Today kicked my butt!!

Omg!!! I had no idea what I was walking into today!!!

I “thought” was just going to be a regular normal Saturday – I am forgetting what those are like lately!! Oh my goodness!!

My district manager showed up right after I got there – and then it was on 😳😮

Funeral first thing – boom

Then another one started at 1pm and that lasted until 5!!! 😮 omg

I expected a normal Saturday and to get some stuff done… but no – I didn’t get anything done!! Omg that was insane – like whirlwind all day long!!

I feel beat up!! And I look like that too lol …

This morning when getting dressed … I thought to myself – oh it will be 110 today, no ones gonna see me… I will dress down a little – I had no idea there were services!! Omg

I wore a tank top – but it was pretty – but still – not funeral attire!!! Usually I am completely dolled up!! It was gonna be hot!!! So I thought NOT!! Omg – this is why I always have to doll up – hot or not!! Oh boy

I also wore a skort!! Also NOT funeral attire!! Luckily I handled the back end of things… I stayed hidden and I did have my black jacket. But still…

Communication people!!! Do that!! I would have completely dolled up if they told me – and I do 3 locations!! Can they just tell me! I was blindsided! Completely! It was supposed to be Saturday!!

Tonight I feel like a rag doll!! I need a massage! Totally! My whole body does not like me tonight!!

So I am going to say the same thing I said Friday – tomorrow I should be all by myself 🤨😄 and it should be peaceful 🤨😄

It will be the hottest day… omg – luckily I should be inside with air conditioning and getting work done!!! 🙏 … but I did think today I would get things done and that didn’t happen!

It has been crazier than it’s ever been at work!! Every week gets crazier and crazier 😳😮 we have more and more and more!

Anyway I don’t wanna talk about that anymore … next subject…

I heard 2 songs today played over and over – and I have never heard either of them but they stuck out 😮…

The first one stuck out because I was hot!!! And I wanted what they were singing about lol…

Yeah – I really wanted ice cream today!!! And I kept hearing that song, like a tease lol… it was so hot today!

And then there was this song that played several times … and every time it played – I just liked it … neither song I heard before … this one kinda hit me though …

I do believe that’s alright and that’s ok… sometimes things turn out differently than you expect or wanted or planned… but I am actually better now, and I way happier out of that … and I think that everything I walked through, just is bringing me to where I’m supposed to be? I like where that’s going so far.

If work could actually chill out a little bit not be all insane crazy. But keeps me busy I guess.

I am definitely better off – so that’s definitely alright and ok. ❤️✌️

On a funny note… I don’t like drawing attention unless I want it … which I usually don’t unless there is a reason behind it.

I took my neighbors truck to work today… not the man one – that one is too big for me, lol – I will turn it on so doesn’t die on them… but his is way too big lol … I can’t handle that big!! It’s too much!

So I took HER truck which she left me keys for and said I could…

Hers is BRIGHT cherry 🍒 red!! Omg … red draws attention like no other!!! Omg like being sign

She had these window covering shades for the front – when I first got in this morning – I just took them off and didn’t pay attention …

It wasn’t until I got to work and put them up in the window that I noticed they are big giant kisses 💋💋

Omg – could I possibly draw any more attention with that omg

I want my little Toyota tmrw – that one is just right. Has my Pokémon in the window… and is tan so is mellow… and not gigantically HUGE!! I know how to whip it in my little car lol

These big ass attention drawing trucks I can not whip it – and they are way slower!

Anyway- the kisses 💋 just topped it off … omg – what kind of neighbors do I have lol (I’m totally kidding but was really funny cause all I thought was … really??? 😄✌️

Gnite 💋✌️ lol

15 thoughts on “Today kicked my butt!!

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  1. I hope you got some good rest!

    Ya know, considering that you started during the pandemic you should prob ask what level of activity is the norm.

    I hope you’re having a slow day today and get to stay indoors with ac!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do the paperwork… is more activity this year!! And that’s even with corona stopping things for a minute! 😮 lately is just crazy busy!

      Had a half slow day! Got some work done – was by myself… and I was indoors with ac ❤️ so that is a bonus

      I will be back tmrw to read stuff lol . Had almost a 12 hr work day


      1. Yeah this weekend was just really busy!! I miss those easy Sunday mornings!

        But yes I get to work and that always helps, definitely… I actually like the job and helping people too… it can be hard but when you really help a family and you see their sadness and panic just ease up and they relax because they trust you, and you helped them – that is really awesome. You took a little pain and pressure off someone else. You eased their mind and maybe their hearts? I like that. I don’t like it when people in so much pain so if I can take a little away – I like that alot


    1. I get to rest tmrw (Monday) we have a holiday here – Labor Day … I get the day off. ❤️

      Tuesday is another story lol
      I work and have to bring someone to hosp – I think? I will have to double check on that

      Suddenly it’s been really hectic – I don’t know what happened

      I am staying in bed tmrw!!!


      1. Hahaha that is awesome – we could use one over here! lol

        They are gonna be shutting off power this week most likely – we have winds coming.

        I should be prepared – gonna make sure today so at least I am prepared at home. But I am still taking easy today ❤️❤️❤️ and I’m still being lazy

        Liked by 1 person

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