Crash and burn lol

Working yesterday, was funny.

We had an online, nationwide meeting that they had been pushing for weeks now.

We were required to login to network and have the meeting, see a brand unveiling etc…

Well 😄😄 … someone’s ass was on the line in IT 😄😄 … cause it kept severely crashing the servers with over 300k online all at once at the same time lol… you can not forget the servers!!

I imagined someone all stressed and panicked… hot and sweaty and worried – little nervous. Probably freaking out lol (I have those days too, when things just crash lol)

But they got it going… after maybe 20 minutes 😄✌️

It was a hour and a half meeting. Rebranding and focusing on “details”, and readjusting to what people want nowadays.

Afterwards, my district manager came in and we spoke more about my new position and possibilities for future 😮❤️ all good things.

I really like that I can talk to her very easily. Have a really good rapport with her. I like her. And she really makes me feel important to the organization.

To start training for my new position… she is sending me to another funeral home!!! Within our network – but not one of our 3… a whole new one!!

I am just making the rounds at funeral homes lol … I feel like a death angel 😮✌️ … but I get to see everything and network and meet people. With distancing and masks… it’s very strict in this business and we have regulations on us currently… we follow to the T.

This new one is about an hour away from me, and same distance from my current funeral homes, so outside my area… I have no idea what to expect. Will be entirely new process!! I am excited!!

They will be training me for this current position starting Monday, because my girls are just now squaring away and running all 3 funeral homes – so they don’t currently have time for training.

This one says funeral home and crematory 😳… mine do offsite through a care center … I have not seen one with that onsite 😳 I don’t know if they use the Carecenter or not? We will find out on Monday 😮

I am on call again Sunday night too … so I work Saturday at ugly walls, Sunday at mine, be on call all night Sunday night, be at this new place Monday morning and also Tuesday 😮 oh my goodness!

The down time of corona lockdowns is a total distant memory right now!!

And then NEXT Friday is court. Whew! Ok

I have to buy some kind of wheeled thing to carry all those files. I won’t be able to carry and lift them without.

So whatever crazy week coming after today!! 😮 I’m gonna fall massively behind – more so than already am! I am sorry, have no control there.

Anyway – I have to run for now

I should be back later 😘✌️… it’s Friday!!! Woo hoo!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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