HM and Gas

Guess where I am this morning ❤️❤️❤️ yup – the haunted mansion!! I had to open

I just love this place it has soooooo much character!! ❤️ I totally love it’s character ❤️

Traffic was awful!!


Years ago… you would pull up to a gas station, and just pull in… a guy would come over ask what you needed – say “fill my tank”, you would pay for the gas, and this guy would fill your tank and while it was filling he would clean your windshield too!!!!

He would even offer to check your oil… all for fricken free

They stopped doing that – I assume because they lazy or the corporation doesn’t want to pay their employees more!!

Ok … let me tell you – I HATE PUMPING GAS!!!! Ugh!!! I just hate it in general… can someone just do that for me? I don’t wanna smell like gas, I don’t want to touch stuff… bring that shit back!!! I don’t wanna be touching stuff – the less I touch the better!!!

I don’t want to touch a handle many people touch!! 😝 gross!! Ugh

They need to bring that back!!!!! Especially right now!!!

Should be law 😘✌️ kinda not kidding during corona (but we can keep it after corona too please!! Cause I really hate pumping gas! – especially all dressed up 🤨)

They used to have lanes labeled “self serve” if you did not want someone to pump for you…

And then there were lanes that would say “full serve” – I NEED FULL SERVICE!!!! Service me!!!!

Oh and another thing… during corona when I had all the roadways to myself ❤️… gas was cheap!! Cheaper than it had been in a long time… I was loving it!! Clear roads, cheap gas … I just needed someone to pump it for me lol 😘✌️😄

When I went to the gas station this morning 🤨 gas was $3.15 a gallon for the cheapest 🤨

Grrr!!! Ugh – I gotta pump myself – it’s getting more expensive – there are more people on the roads – ugh!!!!

I even left at 6:30am this morning!!! Thinking ahhh I will beat traffic 🤨 … fricken nope!!!

Tons of people out walking around in the city, people everywhere!! Way to isolate!!! 🤨

Well whatever 🤨 I just want my gas pumped – bring that back!!!! Why did it go away in the first place!???

So anyway… now I am at the haunted mansion ❤️ ahhh all safe and tucked away!! Just how I like it lol ✌️😘 (for now anyway)

Alright, all is well and the Q word (I don’t want to say the word and jinx myself lol)

Back later 😘✌️


…truth right there!!! ☝️

Ugh!!! I never should have left the east coast!!! I need to go back and live in New Jersey so someone can pump my gas and service me!!! Lol – a girl can dream!! dammit – stupid gas stations!!!

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    1. Yeah, totally! And I am all dressed up, I have to touch that handle – which so many others touch!! I bet gas stations are a huge way corona spreads!! 😮 so that’s makes me nervous too… then my hands smell like gas, which I then mix with hand sanitizer 😝 eww

      Would be better and easier – if they just did full service!

      The gas station that does that, will get my business and I will remember that after corona… I will be loyal if treated well.

      Companies need to learn these service/marketing techniques now a days!! They would catch so much business from people like me!

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  1. I like to fill up my own tank. Oh memory. I try to avoid stopping in NJ because they don’t let me fill my own gas. Also I don’t like having to pay to drive on their Turnpike.

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    1. Really??!! Lol … that is interesting … for me … the gas station I find that does that – will get ALL my business!! Boom loyal customer… I might have to just move to New Jersey – I would be spoiled there lol

      Hmm… spoiled by weather in California or spoiled by full service in New Jersey lol – that is a hard decision lol

      I have been on their turnpikes when we went to Atlantic City (and visited Trump towers lol – kinda gaudy lol VERY showy) lol

      Atlantic City is cool… just don’t step behind the boardwalk cause then it’s all slum 😮 or was when we went. Years ago

      Paying for their turnpike does suck… but I have memories of the Mass Pike 🤨 …. pay pay pay… well those roads better be like a cloud! They never were – I hate stopping at toll booths, that is annoying

      Out here you have to pay going west bound on the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge… Cost is $7!


      1. Hahaha good to know…

        I am also not really sure if I tag correctly lol

        Also not overly tech savvy, with these online things. Lol

        But next time, I may tag you lol ✌️😘

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      2. That is hilarious that we are so much alike – when is your birthday?

        Luckily I have children lol… so they just do that for me if I need something done lol … yes I play the old mom card 😄😘✌️

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      3. That’s what I tell them lol… But they always do for me anyway ❤️

        Aries huh? You are a leader and cheerful… ok no wonder we a lot alike lol

        I am a cancer (I hate that name) 7-7 … but I think I’m a leader sometimes and I am always cheerful lol ✌️😄

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      4. Oh c’mon – you seem it to me! You are very charismatic and have a wonderful disposition, you are very kind / you could totally lead!! People are drawn to that!

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      5. Oh yes ❤️ they are amazing – they took care of me after my surgeries when I couldn’t care for myself – they dropped everything for me ❤️

        I raised amazing kids ❤️

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