Happy Saturday

Good morning ☀️🎶

Little sleepy – had to PEEL myself out of bed this morning lol – ugh that was not fun…

I laid there thinking… ok 5 more minutes lol… half an hour later lol omg … so whatever I can push it… I am always early even when I actually TRY to be late (not that I was trying, and I was still early lol)

So I get everything, get in the car and leave for work… I looked down at gas tank… and I had enough to get to work… but I’m gonna have to stop before I get on the highways 😮😑😝

I had already pushed it – with my 5 minutes (😄) I did not have time to fill up in my sleepy town… ugh

I have legs today … I am wearing form fitting skirt and top… I am legs and curves… I look really good today … so this is the big city 😑… ugh

I’m gonna get gas and get hit on the whole time!! Ugh 😑😝😝😝 ugh … fricken double moan right there!!! dammit

I would have dressed down had I known … I thought I had gas but whatever – ugh – so that will be later 🤨 great 😑 ugh

I definitely don’t like that. In case you can’t tell by my moans. But whatever, just how is. Nothing I can do – I need gas, I’ll have to stop – I’ll have to get out of the car – ugh

Ok whatever the more I talk about it – the more I cringe

And then – it’s Saturday… why is everyone out and about all over the place??!!! It’s early – it’s Saturday … why is everyone out??? I used to love weekends cause it was awesome… now people gotta go places lol ✌️

The highways and roads were busy today. Where is my driving song lol 😄✌️

Anyway… so yeah little sleepy – but whatever

I used my foot bath thing and my foot feels better. I was getting worried – is still sore – really bad, just not as bad. I will do that bath thing again – that helped ✌️

I woke up this morning and my girlfriend texted me this – because I love the Beastie Boys (R.I.P. Adam) … and this made me smile this morning 😄🥰❤️

I just love them – and I love these Muppets – if you use the word Muppets … this is what I think of 😄✌️😘 …


Ok I have to get to work. I’ll complain about being hit on later 😄😘✌️ ugh 😑

Happy Saturday 😘✌️

4 thoughts on “Happy Saturday

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  1. Maybe put an oversized long sweater/duster or something in your car? I do that for unpredictable weather but seems you should do it for times when you want to cover your body.

    I used to be perpetually late for things, constantly exactly 3 min late for 1 job. Now I’m a usually early.

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    1. Well I shouldn’t have to cover my body 🤨 I am not dressed badly – very professionally – very nice looking… but that’s an issue because guys can’t control themselves … the big city is bad with that. But whatever – I just complain because is annoying and I shouldn’t have to adjust. I can handle.

      … if you a woman it’s gonna happen. So whatever – I just complain lol … but I’ll be damned if I adjust because some asshole can’t control himself or be an adult. Screw that! I am well aware how to handle – I just hate handling.

      I would like to be free and I have that right – so IF I need to put someone in their place because they step over (which they do!) – yeah I’m used to it, have had to protect myself for awhile now.

      Not afraid just annoyed I have to deal with 😘✌️

      I can’t be late ever – we even joke about that … and I say one day I could possibly be late? lol … I never ever am!!! Traffic or not!! I don’t even understand lol – time must stop for me to get to work lol


      1. I agree men should know how to respect women and we shouldn’t have to adapt for them. But I’ve been attacked before, more than once, so I lean toward not even presenting temptation (not that it’s a problem for me anymore).

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      2. I do get that… I have had stalkers – so I get it.

        I am just not catering to anyone regarding my own personal freedoms – I can get scrappy – I have basic protection skills ✌️ I’m also very loud and I carry mace … come at me bro

        I was married to the devil so I’m not catering. I am hardheaded on that one. Fuck that shit – they aren’t going to dictate how I need to be. No one is ever doing that to me again.

        Yeah – little fight there lol 😘✌️


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