🔥 Fire/smoke/ash 🔥

The smoke from the fires is sooo intense!!!

When I went out this morning to leave – everything including my car was covered in Ash!! COMPLETELY covered like it had snowed 😳😮

It is raining down ash here!! 😮 the sky covered in smoke, you can see the sun but looks like Armageddon

I can not breathe with that smoke!! The air is choking!!

I am inside at work – I will be back later 😮

Now the fires are making me nervous

15 thoughts on “🔥 Fire/smoke/ash 🔥

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      1. I also hope does not come to that 🙏

        I don’t think it will – we should be fine. 🙏 … I’m watching it and prepare just incase… but we should be in area that will be ok. 🙏

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    1. Yeah surrounded now… it’s pretty bad!!

      No we are not in the evacuation areas… but we are prepared if we have to! 😮😳 Oh my god! Please don’t make me leave and please don’t take my house!!!

      We should be ok? 😳🙏

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    1. We are literally surrounded, I am up in the country near that Grass Valley Fire – they are calling it the Jones Fire… and then we have other fires all around us… we are being choked out by smoke!! My eyes just burn


      1. I will have to do that. Anything is better than breathing this smoke in… at work I use either my own mask or the surgical ones. But I do not have one with the valves… I will have to get us some ✌️


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