The Drop Off

😮 oh my goodness that was A HUGE truck!!!

I have driven big trucks before – but not like this one. And they kept saying – you can use for work 😮😄 … uhhhh nope

I will not ever complain about being behind a slow ass truck ever again lol… sometimes I think c’mon dude drive your truck lol… now I understand!! Lol I won’t think that anymore – now I will just be like … no worries let me pass you, carry on lol

Oh my god! That truck was big… I had to climb up into it… wasn’t so bad as a passenger…

But once got to airport… They unloaded all their luggage at the gate… was Alaskan Airlines… funny that they put that literally RIGHT next to Hawaiian Airlines lol … that would make me rethink Alaska 😄😄

Alaska is her home though – she is visiting family… I’m so jealous they are going to miss the heat wave – the one time Alaska sounds pretty good lol

Anyway… they had 2 gigantic pieces of luggage – 2 regulation size carry ons… she was wearing their neck pillows and carrying some small blankets with her purse and stuff – and then a gigantic dog crate (they have their dog too) – is some hunting type dog, I forget the breed but he is cool. Smart dog – young. 8 months I think ?

Alright so I drop them off and climb up into the drivers seat… the seats were heated lol …

I don’t know how to turn off the heated seats it’s a huge truck with like airplane controls – I swear! 😮

The side mirrors were like half the size of my whole body! 😮

Oh my god! That they make vehicles this big!!

But whatever …

SMF (Sacramento International Airport) is huge!! But really easy to navigate – whoever planned that out – nice job! Very easy!

Way fricken better than Logan in Boston 😝 or San Fran… but I am used to SMF also, it’s just clearly marked and has an easy flow, it was so early there was no traffic… I used 99 to come home and was quite nice

It just doesn’t have pick up like a car… is kind of a work horse truck!! Huge cab, huge back, with giant tool chest back there. The back window has this iron like netting – he uses it for work… he works for the power company I hate 😮😄😄

But I just got home, waking up the zombie 🧟‍♀️… gotta get dressed and off to work. Whew!

But yeah that thing is slow. And huge and it has a tow thing in the back and something in the front also that sticks out – I am not using that!! I will have to use it to pick them up – that’s in 2 weeks.

Alright I have to run. Back later

2 thoughts on “The Drop Off

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    1. I have no idea – is just a GIANT truck – you give me keys to trucks or hearses and I just drive lol

      I don’t think it’s a special truck or anything ?? Just really ginormous ?

      I don’t like it so I probably won’t drive it to work or anything, but I will start their vehicles so they don’t go dead

      Hers is not bad… if wasn’t for the Cherry 🍒 Red color and the big giant kisses 💋

      Ok so maybe it’s bad lol

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