I had to end kitty dinner early but every kitty that attended was fed.

    Stay safe!!

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    1. Since yesterday I’ve had a small tiny headache, but I don’t smell smoke… our sky is that orange gray… and it was really hot and also the air was heavy?? I don’t know how to explain that – it was hot lol

      But like I said – I don’t smell smoke?? And I tried googling where fire is??

      I’m not finding anything??


      1. Hahaha seriously lol… I am going to have to ask about that!! Especially with all these fricken fires left and right!

        So far knock on wood, no water issues … but I think I will ask just to know – good thinking – lol you know me 😄

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      2. I asked – there is not a main… because I am on well water… there is some pump lol… she explained it … but I’ll just learn when I need to – sounds really confusing

        Will be life’s adventures lol – I prepare anyway lol

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  2. I’m glad you have electricity again and you can write on the blog …
    There are always problems with electricity here, because maintenance repairs are always made and they leave us without power for many hours. And when the weather is bad and it rains and the wind always blows, we run out of electricity. This is because the electrical transmission installations are old and give way easily …
    I’m seriously thinking about a solar energy source, because it’s free and I can maintain it myself, being an electronics technician …

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    1. Thank you 🥰 Yes me too!! And I still have not lost power – came home from work and it’s still on – wind blowing and everything!! Woo hoo!

      Oh wow, so you have same issues kind of… sometimes when is only a few hours is fine – but for days on end or a whole month… that’s when I have issues lol

      Sometimes candle light is nice 🕯 – just not for very long time lol…

      You should totally do solar!!! If I could afford that – I would in a heartbeat!! I hate PG&E!!

      You are ahead of me, I would not know how to maintain myself. I think you would love solar!!

      And with solar no more bills to electric company!!


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