Don’t worry

We are ok, we are close but still in a safe area… I am not worried.

The only thing we have here is a lot of smoke and ash raining down. That’s nothing. People are losing their lives and their homes. Right now we are surrounded but safe.

So far. Knock on wood…

We go through this every year… ya feel me Australia 🇦🇺??? … cause I watch them during our winter – they are similar to us. I know they understand.

Is just that dryness – low humidity, winds – the winds are dangerous cause they push the fires

Governor Newscom has declared California in a state of emergency and requesting fire fighting crews from other states.

Again – every year, every summer… is like this… “this year” just has a lot more fires all at the same time … but is nothing new.

It’s 2020 anyway… what isn’t fucked up? lol

I have been in training for the last 3 years to handle bad things… so ya know… doesn’t really worry me too much. I am used to summer fires.

Also we are prepared – we do have a bag packed just incase we have to get the hell out… which I doubt – I highly doubt. I DO take precautions and prepare lol ✌️

But like I said… others are losing their lives right now, and their homes, and animals/wildlife 😔… we are fine… we are still at home… and no evacuation orders for us right now. We are safe and well.

We are inside, so no smoke smell unless you open door or windows… which I am not!!!

We still have heat… but not as bad at moment – but it is night lol… we see how morning is. Winds are supposed to pick up tmrw which could cause massive problems.

I have showered, she just showered… we ready for school tmrw at home – I am NOT working tmrw … I will be here with her… we still have power

We had a really wet wet spring late into the season – which makes growth… then you have the low humidity and the massive heat that we have had… killing all that vegetation … and then you get a tinder box.

We had that lightening, which lit it up evidentially.

I would only be scared if blocks/traps our road out – but I will keep eye on… I know the fires are there – with the exception of sleeping … I will make sure we leave if anything got too dangerous. I would probably leave before they even evacuate.

Maybe my boss would let us stay at the haunted mansion? Lol …I would definitely ask… I don’t think would be a problem due to situation – so it will be fine either way. I could definitely open up for them lol (they have a whole living quarters there – showers, kitchen etc)

It would be an option. Given circumstances – I do have a few options, should we need them… many others do not… also… if I lose everything – not a big deal – I’ve started from scratch already – I can do it again. Is only possessions – not our life. I’ve done it before – I’ll do it again.

I also have amazing people – “earth angels” – in my life ❤️ so we be ok.

So I am ok. We are ok. This is how summer is.

I will update if are any changes – and if for any reason I am not around – do not worry! If you need to worry, I will most definitely let you know!! I say everything lol ✌️ even if it’s quick.

If you need to worry about me you will know… otherwise we ok. And we are safe

Plus… this is 2020… it’s gonna go all out. I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Do not think I am not prepared, I prepare remember 😘. I’ve got this survival thing down by now lol 😘✌️

Not to say I don’t respect fire 🔥 absolutely I do!!! … I respect fire very much – and know it is very dangerous. Fire will do what it wants, so never believe you aren’t in danger – just be aware and be prepared. ✌️

Anyway you don’t have to worry – I’ll sound alarms if/when worry is needed lol 😘✌️❤️

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  1. The overnight news crawler said there were 11,000 lightning strikes in 72 hours, which started 300 fires.

    The fires aren’t unusual but 11k lightning strikes??? I’ve never heard of that, let alone on August!

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    1. 😮😮😮 whoa …

      Well that lightening that we had the other day – it WAS many strikes!! Lit up my house over and over! So I believe that!!

      That is crazy!!!

      And we were totally one big giant tinder box…

      I know something like that can start it… but at the time it was happening – my mind was not thinking of that 😮

      It was a really strange occurrence… I was also little shocked when we have that.

      But I shouldn’t be… it IS 2020! What’s the worst that could happen 🤨🙄

      I should not put ANYTHING past 2020!!!!

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      1. I can’t imagine what those storms were like. If there were 11k strikes, I wonder how many total flashes (strikes + non-strikes) there were!!!

        At a young age, my family drove through the desert during a flash flood (STUPID!!). I remember the lighting was the widest bolts I’d ever seen and stretched across the entire sky. I buried my face in a pillow, with eyes clamped shut, and could still see it! I don’t know how my dad managed ti see nor how we survived.

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      2. There was ALOT!!! It was seriously just constant – like it was just sitting on top of us … I didn’t know it was everywhere and also – when that storm happened… the day before, it looked like rain- but we were having EXTREME temps… so I just thought was probably the haze cause of the heat? Was just a weird day, cause looked like rain- but that should have been highly unlikely … it was weird

        And so went to bed, and like I said at 1am… it just went OFF… and it WAS constant!! Between the thunder AND the lightening!! Was pretty massive … it did pour … but only for few moments … the thunder and lightening continued for quite awhile. It was odd and also in the middle of the night

        Remembering back, I can see that.

        Once when I was a kid, we lived just outside Orlando … in Florida the rain is fast and you can see it like a curtain coming down the street at you – their thunder and lightening storms are INCREDIBLE!! Picture perfect bolts ⚡️

        We were having dinner one night and one of those bolts hit our electrical box on the side of the house 😮😮 none of us were hurt or harmed but that lightening came all through the house for a quick second – came out of the electrical sockets and for one second swirled around the floors 😳😳😳😮 I am shocked we weren’t hurt!!

        Blew the electrical box – we had to have all of it fixed and repaired – was crazy! I was maybe about 12?


      3. Yeah I’ve never seen anything like it before or after!!! I didn’t even know would do that- come out of electrical sockets like that


      4. That was back in 80’s so maybe different electrical back then … I wish my eyes had a record ability!! Lol

        It was very scary and I don’t understand how we were not electrocuted??


      5. LUCK!!

        In my teens, were at Grand Canyon and my hair all started standing on end. I remember tons of Japanese tourists taking my pic. My dad eventually realized rhat meant lightning was about to strike. Fortunately it happened safely away from us!

        But I keep thinking about that with the 11k lightning strikes…. it means poss & neg electrical forces are lining up between the ground & sky. I wonder what caused that, esp so widespread and for so long!

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      6. Yeah I would say luck!! Totally!! I was not meant to die that day!! I have escaped death a few times – now I work for it lol

        Oh wow yeah the static electricity!!

        Hmm well that heat had been blazing us for awhile

        That is weird though… just suddenly lit us up!! Out of the blue!!


      7. I should pay more attention to my hair lol – now that you say that I thought was the heat making it all crazy lol cause the heat does that to my hair too


    1. Thank you ❤️ we are still safe and well!! It’s still really smoky and weird sky – all orange and the smoke is all around now… still rains ash – our air quality is horrific!!!

      We stay inside today. But we are good, and safe ❤️😘✌️ we will be ok


    1. I am taking care – we stayed inside today… the smoke is everywhere – still can’t breathe… air quality is awful… we are still safe though … I would not risk my life with a fire 🔥… I know that “fire” is definitely stronger than I am lol

      We are fine though – I am south of the fire that is closest to me and they downgraded the evacuations that are south of that fire…now is warnings… the fire near me is only 10% contained but that’s better than yesterday – we have fires on all sides of us…

      I am watching them though. We will be safe

      Thank you for checking ❤️

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