Ok still really smoky!! Everyday is more and more smoky! You can’t even see any blue sky – is gray with orange tint… you see no sun.


Thank you to the exhausted fire fighters!!! This is what they go through here.

This was a freak thing… we do have fires every single summer – but this started ALL at once… from that lightening storm we had at the beginning of the week and it just set it all off… we had those really high temps taking out any moisture… and then boom lightening ⚡️… we have ignition! 😮

My area is still ok… we are still safe… we don’t go out cause it hurts your eyes and your throat, hard to breathe.

We are not having evacuations in my area and there is no fire coming over the hills here… we are surrounded but still in a safe area. Just like I said, really smoky! All dirty orange Armageddon type sky.

I will keep updated ✌️

School is starting – be back later ❤️✌️

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