Many discussions lol …

Yeah, Friday’s are my favorite, hands down… ❤️

Tonight we had discussions lol… about video games, politics 😮, police vs protesters, Tiger King 🙄😄, the neighbor… just many discussions lol ❤️🥰❤️

The first thing… I am an old school gamer… “OG” lol 😘✌️ these kids were born with controllers in their hands. Now they have surpassed me lol – completely!

Anyway… they came talking about the Xbox and PlayStation reveals for the next consoles lol

PlayStation was decent, but not phenomenal… they expected Xbox series X to just crush PlayStation 5…

And while they liked some of the things – they are not pleased with Xbox… they always love Xbox … they show me this…

I dunno – if you follow games watch that – my oldest loves this YouTube channel. And basically explained same things

They went on and on about Xbox’s reveal yesterday (Thursday)

There are some. Shady things lol – they like Xbox … but they say devoting 10 years to Halo will fail… they said there is some website like that… that devoted time like that to a game and it lasted 3 years … plus if reviews are bad – they have lost their audience all together

And when Xbox showed Halo, they then turn around and say oh but that’s from 8months ago on a PC 🤨😄😄 they don’t wanna see that … this a reveal… they want you to blow their mind with actual things.

They do like the Xbox game pass, they have always liked the way Xbox is over PlayStation with their game pass.

Anyway – the video goes over it all ✌️ oldest is excited to see Fable… he played me the intro…

I asked … is that what the game is going to look like? …cause if that’s the case, then props!! I like that – looks real

Oldest laughed and said no, is just the trailer for the game, won’t look like that – then what’s the point of the trailer – show me!!! Lol … that’s just an animation then 🤨 I wanna see game play – but oldest has always loved Fable.

Which then brought on the next discussion … Obsidian and Bethesda Lol …

They LOVE all Obsidian games – they trust Obsidian to turn out awesome incredible games.

They told me the story of what happened between them … they said the only reason Bethesda was making good games was because of Obsidian… once they separated – Bethesda now sucks

While Obsidian is kickin it!

So they are excited to see the new games from Obsidian.

They said Bethesda has Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls – which they gonna do again? But is new developer etc… and is Bethesda – so they do not expect much or that they will ruin it.

They also said Bethesda makes you buy things even after you have bought the game for $60!!! That’s rude! They say their games are glitchy too.

And they told me a story about Bethesda and this canvas bag 😄😄 … and some bottle…

They promised people canvas bags and instead gave them plastic bags – people were pissed!! Beyond pissed because was a collectors addition for Fall Out 76… they were promised canvas bags not cheapo plastic…

And then some bottle of alcohol was in a plastic bottle and was cheap and tasted gross?

They are not fans of Bethesda. They sound like they suck!!

But they are excited to see Obsidians games

Then we started talking about Dr. Disrespect… I dunno?… some guy on Twitch … there is a whole story lol

Nobody knows what’s going on and there is a whole mystery. They thinking lawsuits – involves like 30 million dollars 😮 … google it if you are interested.

They have been telling me about this story for a few weeks now lol – there are always new developments lol

Then we talked politics – they are not sure who will take president … they don’t like Trump… because he has no tact… he takes no blame… no idea how to handle his country 🤨 … business man – sure… president he kinda sucks!

He hasn’t handled the virus well, our country is in a state of social distress and he wants to send out more force – that’s only going to push back with more force from the other side.

Ugh 😩

My concern is Biden is old… I’m sorry but the office of the president is very stressful… have you seen what they look like before they are president – and how it ages them beyond years??? He is already past life expectancy… I’m sorry. It’s a really important position. I don’t want my president to die in office because they old. As if we don’t have enough turmoil, but Trump is up there too. So I dunno?

You have to at least be 35 to be president … I think there should also be a limit on age for that office. I’m sorry I do. This is not a regular run of the mill positions!! This is for president.

So… which one gonna lead?

They aren’t sure who is going to win? They think this social unrest and the way Trump is handling, will be his downfall.

I like New York’s Governor… Andrew Cuomo… I like the way he protects his state, and it’s people. I am impressed with his handling and support. I think he might do good if he ever ran.

My kids also say one of their concerns is the internet … they tell me stuff – too much and too involved to explain lol ✌️

I heard stories about some NBA thing – where people were ordering NBA shirts that said Free Hong Kong … the NBA banned that term because it caused issue with China

One thing I am very thankful for … if I wanna say whatever I want to say about my government – I am allowed to do that ❤️ thank you to the veterans who fought for me to have that ❤️ you are always in my heart for that!!!! I think of them every time with my freedoms – thank you ❤️

I can say whatever I want – I have free speech… and no one else but myself can silence ❤️ I appreciate that – I appreciate all my freedoms – thank you!!

We talked about worldly things – but I won’t share those out of respect … NOT respect for their government – ONLY out of respect for the actual people.

And then police vs protesters …

They show me videos from around the United States which are disgusting!! My own police are not that way… we love our police here – they are good… they would not do those things – even the kids agreed.

We are not in a big city – formally sleepy little old west town. Is peaceful here. Usually… my police are good. ❤️

I just worry with the virus. Is getting worse now. So people being hurt – and they gonna get sick – and it’s gonna be a huge painful mess all around.

I am surprised a little bit… I have a different idea – but it’s probably not good – if was pulled off and worked, would be amazing… maybe? Totally Oscar movie worthy

But then again – sometimes my ideas are like “I love Lucy” so ya know… ✌️ I just want faster change – this is 2020 – full on shock the shit.

Ok… Tiger King – I’ve never seen it… they talk about it… tell me to watch … they tell me gist of story… eh… they say mum, you will love it – it’s set up like a documentary… you love documentaries… they are trying to get me to try it lol … if I remember maybe.

I’m not really interested. I don’t really follow trends – but maybe I check out cause they ask me too … it just doesn’t sound like something I am interested in?? But they keep saying I love documentaries – I will love this 🤨 … I dunno??? I don’t follow trends and it doesn’t spark my attention or interest?? I don’t just watch ANY documentary… I have to be interested

They asked me if I liked the new neighbors.

I quickly replied – I haven’t really been overly friendly

And the boys were like “what???!!’ You???” Lol.

So I explained … I just kinda scurry from the car to the house. I just don’t know what to say and I’m always coming home from work, and I’m kinda quiet. I am tired.

And the dog is ok sometimes but not always. The other day coming home – he comes running at me ready to jump / I am all dressed up!! Nope!!! 👎 ugh so anyway.

I am just trying to have peace.

They were surprised cause I used to be such a social butterfly – I’m just quiet… and is the man… is always the man!! I never see the wife – and ya know I am cautious too – I feel uncomfortable.

But whatever. It be fine. Right now I have a lot on my shoulders… so just quiet

My oldest worries – I can tell by his hugs… and I think he worries about me.

The same way I love my mother… they love me ❤️

The others don’t worry like he does. But he sees my change. Is ok. I am just healing and dealing. So it’s just the moment.

But he just worries. The way he hugs me – is almost like he is afraid he’s gonna lose me? He hugs me tight and long. And he actually seems to almost savor it? Or want to freeze that moment? I just get that sense??

Maybe he is just not taking for granted ❤️? I dunno? But I just sense that.

Ok I have to get to bed – they stayed late… I am behind – I will be exhausted tmrw

Please do NOT be a crazy day tomorrow 🙏🙏🙏 I am going to be so exhausted

Ok Gnite 😘✌️

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  1. Fridays are cool. You can pick up so much from hugs. You learn that. We are Xbox. Because of Sons Aspergers he never plays a range of games. On the ONE he has only ever played FIFA (99.9% of the time), 2K (Wrestling) and Minecraft (one day). When we get round to getting the next one it might as well just come hardwired with FIFA. Take care x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha we are not sporty gamers lol

      We love Minecraft… my oldest loves all the zombie games, which I love watching him play… I do not play because nope – is one thing to watch but I would not do good lol (I am Original Gamer… Atari, Nintendo, Gameboy, Sega, PlayStation and Xbox – I don’t play so much anymore)

      I like Harvest Moon type games… that’s my favorite ❤️ I also like Minecraft and Terraria – some newer games – I am open-ish lol … but they getting too far over my head and I don’t have time)

      The youngest plays Minecraft, and Splatoon lol
      God!! Splatoon 😑😄 not my style lol but whatever she loves it.

      FIFA that is soccer isn’t it? ⚽️ 🥅

      If anything sporty it be golf ⛳️ (but I still have issues with that arm… I can’t really swing with the Switch? A little hard for me… the messed up arm is my right side which was my do everything arm lol) I suppose I could learn to be a lefty.

      We might also do baseball cause I love that too ❤️ it just depends

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