Memories …

When my grandmother met my grandfather … she didn’t like him at first 😄😄

She came from an upper class family – white collar

My grandfather was kind of a street kid. Cool kid… cigarette pack rolled up in his white T-shirt type lol

Her family is Lithuanian – not Irish. His family was very Irish.

His family was blue collar. Hard workers, little pay, lived hard.

They were young when they met… 16/17?

She was waiting at a bus stop… and he would yell out to her “hey blonde” lol

She did not like that lol 😄😄

So she would turn away towards the girlfriend she would be with…

But she saw him so often, and he would make her laugh… he was delightful! A toughie, but delightful ❤️ she started liking him.

So anyway… they were married at 18… had my father at 19… and the rest is history. My grandfather moved in with them. To help take care of her parents, that’s what you did… they got the house because of that.

He was always playful with her… he used to walk by and spank her butt…

So one day – I did that 😄😄 … but I got in trouble lol … is funny to remember lol – I was really little lol … how come he can do it?? Lol

I did NOT do that again lol

He used to grab her and kiss her and lean her back like that photo…

Afterwards she would playfully smack his arm

She would let him be the man, and he let her be the boss lol ❤️✌️

She was like my mom … she took care of him and the family… did the dinners, house was spotless…

They used to have a box of toys for me… they had all boys… they had never had a girl in the house… I was the first … the box had a few things …

I had a small plastic baby doll. Some blocks – a few Lincoln logs … little tiny toy trinkets

I always brought my own toys too lol … but I did love that box.

And every time we visited, from when I was an infant … every year… my grandfather would take me down in the basement (it’s spooky down there – house was built 1914, dirt basement floor – 3 decker)

He would have me paint my hand and leave my imprint on the boiler. That boiler has my hand prints up until age 18! 😮

Not sure what happened to it. But I loved doing that!! I would love to see that boiler now! It’s probably gone forever.

When I was little, my uncles were still kids (in high school)

One would take me by the arms, and the other would take my legs – and they would swing me all around lol – I used to laugh so hard, and totally loved it …but I also loved calling for my grandmother …

“Nanny!!! They are swinging me!!”

They would throw me really high onto the couch, before she marched in and scolded them lol … she would tell them to stop it, don’t tease her lol … and they would get a lecture lol

She would leave… and I would say “do it again!” 😄😄 they always did 😄❤️

Nanny would sleep with me, when I came to visit – she would be trying to fall asleep and I would be excited to be there lol – stay up all night with me lol

I used to tease her about a boogie man lol… I wanted to tell her every story about everything – when I wasn’t with them lol … she would always fall asleep lol

She used to snore lol… sometimes it woke me up lol … both her and Grandaddy did lol

He used to take me to this amazing place … it was called Spag’s … it was in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts – it’s no longer there 😔💔 the founder died, the children screwed it up… lost it to Building 19… and it just never regained the power it once had and went out of business.

Instead of saving it for historical purposes … some stupid developer demolished it 😢💔 that was sad

Was beloved … 1934 to 2004 it served the community. It was truly an icon of that area… It should have been kept as a museum but whatever.

But anyway … he used to take me there – you could get anything … clothes, food, furniture, garden, automotive… anything. It was huge!! Many buildings

He would bring me inside and say – ok meet me back here … go pick out anything you want 😮

I was that kid that was like can you clarify “anything” ?

He would just say “whatever you want sweetheart, go get it”

I didn’t go big ticket lol… I just wanted stuffed animals or baby dolls, maybe barbies… I didn’t really need for anything

One time … With my grandmother … she took me shopping downtown one day… we got clothes … I wanted to stop in the music store – so we did.

I was under age… maybe 14? I wanted a tape that had parental guidance lol … no way my parents allowed it

But grandparents didn’t know that stuff lol… so because she was with me … the store sold it to me lol

My parents never knew lol… I always listen to that with headphones lol – I thought I was pretty slick

The best times ever were at my grandparents house …

I was the first child to my parents so they were strict. I was first born so highly protective …

At my grandparents house… they pulled rank… so I had freedom there… my parents had no control lol

If my parents were gonna tell me no, or if they got mad at me for something… my grandparents stepped in front … pulled the parent rank

Was awesome!!! ❤️❤️❤️ to watch your own parents, get in trouble by THEIR parents lol – was kinda funny lol – I loved it!

That’s me in the blue with the face lol… cause the camera was always in my face! They were always saying “ok smile” lol… so I gave that smile … I had probably had a lot of candy lol … my grandfather is holding my little brother

That was the kitchen. That house was old with many perfect hiding spots … tiny doorways in walls… yeah great house for hide and seek… or to be hidden away and hear everything lol

They always used funny words – like rubbish instead of trash… or parlor … lol … both them and that house were a constant in my life always.

I used to have free roam in that 3-decker!! Except the basement apartment. One of my uncles friends rented that.

But the other 3 floors were all family!!

Katherine who was on the second floor – was a cousin of my GREAT grandmothers…

I would bounce up to her house too… she was in her 90’s … she would always have chocolate chip cookies for me – I would sit and tell her about school.

The top floor was my grandmothers sister and her family… so I played with them. (Until actual cousins started coming)

I was always the favorite grandchild though. Lol … I was the one always so excited to be there and be with them… the others eh.

My brother and sister were attached to my mom … and the other cousins they saw all the time… we were the only ones to leave.

So whenever they saw me… I was like gold. I only got to see them maybe once or twice a year. We kept moving farther and farther away.

I lived all over the eastern seaboard and some of the Midwest, before coming to California.

When my dad got sick… we came home to Massachusetts. I was 17.

Eventually I got a really good job at an insurance agency… right there in their town ❤️

So I used to go visit often. Definitely weekly.

Then my ex got transferred out here to California with a computer company … that took me away again.

Then it was every few years – cause I had kids of my own. It was expensive to go from California to Massachusetts all the time!! With a family…

They could no longer travel… so was hard. But we talked on the phone a lot.

I had a wonderful loving childhood. They were amazing ❤️

My mother’s family is very different lol … I still love them, they were just different lol …

Not as loving… there was some dysfunction over there lol

I will tell stories about that side later – those are some funny ones too …kinda -ish lol

Anyway – I just remembered memories ✌️❤️

I always love that song! ❤️ makes me think of the time with them

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  1. Great pics & stories!!!

    I recall that my G-Ma had a big dark old 2-story house, very haunted mansion vibe. I loved her lion paw chair and dreamed of having the lion’s eyes set with blue stones, and having the seat redone in dark blue velvet with little white dots. She gifted it to be but it was at my parent’s house when we became estranged. I wonder what happened to it.

    I remember visiting with my G-Ma’s neighbor. I think she had kids. I only remember that there was an outdoor-ish fridge (maybe an enclosed patio?) with frozen Hostess choc cup cakes and we could help ourselves.

    I know my G-Ma lived somewhere around here but I have no idea where. I can’t think of an area where the old house could have been located… maybe somewhere in LA??

    She gave me my first Barbie doll. It’s the only time in my life that I peaked at a present. I was maybe 6 but never forgot how it ruined the surprise.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oooh that must have been an incredible chair! You don’t see those anymore.

      I once lived in a area full of kids… we used to run to each house – each mom would have Kool Aid and cookies, chips or crackers .. sometimes a mom would do celery sticks 🤨🙄😄

      Sometimes they ended up tearing down homes for roads or freeways … you can check if she lived in that same house in 1940

      In 2 more years they will release the census for 1950… has to be 72 years before release

      I would try to peek, but my parents always outsmarted me … until one year… I did peek… I was getting a stereo!!

      I was excited lol… did kinda ruin the surprise but I was still excited so I just went with it lol ✌️

      Loved that stereo… only they constantly told me to turn it down!! Lol


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