People are people

My foot still really hurts from stepping on that pricker?? It hurts and has soreness. Bothersome.

It’s in the area just before the toes meet the foot. Right in the center. So I have to step with it.

I had forgotten about it when I first woke up, until I went to walk 😮 – it hurts alot!! More than did initially?

It doesn’t look weird or anything? No redness. If anything the initial puncture area is whiter than the areas around it?? When I step, it feels like a bump is there? But when I look… there is not?? So I dunno? But it hurts still. I really stepped on that stupid thing.

I forgot about prickers – it’s been a long time, probably since childhood, that I have stepped on one.

Yesterday at work… I am kinda picking up on things that are making me think…

I go to help… well because my district manager asks me to. And I will take all the hours they will let me have. Plus I enjoy being there. I tend to love all my jobs, because I always aim for things I think I can be good at.

I am a massive communicator!! MASSIVE!!! Especially in work!!! I feel that is imperative to do!!! I like to be on the same page, and I like to know what’s going on, so I can do my job perfectly – “seamless” if you will

I believe communication aids that. I feel is important.

Not everyone thinks that or does that 😮😄 … I have noticed in many areas there is a little bit of a lack with that. Sometimes it’s a little annoying but whatever – I roll with it. I communicate because I like it and think is important – if they don’t, that’s on them.

I just notice the communication thing a lot … because it IS noticeable. But again, whatever. Just mentioning… it pertains.

So… the more I work, the more I see things…

Also… at this one place … the boss lady needs help… she suddenly lost all her workers… attendants from the care center come to help her sometimes and then my office sends us.

I don’t really know what happened – I don’t ask questions… I just go to do my job in the present… I don’t need that communication… she needs help, I go help.

I had told you about the story of the hamburgers – so I am cautious with her and how she is. But I don’t let that show, that is just a thought in the back of my mind.

At first, I was new to her… so she was kinda standoffish…

But I am one of those people who makes you feel at ease, very much… almost immediately… I am very easy going and happy all the time… and I don’t say bad things about anyone else to anyone else. I look for good qualities. And everyone is different. I am very diplomatic.

So anyway, she is becoming at ease with me. Instead of being standoffish, she is relaxing and laughing, even while stressed. She is being human. I think she is being very nice.

But people tell me things, I keep things like that to myself. Those are others personal thoughts – so I just listen… but I don’t repeat… I don’t like rumors.

But when you take little things you hear and put them all together – you start to get a picture? Little little puzzle 🧩 pieces.

I know that she suddenly for some reason, lost her entire staff. It can happen. Corona hit – that could be a reason? Who knows. There are many reasons that could happen.

That one day that I worked and my district manager saw me still working while she was doing the zoom meeting… made a quick comment that this woman had told her, only needed me for couple hours – but instead kept me all day… it was said, this woman says one thing and does another… I heard it, but sometimes that can happen so didn’t overly think about it.

Yesterday, an attendant said a few comments to me… while he seems to like her and get along with her, he said that her whole staff just up and quit – why do you think that is? He asked me 😳 … he said they all just up and quit all at the same time. 😮

I don’t think she is bad to work with? I have not seen that …really? But I have not worked with her continuously – just here and there, as of recently.

I also don’t like when people plant “seeds” … cause let me draw my own conclusions… but I do listen to words. I still make up my own mind – but I pay attention. I watch for myself.

Then later on before the end of the day… is just me and her… we were chatting and laughing…

I made a comment about how insane crazy had been all day long – why won’t they let her hire more staff?

She says there is a hiring freeze due to corona… ok that is believable. I can see that. And I have not noticed them looking for more people.

Even my own place, we try not to use attendants currently and try to do ourselves – we took a hit with Corona

So all that is believable.

But so much goes on!! She definitely needs help… way above what one person can do alone… and I said that!! And she says I know

I said they have to know that!! I would think they would let you hire at least someone!!

And she said … they won’t let her hire someone until she has good communication with the district manager (my boss)

They are both a little sucky with communication business wise.

And if you ask me… I’m gonna think this…

Both are strong women… think of it like 2 countries… each country wants to be the best – no one wants to concede or admit they struggle or need? And to be at the hands of the other?

So I think that’s a slight issue… my district manager is a beautiful and young woman… this other lady is my age… older than me by a few years… so could be power play.

Sometimes people feel like they been in business and know what they doing – don’t need anyone’s help… so that could be the reason ??

And while we are connected – my office still has to watch costs. Corona hurt us, and even now we have massive restrictions both with us and cemeteries.

So my actual boss is watching costs… she can not send workers constantly. And communication skills are a little lacking.

I am not sure why she lost her staff… I don’t know her that well yet and she is not my boss. I have intense communication with my own boss, so she could be being careful?

This lady also made a comment about that attendant who said things to me… they all seem to enjoy each other – but then will say things that you feel need caution…

She said be careful what you say to him, he has loose lips.

Well first of all – I don’t say anything I won’t say to your face, so that doesn’t really worry me.

But … I am just noticing little tiny things like that… I don’t think they belong in a work place but you know “people are people” they bring themselves

I just prefer to work in harmony and have it be like a well oiled machine? Be a team, be supportive and knock that shit out!

But ya know… welcome to the world.

Just little things I hear and notice. I will watch and see. Not really sure what to think at this point – is all kinda still new … I have been by myself during all the Corona… now I am seeing them. ✌️ we see how this plays.

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