Where would you go?

I have this thing on my phone that asks me a question, usually a simple quick one…

I’ve had it for years and it’s recorded my answers every year… I get the same questions every year asked on the same day as the year before … so I can see how my answers change over time!

Even though they are simple questions, it’s interesting to always see what my prior answers were – it will only show me once I answer.

The question I had today was …

If you had to move to a new place, where would that be?

Today I replied “I’m not sure?”

My prior answers were either always “somewhere peaceful” or one answer was “the beach” and one year I answered “the mountains”

But where would I want to go? I really don’t know? How would you answer that? Do you know how you would answer that?

My question will change in an hour… it changes everyday at midnight – but I am off to bed, so that next question can wait til Wednesday ✌️

21 thoughts on “Where would you go?

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  1. Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, or Tahiti.

    What’s the app? I have the same thing in book form (I can obv see prev answers). It holds 5yrs. I’m on my 2nd book. Today (Tues) was “What’s the best part of your life right now?” My answer was “my cats!”. Last year was “my cats; sampling art classes; blog friends”. 2018 was “not working; my cats”.

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    1. The app is called “Askt” but I don’t believe it’s on the App Store anymore? People have asked me for it before, and last time I looked for it – it wasn’t there. But it’s still being updated? Very weird – it’s a great app!

      I don’t know where I would want? Still a question for me. But I am taking literal this year – as in where I would really want to be.

      Hmm 🤔 best part of my life right now? Not being sick, all my people, and almost being done with Satan lol ✌️


      1. Yeah it seems like Australia is similar to California – I can see that… just opposite seasons – and different creatures lol … and bugs lol

        My friends have been and rave all about Australia every single chance they get! Lol – they say so beautiful and people so friendly!


  2. Interesting … If they had asked me, I would have said: where does the wind want! See, I’m a windmill …
    Anyway, I’m glad I’m not a cowboy, because then I would have gone where the horse wanted … And it is known that horses are not very intelligent. 🙂

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    1. Hahaha ❤️ that’s funny

      I like that answer… anywhere I want – let life take you.

      I also wouldn’t want to be a cowboy. I am way to girly… and I wouldn’t want the horse leading either.

      Although horseback riding is kinda fun!

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  3. Not that I am dissatisfied with my current life or anything because I’m not, but I would go back to my childhood! Back, and do it all over again, this time taking different life roads. Wouldn’t that be great? If we could, once we’ve reached a certain designated age, say 60? Go back and do it all over, only this time with new experiences, new friends, careers, life experiences. A totally different path!

    Maybe this time you’ll be a doctor, a space explorer or a rock star? Then when your 60 again — presto-chango! Loop again for another go round! Way cool! Even if your road takes you to poverty, war or hardship, wouldn’t these be good lessons learned? You’ll get another kick at life’s can later anyways and what better way to learn empathy for others, than actually experiencing what they do. — Hey what’s that guy smoking, you may ask? Nothing, I’m just high on life! Multiple and continuous Life that is! Lol!

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    1. That would be cool… I would like that too, now that I am somewhat wiser with the path I currently chose lol

      Unless the path was just brilliant then I wouldn’t want to change lol… maybe we could have a button if you wanted to – you press it lol … sci-fy

      Although sometimes life is exhausting?? I don’t know how many times I would want that? My path was good until the ex… but ya know… was a lesson like you say. A million lifetimes in that one lesson lol

      I do love life though ❤️✌️

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    1. Hahaha you are too funny 😄😄

      Yeah I love living in the country area instead of the city ❤️ it’s very peaceful and beautiful (except at night when you trying to sleep and the coyotes come out howling in groups lol)

      And see what did I tell you about finding that spot that hits the trifecta of perfect lol 😄✌️ yeah that!

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      1. I don’t have fresh air lol – I am in California we have had fires since August lol – I am totally smoked out!!! It is Smoky all the time! Been smoky ever since that lightening storm… is better than the city, surprisingly… and currently – depends on the wind direction

        Thursday Friday and Saturday were beautiful – first time since August… but today we back to smoke lol

        Those coyotes are very similar to horror movies lol which is why I do not watch them by myself lol

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      2. Yeah the west is burning it up lol … I have never seen this bad before that’s for sure!! 😝 totally ready for rain!!

        Yeah I never do horror by myself ever!! Cause I would be wide awake all night long hearing every noise – the country is very good for horror movie ambiance lol – you would like that lol

        I typically steer towards comedy lol … and when I run out of that I do documentaries

        Although I will mention… last week I watched ONE show about hauntings – and now guess what my watching apps are recommending to me… is all horror!! I watched one show!! Lol

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      3. Lol you killing me 😄😄😄

        I can do horror… I don’t like the jump out at you horror cause it really makes me jumpy …

        I do like the phycological thrillers though – those are creepy but not jumpy … just not by myself lol

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