So I just got a call from work.

I’m working on my own stuff and didn’t know was work… so I didn’t answer.

Was my district manager …

So they want ME … to work both locations … mine and ugly walls 😝 lol

She wants to discuss with me, and said I have proved to be a valuable asset, they would like to use my skills at both locations 😮

Hmm interesting – see I told you I was good at it lol ✌️


Alright well. Hmm … always fricken thinking.

For some reason, I tend to be REALLY good at things I don’t like!! What is that?!?!

I’m good at death – I do not like death!!

I’m good at attention – I only like that when I want it….

Is always things I don’t like!!!

It’s a little humorous. But whatever.

I could ask for a raise, but I think not the best time? Still strapped. I will bide time with that.

So I guess I am taking on both locations 😮 check me out! ✌️

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    1. 😄😄 … you need the clapper thing for your keys … clap 👏 so it whistles and you can find em lol … I’m pretty sure that’s a thing? lol

      I used to beg my parents to get that for our lights 😄😄 clap on clap off “the clapper” lol … oh that makes me laugh … I do understand why that was never purchased … there would have been non stop clapping lol

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      1. Now “the tile” is the thing. It’s a little square you put on your keychain, or just about anything else (in a purse, on a pet collar) and locate via phone app.

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      2. That is cool!! I’m trying to think what I lose most? I would say my glasses. I lose those all the time

        I once wore a lanyard – until I walked in the room and my daughter said “hello grandma” 🤨😄😄🤨

        I will never wear a lanyard again!!! Lol


      3. There are lots of nice (and inexpensive) necklaces and brooches for holding glasses! I bought some fun beaded chains… one was all little silver skulls (for a friend).

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      4. I just read the details for the Tile ($24 for 1 unit). It works up to 200′ away. You can map it and have it make noise. It also works backward.. if you have it, you can make your lost phone ring (even if it’s off).

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  1. Tell her you’re not sure about being regular at the ugly walls location, and that you prefer the Haunted Mansion. See if she offers a cash incentive to go to walls! If you’re being requested, you DO deserve more money!@

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    1. I’m not a regular … they just need serious help over there!! Only a day or 2 ?

      The haunted mansion is only a once in awhile thing… they can’t give us to her too often because of budget.

      Haunted mansion is in our umm?? corporation of nationwide funeral homes … but my location and ugly walls are under same jurisdiction- haunted mansion is not.

      I figure I will wait until I have leverage… when I have a better job offer – then I can start making demands.

      If they tell me no now, I still have to work there and do stuff lol

      And I’m still new. I just been proving myself. It will only be 6 months come August … but really only maybe a month or 2 ? Technically because of corona… February and July lol… everything in between was a big void of nothing. Just death calls.

      There is a hiring freeze on, and my area is getting worse.

      So once I can land another job offer with more money and better options … I will kinda have them by the balls … if they want me. If they say no, then I can move on.

      Just laying out my security ✌️

      The only thing is… they are essential… and everyone dies… so ya know… won’t lack work. Even with a virus. So that’s a thought too.

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