More work, no school

Alright so… I took the position – I now handle 2 locations. I took on ugly walls 😝

So I think I start this Saturday there. I will have someone with me… is busier there 😮

I am building – so remember – I told you I be Phoenix … watch that. 😘✌️

Also… cases of corona here are rising still. They won’t let school come back with it like that…

As it stands right now, will be all homeschool.

Which is fine … I signed her up already for all homeschool. I’m not sending her into germville

Are you crazy? No way! Not without something!

They say they would provide on site learning IF the corona cases stop going up. So far is a no go.

And even if they did do school… it’s different than before… is only until like 12 and not all days. Drastically different.

Let’s see how this year goes 😳

Alright so many things going on and happening.

School will start on August 20th. Online only for right now, unless it changes 🤨

I wish they would hurry getting a vaccine! Or meds whatever – anything

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    1. I didn’t even know about that 😮

      I have to stay away from news sometimes… i was watching for awhile … but I can’t take all the virus stuff and then all the fighting over everything everywhere. So I have to stop when it’s too much.

      I can take small doses lol

      That would be awesome! That’s probably more money too because you would have to do it all the time. ?


      1. Just like current tests, you wouldn’t need to do it anymore after a positive result.

        I love that it offers nearly immediate results… so it could be used at stores, amusement parks, restaurants, anywhere!!

        A local friend waited over 14 days for results, which were negative. That’s useless because you could turn from neg to pos anywhere during that wait! Another friend is currently doing the same wait. She was hoping for neg but I pointed out that having only mild symptoms (as she does) and testing pos is the better outcome!

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      2. There is some immunity, if you make it through right?

        I have heard it is really bad. I have heard it completely wipes you! If you lucky enough to not need hospitalization.

        You just don’t know who’s gonna have it bad 😳


      3. You can be positive and anywhere from no symptoms to severe lung issues and around death. If you test positive, they currently know you should be immune for about 3 months. They’re not sure anything longer because a small % of people have appeared to get infected. But I wonder if that’s actually false positives.

        I still believe one of my cats had it in April-ish. And wonder about my unusual issues last week, which disappeared literally over night on… Mon? I don’t see any value to getting tested to find out.

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