Things of the day

Today I went to the new job, which isn’t the new job just yet… they wanted me to come in and see how I did on the phones… I did pretty well!

I was nervous at first… but then melted right in and zipped through that.

I guess everyone who interviewed is doing the same thing? She told me before started that she had few others coming to do same.

Also she still had not called my references yet 😮 she said she would do that today. Or try to.

So we see 🙏🙏🙏 I do want it!! If I get it… I will have my own office ❤️ I really want it!!

I just have to be careful… I am confident – but also excited so I don’t want my hopes WAY up, so I am not crushed if doesn’t go the way I want it

But I am very hopeful and I did really well, and I fit right in – it’s different and unique… but I love everything about it!! And I’m excited to learn more 🙏

Please let me have it 🙏🙏🙏

And then 😩😩😩 Lol… I had to return the rental after that… wah!!!

On the highways, I really enjoyed that rental cause I could “GO”

That was nice … on my country roads – it was relaxing and I didn’t like going fast… I just like to take it all in, while driving those country roads ❤️ it was peaceful and relaxing!!

So after trying out the new job for a few hours – after I got out, I took the car to a car wash, cause omg it was dusty!! It was black (which I really loved… it’s very sleek) and I live in the country… that was dust magnet!! So I got it washed and filled the tank back up …

Then I came home to change before returning it, cause I was all dressed up … it’s hot still… I hate wearing so much, cause I feel like I am dying of heat like that!!! I just want shorts and a tank top!!! That’s it!

My neighbor had said she would pick me up from the rental place… this is the woman with the husband who is always social and out and about lol

I am excited to meet her finally!

She is like me! Quiet, keeps to self … things like that – we have a lot in common I didn’t know!! I like her!!! A lot actually.

Guess where she is from!!!! 😮😮😮 … she grew up in “Alaska” !!!

California is night and day from Alaska seriously!!! She was telling me at times of the year… she did not know all day or all night was not normal 😮

Alaska in summer is all day, all the time- there is no night… and winter is all night, all the time… there is no day 😮😮😮 that would be completely crazy to me… that would totally mess me up!!! Plus it cold there!!!

We talked and talked – she’s awesome … I told her about me and why I’m quiet and keep to self… I’m not really a weird girl lol… just quiet … once you know me then that’s gone….

I didn’t used to be that way. That happened immediately following fighting for that surgery … now I am just quiet – kinda tired from all the trauma that went on, and was kinda traumatized by everything. I find peace in the silence… so for now – I do that.

Once I handle and get through things – then maybe ? We see … I like the peace a lot. And ya know, just protective.

Anyway… she followed me to rental place and then took me home. I like her. She’s really nice. She has the same quiet demeanor I do. I felt comfortable with her, because she was so similar.

Her husband is very kind and VERY outgoing and social. I kinda take time to absorb, and I’m just quiet right now.

She is more like me, so I can handle that easier.

Well she is similar in her silence? But she met her husband on Tinder 😮 that surprised me!! I thought Tinder was just totally something else

In my personal life I am quiet … In my work life I am not lol … funny how that is? I separate the 2 completely.

Work I can be outgoing… my own life I am way more on guard and protective. I do keep both those worlds separate.

With work – I have no fear … with my actual life… I do. So I just handle my personal life with extreme care and caution. Still a little traumatized by things so just makes me protective.

Anyway … returned the rental 😩 wahhh!! I got a little spoiled!

But I do actually love my old little car… is a good car – has done me well ❤️ AND it has Eevee on it ❤️❤️❤️

Now I be like this…

But whatever … slow can be good too – it just sucks on 4 different highways!!!!

This is near me… this news report is from this morning…

I am getting some of the smoke… and the sky has a weird look

It’s close to me, where I “live”. Is only 5% contained

Please no winds!!!! It is NOT out of hand right now, as long as the winds stay away!! 🙏 has only burned a few structures, and approx 550 acres – just started… if the winds stay away and they can get handle on – it should be fine… they doing evacuations to be safe… not me… the people in that direct area.

Can you imagine being a fire fighter in this heat??!! Omg – thank you to all that do that!! That has to be beyond brutal!! … and I complain about a black blazer … they have it way worse!! I don’t know how they do it – but thank you 🙏 stay safe!!!!

Oh yeah and I got in trouble with daughter earlier lol 😄😄… oops…

She is enjoying her last final days of summer vaca before school starts… it starts back with “distance learning ONLY”, this Thursday!

So she sleeps in, rolls outta bed, doesn’t shower lol or do hair…

Well I had hit it off with the neighbor woman… so she showed me her house so … I showed her mine

Daughter was NOT happy with me. I said I was sorry, was just making a friend. She accepted apology but she wants to be all done up meeting people …

And then she said to me “you are the one who always teaches me first impressions are important”

I don’t ever think she truly pays attention to my words sometimes, but look -she actually listens!!

I said was only the neighbor lady and she’s just like me- she didn’t pay any attention that you are not all done up lol

So anyway, I apologized and will check first before having someone come in when she is not all done up lol

She listens ❤️❤️❤️

Anyway so that was my day. Tmrw I work at ugly walls for a few hours

Alright well I will be reading shortly 😘✌️

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  1. Good luck!!!
    You WASHED THE CAR before returning it? Are you on drugs?? Waste o’ money!!

    Did the job PAY you for working today?? I know it was a trial but they’re still required to pay. If they didn’t, beware!!!

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    1. It wasn’t expensive and it was filthy!! Really bad!! I have dirt roads

      I also make the beds in a hotel room… it’s a thing lol

      They did not, is still a part of the interview they told me… they are a non-profit on one side and promotions and sales for ads in publication on other side.

      Why what are you thinking?


      1. I’ve had a couple really bad employers so I’ve picked up some of the basics.

        It may all be fine and a legit lack of knowledge at that company but, really, see if there are any reviews on GlassDoor

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      2. I looked when you said that… they have the job posted everywhere!! On indeed and Glassdoor … there is nothing from any employees – no reviews

        It’s a small non-profit for the advocacy of travel, they advocate for Rv parks and campgrounds. They work with “Visit California” and also Governors office.

        They also run a publication that has articles and lists all campgrounds and rv parks that are members. They help campgrounds and rv parks with things they need and make sure they run well.

        I was told that someone else used to run it. Like I said is a non-profit, and then the publication brings in the money with the ad sales. Memberships also cost.

        The other person who was running it, supposably ran it into the ground a few years ago.

        This woman took over… there are board members and this woman has been bringing it back up from the ground.

        There is only this woman and one other who work there. I would be the 3rd.

        The woman who had my position that I am going for supposably had to leave? Due to having a young child and no daycare due to corona.

        It is not listed on Glassdoor whatsoever… and only the job listing is on the others. No other info or reviews

        When I google them – their website comes up, and a few others that mention them – but mention them well – saying they do everything they can to strengthen campgrounds and rv parks. They go to trade shows (when not cancelled) they have an online presence

        They SEEM legit? But there are no reviews … there was a link to a Facebook page that said it had one 5 star review – but when I went to go to it (not open Facebook cause I won’t do that… but under a private web browser, to open generally) it says link is broken or page has been removed.

        If you email me at:
        I can give you the name.

        They had another name, they are a state association, and there was a dispute over branding?

        And then the name was changed. That info was from May 2019. So it’s just now rebuilding?

        I dunno? Now I am not sure?? 😮


      3. … damn button…

        A good employer should know that law. I’d be worried about what other labor laws they don’t follow.

        *Possible* exception: They stated, or had you sign something, about being a volunteer. But that’s still sketchy. I’d check their rating on… see other’s experiences.

        I often make my hotel bed too… and cleanup/org the room (I’m sure you do too). But there’s no way I’d was a rental car unless I was taking it somewhere fancy! They have people to wash them and charge plenty enough to cover it!

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      4. Huh, they did not state as a volunteer – just said part of the interview. I did not sign anything at all.

        I just now checked Glassdoor and Indeed (where I found them) – is a small small non profit… there is nothing on either site about them – just the job.

        True on the car … I just to give back same condition.


      5. Since no info on GlassDoor, I’d just advise to be cautious. Maybe they just need to be educated, which can be done on passing after you have the job!

        fyi: my experiences were a boss who demanded a 45hr work week, said we were all “salaried”, didn’t pay OT but docked even 1min late. Every last bit of that is illegal (cost him a LOT after I left!!). And another that had all H1 Visa employees from India, who freaked out when I clocked out after 8hrs. They were all conditioned to work unpaid OT. I told the agency… cause it’s not only illegal but meant the agency was also owed a lot more $$$… and they wouldn’t work with me anymore. NBD cause I was on a 1wk trial and already said I wouldn’t go back cause they also expected me to pay my own airfare and hotel cause the job was in Fremont… nope & nope!!

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      6. Hmm interesting… I could see that possibility of overtime and heavy work – it is salaried… is a lot of phone work, and I would be in charge of a couple areas – membership and ads


      7. From the web:
        All employers who require any applicant for employment to work as part of the interview process must pay the applicant for the time spent in the working interview. … Applicants are technically “employees” during working interviews, even though they are performing work for a short time and on a trial basis. Sep 16, 2019
        Eskridge Law › working-interviews

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    1. 🙏🙏 I hope so!! 🙏🙏

      I do try very hard! And I’m still here lol… it’s actually gotten better than it was already… I am not fighting cancer, and I am stronger 💪

      So the rest of the pieces will fall in line. I’m aiming ✌️🙏

      I also believe what is meant to be – will be meant to be.

      If not, there is a reason for it

      But good things have been happening / if I can just keep that on track lol 😄😘🙏✌️ thank you ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awww 🥰 thank you ❤️ That makes me happy, it makes you smile!

        Are you talking about “lol” haha… I almost wanted to do a double one right there lol

        That is my favorite expression… I usually always smile and laugh so I use that when writing ALL the time … I find it difficult to not… you will catch any sadness, seriousness or other moods when I do not use that, lol ✌️❤️

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  2. “she grew up in “Alaska” !!!”
    In the so-called “Alaska”? Sorry, I don ‘t know that specifically encrypted code.

    Also …
    – rental cars ae to be returned with a full tank, no other requirements
    – everybody knows America has the worst labour laws, but wanting you to deliver a sample work is a bit much without paying. Even in America.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alaska is a state within the United States … it is not within the continental United States, but is located just above Canada.

      Yes our labor laws are severely lacking… but many things here are currently.

      Yeah they did not pay, After thinking about it, it seemed sketchy… I didn’t hear from them after that… and I do like the job I have already


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