Our schools…

Well the schools just came down with what’s happening.

ALL students will be on “distance learning” – what they are calling home schooling now.

They have a program set up online through INTERconnect… and they “say” teachers are in training for how to teach this way.

Alright we will see – cause as of March 2020 that last school year – was just a bumbling crazy mess with no one knowing how to do anything and no idea really what was truly happening. Last school year was a throw away waste!!!

So Friday they will tell us what supplies we need, and then school is scheduled to start “distance learning” on August 20th.

Our district tried to hold out… but the cases keep rising. You can’t send them like that – it would create a major catastrophe!! I have her on distance learning indefinitely until they have a vaccine or something.

This year my daughter enters the 8th grade. One more year until high school.

No dances, no socializing, no school – nothing – it makes me wonder how this generation is going to see things later.

She does socialize cause she has a huge group of really awesome friends – they have her laughing constantly!! ❤️ she picked well!

Maybe actually this is good? We have to do anyway… but it will give her an extra set of skills – if done right… both on the schools end, and MY end.

It will be a lesson on how to be responsible for your own learning – perhaps this generation will handle life better? 🙏 be smarter 🙏 be aware and not take for granted

One can hope right? 🙏

The socializing aspect… well I don’t know how that will go? She is right in the middle – she got a chance to socialize and gather her friends before this all happened.

Hopefully she can enter high school with a whole new wide eyed approach?

They will be excited to be back together again and ready for new experiences!

She was just getting to that point where you start discovering who you are among your people – she is bright, and funny, crazy sometimes lol … she is political 🙄, and like a little lawyer when she wants something lol – she is kind and loving and stands up for others

She was just starting to have independence and strength… sometimes I do wonder who is teaching the lessons here? Lol

Well anyway… distance learning… I feel way more comfortable with that.

The one thing that’s going to be hard… I am lucky because she is 13… she turns 14 in December… I can leave her at home or she can come with me… I don’t need childcare for her.

Many don’t have that option. Some have small kids and both parents work – daycare is hard now too.

One of the girls at work has a 5 yr old and a 7 year old… both parents work… they had to scramble and figure out how to juggle… they still don’t really know!!

Things are so expensive still and do not reflect the current happenings – so what do you do? Inflation does not care about a virus.

Anyway… struggles everywhere.

I have to run, have things to get squared away… I go to court next Friday for the trial set hearing. Bleh 😝

Always something going on!

Stay safe and well! 😘🙏✌️

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