Doing good – smoky but safe

Here is all the fire updates:

Smoke is heavy in my area, still raining ash… temps are lower … only 97 today (aka 36) … way better than those temps over 100!!! So that helps a little.

You can’t really go out because of the smoke… we have horrific air quality right now… it burns your eyes and your throat… the smoke is settled here. Sky is still that smoky orange color

The fire closest to me … they downgraded the evacuations to the south to only warnings – I am south of that fire.

We do still have a TON of fires surrounding us … what is happening is all these little tiny fires are joining together and creating massive fires!!

All the smoke and ash come to my area because they are in every direction!

Ok so that’s 3 things that keep people inside… corona, HEAT, and smoke!

You just really can’t breathe out there. I have everything locked down so the smoke or ash doesn’t get in the house. The smoke is literally sitting on us now!

I did not go out at all… today was the first day of school for my daughter… 8th grade (13)

All online. “Distance Learning” no in person classes… I am glad we didn’t have to be out in this, it is not good for lungs!!

You get headaches and problems breathing in that smoke.

Anyway… I was REALLY impressed with how the school is handling this year!! I am a big critic cause the end of last year was just a BIG bumbling mess!!!!!!

This year they put time and effort into it… like I said, I am impressed.

Today and tomorrow are special schedules for the first days of school… to make sure we all connected and it goes well. Work on any issues.

The kids will strictly follow the same bell schedule as if they were actually in school… even the times changing classes are accommodated. (She grabs snacks during that time lol)

They are using google meet to come together … and then other programs to work with… it went REALLY well!!

The only one issue I had was caused by ME lol …

This is a day off for me… I don’t get many of those at all… so … ok I’m a little embarrassed to say lol… but I stayed in underwear and tank top all day long!

In my defense – it was a day off and too Smokey to go out… I just wanted to chill!!!

Most of the day was completely fine… and I wasn’t even thinking I was in a tank top and panties … I just didn’t think!!! No ones gonna see me…

I had to go into the kitchen… she is at the table doing school … the minute I walked in – was the minute I remembered what I had on 😳😳😳😳

Omg I quickly ran back out and stuck my head around the door and said “they didn’t see me right?”

She said no, whew!

Ok wear clothes during the week 😳😮 I almost had a heart attack in that moment!!!!

Have to remember they can see the things at home!! Oh my god! Ok I will get used to that. Definitely gonna be more careful

Tomorrow I will put on clothes lol… learning curve here!!

Anyway… still surrounded by fires but we are safe… we should be fine. I don’t work again til Saturday – I have too many hours.

The fires are north, south, east and west – just everywhere

And Trump goes out and says well ya shoulda raked up your leaves 😮🤨😡😡😡😡

How do we have such a moron in the White House????? Holy crap!!! He can’t handle anything!!! Not one thing!!

He can’t handle corona, he can’t handle race, and he can’t handle fire… just leave!! Go rake those leaves for your country!!! What a moron!!! God!!! Please get him out!!!! Vote vote vote!!!

On the other side we have Biden and Harris

I kinda like Kamala Harris I would rather that ticket … I’m jumping on Biden’s boat… bring on the Democrats 🤨

The more Trump opens his mouth… the more I want him out!!! I can’t stand him… I can NOT do another 4 years of his shit!! Omg please get him out!!!

He completely sucks!! I have no idea what’s wrong with him!!! The man is a moron!!!

Vote vote vote – I can’t take him, please get him out!!!

He seriously HAS to be THE WORST president in American history!! Oh my god! That will be his legacy right there.

Just get him out!!

32 thoughts on “Doing good – smoky but safe

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    1. Thank you ❤️ yes we are still safe. Very smoky… but temps are not as hot anymore. We have to watch the winds cause those can make the fires even worse and more difficult to contain. But my area, at this time is ok, we just have fires in all directions, so the smoke comes into the valley area. Has been crazy how all of the sudden that lightening from the other night caused so many fires like that! It was just all of the sudden

      Usually the fires don’t start so suddenly all at once… was a weird occurrence!

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    1. Thank you ❤️ just really weird they all lit up at once like that 😮 usually it does not go down all at once lol

      But it is 2020, so you know, stranger things have happened lol 😘✌️

      Do you have fires around you down there? Or smoke? Cause there are fires going on down there too right?

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      1. We have a lot of smoke!!! One of my friends said … watch us have an earthquake… if that happens – I’m out … crazy!

        Please no earthquakes right now… one disaster at time please!! 🙏 have mercy!

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      2. Do fire outbreaks cause earthquakes? I studied a bit of geology but don’t remember that, lol, unless an earthquake is being warned by the experts?
        But perhaps long term as a consequence of a dead ecosystem that stops rendering the ground its support? Lol, just ignore me, i don’t know what I am on about. Hehe

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      3. Lol 😄😄 … I don’t know… but that is the last thing we need right now!!! That would be a complete nightmare!! Apocalyptic size!!

        Omg – I need less drama in my life lol

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      4. Oh well not drama for me on the presidential level… I just ignore every single thing Trump says… I’m done with his words and lack of leadership or compassion.

        All Biden/Harris for me… not a question at this point.

        Bring on November!!! Can not wait for that show!!!

        The fire drama can stop though – I have also had enough of that this week – as if I needed more stuff going on!! Fricken 2020! Lol seriously though

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      5. I never ever thought that politics could ever affect me personally; I mean it’s so ugly it’s forcefully dragging me in 😦

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      6. Right??? He starts it!!! How can you not get pulled in?!?

        I have never ever before had such a strong dislike for any president before!! None! (And I put that nicely) lol

        Ugh he is just the worst ever!! I can’t even take when he opens his mouth anymore!!! Everything that come out of his mouth sets me off lol ugh!!!!

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  1. I’m glad you’re safe and can close up your house (I’d have to let the ash in)!

    A friend sent a pic of her home “classroom”. Three kids, 2 if which are twins, means three computers and desks. She’s lucky to have the room & money. Imagine how many don’t… even if they have 1 computer, how do you manage multiple kids/classes??

    Enjoy your time off!@

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    1. My daughter had not been outside at all and I have everything closed up tight… I don’t want that smoke or ash getting in… and I have been keeping the blinds closed because temps were too hot!

      Last night right before it got dark she said to me, can I open the door? My friends say it’s really smoky and I want to see…

      I have been telling this woman how bad it is, but she doesn’t listen to me lol… her friends say it and she has to check it out lol

      So I said yeah go ahead check it out quickly – I don’t want the house filling with that smoke smell 😝😝

      So she did… she opened the door, it was all smoky and dirty orange tinted everywhere – still is.

      She was stunned. Pretty crazy

      We are still safe just really smoky still. The smoke continues to pour into my area! Thicker and thicker everyday!

      Yeah I had to make a little classroom in the kitchen at the table… my printer set up for her, with her computer (we already had those) and I have pencils and markers, papers – school supplies … is not my kitchen table anymore lol

      Luckily I only have one child in school now… one more to go!! Lol … she is pretty easy cause is 8th grade … and she’s enjoying it… yesterday they had class and after classes – she did google meet with all her friends and they were laughing and laughing ❤️ she had a really good first day and the school has done an amazing job with it!! I am very pleased with their set up so far!

      But yeah not many are lucky… it will be a challenge for some… some have no internet – the school is working with those families to figure out how to get them set up


      1. I’ve heard many people are a lot happier with online school this time. I’m glad it started well for your daughter!

        An old blogging friend who lives somewhere in Sonora County posted smoke pics from her window… you can barely make out the foothills, let alone the mountains. They had to evac last year… ended up okay, which was a blessing because their primary home in the city burned in a condo fire shortly before the brush fires started. For awhile it looked like they might lose 2 homes to fire in the span of a few months.

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      2. More lightening possibly coming – forecasted for Sunday through Tuesday with high temps and winds

        It’s gonna wipe Nor Cal out 😳😮


    1. Yeah totally!!! I almost died cause I totally forgot they were actually on camera!! 😳😮… luckily she had the computer turned away from where I was but Oh my god! It gave me a quick heart attack!! Today I am wearing actual clothes lol

      Yes I am also glad we are safe lol – thank you very much! We are just REALLY smoky… very smoked out! Everyday is smokier and smokier! They will get a handle eventually- we need more fire crews though…

      Was a freak thing they all started at once from that lightening storm the other day 😮 that has never happened like that before!!

      Is 2020 so expect the unexpected lol ✌️😘 crazy

      But yes we safe ❤️ thank you!

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      1. Hahaha Oh my god! I would die!! That would have been awful!! Thank god it was not!! 😄😄 I would have been mortified lol

        Yeah I am very over and done with 2020 at this point! What a year!!

        I hope they end soon too 🙏, is causing ALOT of destruction 😔

        Very crazy times!! 😮 you should send your rain over this way lol ✌️

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  2. It amazes me sitting here all safe and sound that you’re so calm and collected while surrounded by wild fires! YIKES! I’d be freaking out! I know you say you are used to them, but still? That’s major danger! And not just the fire, but from the toxic smoke too like you’ve said. Girl if I were you, I’d be sleeping with my running shoes on and my travel bag by my bed. — Oh, and with my clothes on too! 😮 😮 🤣 — Stay Safe Omatra7!

    And your right about D.T. he doesn’t care about anybody but himself. Vote the bum out!

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    1. Well I have had situations with closer fires… I have seen a fire coming over a mountain before … not this year … it is not like that currently.

      We have really heavy smoke pouring in everyday… I believe they said you can see the smoke from space!! 😮 whoa!

      We don’t go out unless have to… I just had that one day with work when they had just started!

      We do have bags packed for each of us, and I do have options should the need arise. The fire closest to me is now 15% contained … the others are bad… they can’t get a handle on them and they are joining with other fires creating HUGE fires! The fire fighters are exhausted and we are calling in fire fighters from other states… the governor declared state of emergency

      It was just weird the whole situation… I have never seen it go off the way it did… we had that thunder and lightening storm umm maybe Monday and they said was 11k lightening strikes … with the hot temps we had … it was all tinder and just lit the state up!!

      Is where I live… every summer we have fires… it’s not panicking me at the moment cause my area is safe with the exception of smoke… yes the fires can move fast – but if I see that even close to happening – we be out!! We ready

      I don’t have a lot so not really worried with losing anything… just our lives … which I will protect absolutely! All my photos are digitalized, all my documents are together and ready to grab – and we do have our bags. I am not in fear like what I watch from others who are losing everything… I still have a job, and I can rebuild anything. I have been, so I can work with whatever happens.

      Today I am wearing clothes lol… learned my lesson lol

      And with Trump, totally only cares about himself – doesn’t even try to connect Oh my god! And any words that come out of his mouth, makes me just cringe!! Every time, with everything!! Lol

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