Sunday… I walked into work at ugly walls…

Besides the walls, that feel like a 3 year olds bedroom colors… I’ve actually started liking it there…

The girls there are communicators also… they impress me so – I’m liking it there with that communication… they tell me exactly what possibilities, from there current cases, might pop up. They lay it out for me.

Today I knew I was by myself… I walked in and it was just nice … peaceful, quiet … no one there – just ME!! Omg I might actually get work done!!

And I did!!! Until 11am when it popped off 😮😮

I had a family that we have handled for years and years … I pulled some back flips on that one to get the body in our custody from the hospital… usually that is not done on a Sunday and tomorrow is a holiday here… Labor Day

So… I called the hospital to see if morgue would be open during Monday ? I was told if I have a signed release he would release it for me TODAY… so I had it docusigned over the internet … faxed over… had my guys go get the deceased … and boom …family is happy. I got that shit done on a Sunday ❤️❤️❤️❤️ they never do it on a Sunday!! They did it for me ❤️ I worked my butt off on that one! All of them actually – but that one I did back flips

I made the family really happy with that. They can be at ease now… we have custody and we take over. They don’t have to worry about anything and are at ease now.

I had several death calls today … and then a sad one at the end of the day… I worked a LONG time today – almost 12 hours 😮😮😮

Happens – sometimes we have lulls – just not lately … currently it is following me everywhere I go!! I swear it is!! But I did get a lot of my ACTUAL work done before 11am … I still have a ton more, and it keeps piling up, whatever – is work, work is good

Just a lot of crazy things lately.

I am really excited that I pulled that Sunday pick up off – that was my crowning moment of the day!! 👑 ❤️❤️❤️ I didn’t think was going to be possible and I was going to have to tell family no… but I didn’t … I pulled it off ❤️ TODAY and done

The rest of it was good but crazy. Happens

I have tmrw off – I kinda wanna spend all day in bed!! Lol – that sounds amazing!!! Right??

I forget what lockdown was like!! That is like a distant memory!! Was I dreaming?? Lol

I am kinda beat… or a lot beat… and my body just wants bed … I am exhausted… I will read tomorrow on my day off 🙏

So happy is a holiday tomorrow – maybe if my internal alarm doesn’t go off – I can sleep in 🙏🙏 maybe all day!! Lol we see.

I will be back tmrw.

I heard this song on my drive home…

Yeah ok life, very funny. 🤨😄

This will be me tomorrow…

Alright I will be around tomorrow. At some point

Gnite 😘✌️

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    1. Yeah I had heard it before too … played that song on occasion during the shut down lol

      I love his music – little over played but he has some good songs – I like him

      Thank you thank you 🥰 I was thrilled!! I pulled some strings lol


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