It’s raining ash… the sky is filled with smoke- burns your eyes and you smell like you have been in a fire… it’s all in my hair… is like is snowing slightly…

The sky is almost like cloudy – the sun is a orange ball behind the clouds… the smoke is so thick it chokes you!! Your eyes water and you can’t breathe

We have 3 fires surrounding us 😮😳 it is bad here

The ash is just continuously raining down!!! And it’s 104!!!

I am out driving hearse around – just got a car wash and said you sure you wanna do that!? Will be covered by tmrw – but we are gonna try to cover it…

And now I have to take hearse to gas station… ugh everyone stared in car wash… and now gas station gonna be stares. Ughhh

My eyes hurt and I can’t breathe at all!! 😝

I be back later

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    1. Yeah, I have to work and today I was all over the place – ash was raining everywhere and ugh I smell so bad even inside!!! I am showering shortly! I had my daughter open door for me tonight cause I had a lot in my hands … and she says … why is the sky like that? Is there a fire 🤨😄 she got to be inside all day. I had my neighbors ready to grab her just in case 😮😳

      I am inside for night now… but my eyes still sting!! And my hair and clothes just wreak of smoke!! So gross!!!

      I knew was going to be a bad fire season – we had rain late into spring season – and these hot ass temps that just won’t quit!! I knew would be bad … and here comes the power loss – watch!!

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      1. Me too!!! 🙏🙏🙏 … it’s not that far… but not too close either… when I am at work in Sacramento is not as bad… but where I live – is closer and way worse!!! Very thick smoke and ash here!! I am watching it

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      2. I saw that!! The crash, and the pilot died – and it started another fire 😮

        Yeah this entire area being blanketed by ash!! Is seriously like it’s snowing!! 😮😳 crazy… that I have NEVER seen like this before!

        When I went to my car this morning… you could smell smoke, and I didn’t really notice the ash yet… until I got to my car and was covered!! I was like what the hell is this??? And I blew at it and then I realized was ash… the ash didn’t really start raining down until this afternoon!! But the smoke has been here!!

        Sacramento not too bad – they have smoke and ash, but not like where I am!!

        Where I am is a million times worse than Sacramento – I am like around an hour or so away from Sacramento … I am closer to that grass valley fire… but we have that Vacaville fire which the smoke coming this way… that one is HUGE! And Napa too!! All that smoke and ash from every direction coming this way!!

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      3. A bunch of the fires up there are actually multiple fires, given a single name, that were started by lightning.

        We had mega fires for the last few years so hopefully (knock on wood) there isn’t enough tinder to sustain them this year.

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      4. Yes!!! There is a TON!! Is all on fire up here!!! Yeah that lightening just lit it up!! 😮

        I know some have died and many houses and things lost. That breaks my heart with all this!! That paradise fire sticks in my mind… that fire killed almost that entire town… I had friends there … after the fire they didn’t want to go back and rebuild – they were done!

        And the stories that came out of there were awful… my police and fire from here went up to help during that … and down in marysville and Sacramento – you had a massive outpouring of support and donations

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      5. Yeah. I set it for 80 and it got there long after the outside air got that cool. The HUGE benefit is the reduced humidity!! Toonces is freaked out by the sound and hiding in another room. The rest of the kitties come and go.

        Instead of helping me get motivated to do homework, it’s made me exhausted… I assume it’s due to relief. But, hey, maybe that means I’ll fall asleep before 8am, wake before 1pm, and actually DO SOMETHING tomorrow. Or maybe it won’t.

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      6. I’ve been within .5 miles of an active wildfire… when I worked in Thousand Oaks. Sooo scary to watch it racing, at least 50mph across the hill across the street. Fortunately, the back of our office property was where the water dropping copters refilled (from a big pipe). They had 8 copters dropping water and we were never in any real danger.

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      7. We have had fires here, but not raging – they usually handle them quickly … but I have never been in the country area before – was always in town. Not in the foothills. I never really had to think or worry about before.

        I have also seen a raging fire … I saw the paradise fire coming up over the hill when I was visiting a friend in Chico 😳😮 it moves very fast . Fire is not something to mess with

        I do have friends that supposably say they refuse to leave… they will stand and fight the fire and protect their home – I will leave … I don’t want to mess with life and death like that.


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