New lawyer

I am getting ready to meet new lawyer – I’m so nervous I feel sick. This will be my last chance. 🙏

We meet at 10am. It is 7:45am

I am as prepared as I can be. I am nervous. I will be back later. Hopefully not upset 🙏🙏🙏

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    1. Because my ex is vindictive and brutal. A liar and a cheat… plays dirty tricks

      I have nothing to hide but even through breast cancer he was coming at me really hard… so I just get nervous

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      1. I am so sorry to hear that; I exactly asked that question because it does not seem like a trait you would have. Summon courage to help you face whatever is on your way and that strength I know you possess — hell you BEAT cancer girl! This could be the final fight with all that keeps you up at night; go in like the girl I know you can be, for your sake and for your children’s sake. I will be thinking and rooting for you I promise!

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      2. He makes me nervous because he plays dirty and he has no morals… I am the mother of his kids and I stood behind him for years until I couldn’t take anymore (abuse alcohol and women) it was too much. It was crushing me

        So during all my hardships and losses – he came at me hard like he wanted to completely take vengeance and crush… that way he would feel better cause I couldn’t survive without him. But I have… I’m still standing (kinda leaning here and there lol, but you know)

        I was defenseless and was not able to fight – no one protected. They allowed all of it until half way through battling cancer and the court made him stop.

        So I just get nervous – I do believe truth and honesty and good win out – I feel comfortable on my morals… I am strong. (Unbreakable) exhausted though

        And every time before, that I believed it would be ok, it wasn’t – so I am leery and just a little nervous with what he will pull.

        He strikes fear in my heart 💔 he truly has no soul!


    1. Oh nein, ich war nicht verärgert … nur nervös, weil ich derzeit weder Anwälten noch den Gerichten vertraue.

      Außerdem weiß ich nie, was passieren wird – ich hätte nie gedacht, dass die Courts dies alles überhaupt zugelassen hätten. Also war ich nur nervös


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