So many things on Friday!

So let’s see… Friday…

I did that airport drop off… came home… woke up the zombie 🧟‍♀️ for school 😳 lol

She been pushing it… her alarm goes off and she sleeps in until she has 15 minutes left and then zooms lol

I do not like zooming – but she doesn’t seem bothered by it. Whatever – teenagers lol

I prefer not to be all frantic… I like time. Even as a teenager I liked time… go figure – she must get that from the boys lol

Anyway… I, myself, quickly got dressed and left for work a little bit after school started.

I had to be there at 9:30a … I got to stay in the office… they had an attendant for both the service and for me!!! I had an attendant lol ❤️ they have never given me one before today!! Woo hoo! Bonus for me- I got work done – SORTA

So I gave her tasks to handle for me, while I worked on paperwork…

Then my arranger calls me and asks what is the name and phone number of the father? Umm lol … let me pull the file…

So what I remember from this case – (the original arranger is on vacation for Labor Day weekend)

But no actual sitting priests were available for today’s service – so when that happens we turn to retired priests… and they will stand in and say prayers and bless the casket – it was Catholic today.

So they had lined up a retired father… I remember that being a big thing this week…

I found no number- but I did find his name written in the file… so I googled him lol

The first thing that came up was the Catholic Diocese for this area… ok well whatever shot in the dark, gonna call them

So I called. I said who I was and why calling – she put me on hold, took MY name and number and said he would call me… lol umm ok?

A second later the phone rings and it’s him.. he sounds a million years old on the phone – I explained they at cemetery waiting on him, where is he???

He says… oh I thought that was tomorrow?

I said “nope that would be today”

And he immediately says “leaving now” and hangs up before I can say anything else

But …from the moment his call came in… his number appeared on my screen… so as I was talking to him for that brief moment – I had enough time to write down his number for the file.

I called the arranger at the cemetery and said he was on his way… she asked me how long – I said “I don’t know, he just said ‘leaving now’ and hung up before I could say or ask anything else”

She asked if I got his number- I told her I wrote it down off my screen… and gave to her… but I warned her… if he is elderly – he is not going to answer you while driving… at all

And he did not lol… 45 minutes later he got there and finished the service 😮😮 it ended ok… but when those wrenches go into a service those are hard cause you have a grieving family.

Honest mistake, but that was a scramble!! And he was very elderly lol – sometimes my people are highly stressed with hiccups, mainly because you want it perfect and seamless for the families. Even if you have to fake it. They jumped hoops today lol

The family was understanding and gracious. It was out of our hands but we handled. And it went off fine. Funny moments AFTER the fact! But very crazy during!!

He did apologize to the arranger when she came back to the office… he was very sweet. Like I said honest mistake.

Oh yeah and my currier came today … he brings me, a death certificate which I logged… some personal effects (items from someone who died), and then 3 sets of ashes. All normal things… for this job …

As I was taking everything – one set of ashes was OMG heavy!! Why does this weigh a ton?? Whose is this? And I looked at the name… ahhhh it was my Chinese guy! Lol it all made sense with all the items he went with lol omg

I had told the arranger they came in (and were really heavy) and she laughed … she said when the crematory guys came to get the casket… she saw my inventory sheets lol… there were many!!!

She said – I saw your handwriting and your name on it and thought oh she’s always precise, this will be easy lol… and she opened up the casket with the crematory guys to take inventory before the took… make sure was all listed … and she said her face was like Oh my god! 😄😄😄 I can only imagine – that is such a hilarious thought – there was so much. She said it took them awhile to go through everything lol… but I was precise

Also… my handwriting is umm – perfect? Lol … it’s just really pretty and really nice (there is stories as to why, but for another time) she also made a comment about how distinctive my handwriting is … all my paper work it is perfect and pretty and legible – ALWAYS!!

The rest of them scribble like doctors lol 😄✌️ they are maybe a step above doctor scribble … but mine is always perfect, always legible

And when I signed a million things today… I thought to myself – I need one of those scribble signatures cause this is getting annoying when I am signing 5 million things!!! I wanna just be like them

My signature is really pretty – theirs you can’t even read – it is a quick scribble!! I can’t bring myself to do that!! It just feels wrong!! My cursive is spot on not like this:

That is how they sign – maybe it will come to me later ? Lol

I stayed for a little while longer, so they could all go to lunch – they brought me back a lunch. I had ALOT of paperwork and I wasn’t working a full day… I left I forget what time in the afternoon? Maybe 3? Got home about 4

I was sooo tired!! I got home and thought maybe I have time for an hour nap or something? I literally put down my purse and the kids walked in the door – I was literally not even out of my funeral clothes yet 😮 seriously just walked in the door right before them!

Anyway… I had already had lunch and tonight they brought dinner 😮 so I had to eat at least a little omg – so now I’m exhausted with a really fully belly

We did not play games tonight… the 18 year old says to the 26 year old… did you bring Dungeons and Dragons? And 26 says “no I didn’t

18 says – what? Why?

26 says “cause we never play it”

So I say “oh I was going to play tonight” 😄😄😄 it was funny

He did bring games but left them in the car… instead the oldest and I were talking all about stocks because this week was a week of crash so the 2 of us were talking about everything lol

18 was like umm can we talk about something else other than stocks? Cause mum and 26 just keep talking about stocks lol (he calls him by his name – but I’m not saying that… I use the ages so you know who is who – no names for them)

But he didn’t have anything he wanted to talk about or add – just tease us about speaking stock lol

Pay attention my boy lol

He was just sharing funny… or “not funny” …videos (depending on your age lol) with my daughter – those 2 were cracking up over there

So I told my stories from the day… and I mentioned how I had been up since about 3/3:30am…

And my oldest says – I’ve been up since 3am too 😮

What?? Why??

And he tells me so he could be awake when the stock market opened cause this week was too crazy for him 😄😄 … he woke up early to watch it and make sure his stocks ok 😄

We are Pacific Standard Time – 3 hours behind the stock market in New York, which is Eastern Standard Time lol

He is very vigilant lol… and even speaking stocks with him, he is extremely explanatory and serious lol

The other 2 find our discussions boring lol

Both me and the oldest were exhausted. They left early cause I don’t want him tired driving home… and since I am out in country – I don’t want him hitting a deer either – they are everywhere currently!!

I am struggling to keep my eyes open tonight – I need sleep!!

Tomorrow – I am at my original funeral home base ❤️ ahhhh … I like that one and I get to be by myself… I should be able to get a lot done…

But ya know … I say that and lately… crazy busy follows me!!! From home to home!!

Every time I go to whatever funeral home they tell me “hasn’t been bad” … I get there and it goes off the hook… your head spins and get nothing done – please let tomorrow be uneventful 🙏🙏🙏

Ok I need sleep my eyes are killing me!!! And my whole body just aches!

I will be melting into bed immediately tonight!! Omg … my head will hit that pillow and down for the count!! Ok – I need that, like now!!

Gnite 😴

6 thoughts on “So many things on Friday!

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    1. Haha yeah it was crazy busy yesterday! Oh my goodness!

      Today should be way better… will be just me, nothing “expected” going on… (that I know of) … so I should be able to get a lot of work done and have it be peaceful.

      Hope you have a great day too! 😊✌️

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha omg it was worse lol … way more crazy today… these are not my normal weekends!! It was insane!!

      Maybe tmrw lol 🙏 I just got home from work a half hour ago… it is currently 7:05pm

      Hope you had a nice night! 🙏😘✌️

      Liked by 1 person

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