What women want…

Disclaimer – every single woman is different… there is not a book to clearly tell you what we “all” want… you have to know the woman that you want – put some effort in to that. (Also don’t read those books about women that are written by men, they are clueless or biased) you can not lump into one sum.

What I like, is different than what my best friend likes (COMPLETELY!!) … which is probably a good thing lol ✌️

For me… when you approach – be humble, be a person. Be kind. Maybe funny, if you have that skill lol ✌️ definitely be respectful. That will catch my attention to start. Don’t come on too strong… let me think of you, remember you and want more. Leave an impression and let that simmer.

If someone comes on too strong, it kind of scares me a little and I back up… so keep it casual… take your time. Don’t be afraid… be confident but humble.

I don’t like arrogance, but I do like humility and confidence. If you can figure that out – you are golden… you will be in my thoughts.

I want to know you are strong and I will feel safe… I want to know you have a heart ❤️ and are kind towards others, and that I can trust you without fear.

Don’t try to own, change or control me. Please keep in mind – I am NOT a possession – I am a person. I will forever fight being controlled or owned. You will lose that battle, cause I will turn away immediately. You be done.

Be kind, gentlemanly. Definitely be a gentleman

Once you have my attention, and I’m showing interest in you… Be confident but keep it cool, mirror that interest (don’t over do) … make me feel secure in your presence. Make me enjoy you, let me be at ease with you. Let me want to be around you.

Give me a reason to be attracted to you… and you will turn my head.

Don’t come for me if you are not serious. That will backfire. I don’t want to play games. I will turn away instantly with the first sign of games. Not even dealing with that. You get one chance – don’t F it up with games.

Essentially, the big picture I want – is to have a man that can make me feel protected and safe… but yet also let me be who I am and actually love who I am. Supportive, caring, and honest. I want to be able to trust you. That is a big thing for me.

At the end of my life… I really want someone there to hold my hand … someone I won’t want to leave. Someone who can capture my heart – hit that heart string… and have me be secure in your love and devotion … it is very important to me… I will mirror that.

Don’t break my heart or make it bleed… cause I will want to avoid you, if you do that.

I am a communicator lol… so I have an issue – I want to be comfortable I can turn to you. If you listen well, and are thoughtful, I will be impressed.

I want to enjoy life with you, and make memories. I want to cherish small moments, appreciate life itself together. I want to have a lot of fun with you!! I want to feel life with you.

I am on the romantic side lol ✌️😄😘 but is ok if you are not… any effort with that is romantic. If you are… you will blow my mind. Make me melt… Most have no clue. But that’s not a major thing. I can do with or without – but I like a little from time to time. Just show me you care, and love.

I also like my own space… so I don’t mind if you have your own interests – there will be things that I like, which you may not (and vice versa) … I want us both to have things we love.

I want to be free to be who I am – and I will want the same for you

Ok so … having said all that… let me also say… if you can get me to the point of truly wanting you – I won’t see any others. I will just want only you.

But again – I have to feel secure and safe… and I have to trust you – I like loyalty, those are your key elements with me. I will take my time, so that I am sure you are not just putting on a front. This is where most fail.

I am not fast… so don’t plan on that. I am a whirlwind though, so careful with that. I am full of life, if I am comfortable with you. I can make you fall in love fast without realizing it… so be careful

I will make you feel good and smile. I will be supportive and loving. I will want to please you and make you smile and laugh… I will want to make you want me.

I want to build a life together 🥰

Once you are past those gates… if you can… no one so far has… but if you can grasp all that, then it would be on…

I am romantic so sometimes – so sometimes slow is nice … take time. Slow will make me ache for you… drive me crazy wanting you… you will be lucky if you can keep it slow.

But sometimes I also like passion… so I will want to have you up against that wall and drive you crazy… I want to make you “want”. I am going to want to excite you. Make you ache… I like to take control sometimes – let me do that and take charge… let me drive you nuts with desire! I like that.

I like experiences, I want to enjoy… I want to feel and know life. I want to know love. Show me that … and the world will be your oyster ✌️

I am on the traditional side… I give a girl next door type impression. And I am like that… but in private with someone I love, respect and trust… I want this…



Anyway… that is me lol… my best friend is different … she is, NOT AT ALL, like I am… complete opposite of me…

She is NOT cautious… and will openly “taste the rainbow” yeah Oh my god! Totally not like me!!

She admit-ably likes assholes and arrogance 😝 yuck … but I suppose there is someone for everyone.

She is looking for devotion but she is not devoted herself.

I never like the guys she picks lol ugh!! Nope!! I always tell her be careful… she doesn’t really pay attention cause she likes what she likes. But it doesn’t bother her, is a thrill for her – she lives on thrill. She does not mind. I do – I am way above and beyond her, with caution.

She does not have the same heart that I do with this… every woman is different, so know the one you want. ✌️

The fire you play with, is the fire that could burn you… a good fire lights up in the heart … provides light and warmth… it won’t hurt you… it will light your way and protect you…

A bad fire is like a forest fire and will consume you. Pick your fire 🔥 smartly.

I may not be right or what every person is looking for… but this is how I am and what I want 😘✌️

Just like with men – not all are the same… there is a variety – know what you want ✌️

So whatever … if I find that, then that would be incredible… but if not … I still love life and I am still happy …

I am already complete with who I am… I don’t need anyone to complete me… I only want to want you … you would be a bonus to my life, my icing on the cake. You would be an addition to my life, which I already love ✌️

I am a dreamer so possibly just a dream… and also nothing is ever exact or perfect – but that’s what I like and “would like” to have.

If I “don’t” feel safe or that I can trust you – you have no chance. If you are not serious or like to play games – I’m not your girl. Playboys need not apply.

Oh yeah and one other thing… I need you to be confident in my love for you… if I want you… I will ONLY want you… it won’t matter who hits on me… so don’t let that be an issue for you. I am hit on alot – if that’s an issue and I can’t make you secure with it – there will be problems.

I am the same – if I trust you. That’s why trust is so important to me… let me let my guards down with you. If you are used to straying and can’t be loyal – you are not the one…

I want to be united so that’s a thing too. I am open to life with you – but only if United.

So if you can deal with all that, then bring it 😘✌️

I don’t find it overly difficult but whatever maybe it is? I am from 100 years ago anyway lol ✌️ … I have a young spirit with an old soul

Got it?? Good! 😄✌️😘

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  1. Quick scan only now because everything IRL has me soooo pissed off.

    I like the guys with bravado… flirty & sexual but not predatory. I like a fiery connection… nothing long term or commitment oriented.

    I’ll READ, instead of scanning, after I stop being pissed off my the world outside my house (rude customer svc, person without a mask, staff that didn’t refuse service due to him being maskless, more rude customer service, urgent dental appt for nothing, soooo far behind on homework, etc)

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    1. Aww I’m sorry … 😮 whoa!! I thought they required to have mask now??? As in “by law”

      California law currently states:

      Individuals must wear masks in several specified high-risk situations, including when engaged in work, whether at the workplace or performing work off-site, when (1) interacting in-person with any member of the public; (2) working in any space visited by members of the public, regardless of whether anyone from the public is present at the time; (3) working in any space where food is prepared or packaged for sale or distribution to others; (4) working in or walking through common areas, such as hallways, stairways, elevators, and parking facilities; (5) in any room or enclosed area where other people (except for members of the person’s own household or residence) are present when unable to physically distance.

      Persons exempted from wearing a face covering due to a medical condition who are employed in a job involving regular contact with others should wear a non-restrictive alternative, such as a face shield with a drape on the bottom edge, as long as their condition permits it.

      NOTE: Many California localities have provisions concerning face coverings for employees and/or customers. Please check with your attorney for additional information about your particular jurisdiction.

      I would absolutely complain and make a stink! I would report them if they can’t rectify or correct that.

      You are having rough day, I’m sorry. I hope you are not in pain from dentist 🦷

      I hope your homework goes well and you get a chance to catch up.


      1. Oh yeah… I went full “Karen” and pointed out tgere’s a law. He replied “no there isn’t.” Gaaahh! And there’s a sign on the door. I asked the employees why they served him and they had no answer. His claim was “I don’t have a mask.” Bullshit! He also hot served in an adjoining foid place.

        I called UPS Corp to complain. 10 min hold with no answer. So I submitted a complaint online. I’ve been a regular customer at that location, getting a lot of stuff color printed and laminated for school. I’ll never go there again!

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      2. Umm here if you do not have a mask – one is provided for you … period or you may not come in…

        That’s everywhere here now… stores, banks any businesses – required!! They can get in trouble for that? Fines?

        Wow!! That’s nuts they allowing it. Should be instant refusal of service. Got a problem with that he can call police and they can tell him to get mask. That’s insane!!

        Yeah I agree with you, if they can’t follow procedure with a serious virus and protecting their patrons… I wouldn’t go back there either!!!

        I can’t believe they are allowing that!! I’m shocked … we are all masked up here!!


      3. Yeah that’s bad business especially at this moment – your area has a lot of virus!! I am surprised you guys are not on full lockdown again!

        Not only would I be pissed they allowed no mask… but also because ignored!! Wow that is rude!

        And they wonder why spreading!! This is not a joke …

        We are having cases come through the funeral home … which then causes issues with the viewings etc… oh it’s a mess!!


      4. We are straddling the possibility of another lockdown. I think I heard a news blurb that yesterday’s numbers dipped a tiny bit, so they’re not making the decision yet.

        Did you hear that CA has now exceeded NY’s numbers? Gaahh!!

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      5. Yes but also keep in mind, California is WAY larger than New York

        And yes the cases in my area are getting larger 😔

        We have Covid deaths coming in too… we have to figure out those 😮

        Did you see the trucks holding bodies in Texas?? 😮 Lubbock I believe ??


      6. Forgot…. dentist turned out to be a false alarm. I apparently burst some sort of gum infection which caused insane tooth sensitivity. I called immediately and they got me in really fast. If I’d waited 2 hours I would have realized it was healing on it’s own. Better safe than sorry but, geez, $$$$.

        I got NO homework done. Had about 1,000 beers and ended up getting a good night’s sleep.

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      7. Oh that sucks on the dentist for nothing, but I’m glad you aren’t in pain!

        Oops on the homework, but at least you got good sleep! That’s always good


      8. I went a whole week without doing homework due to a variety of things. When I tried to study, Tues, it literally felt like I was in some advanced foreign language course. Nothing made an iota of sense to me. I tried 3 different resources before giving up. I’ll be starting again in a bit but I am waaaay behind where I should be right now.

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    2. Oh I like them flirty too.. I also want that fiery connection – that is amazing when you have that!!!

      The only thing I disagree on is commitment or long term – I don’t do flings. Either in it or not. I don’t want to deal with anything less than long term – I am not that type.

      I need the commitment or I want nothing, and they get nothing. If they can’t handle that, not my problem.. they just aren’t the one.


      1. I used to feel the way you do but never got my way. Even when I thought I was in good relationships, I found out I wasn’t.

        In my mid 40s I no longer wanted the restrictions of a relationship. I had a house, car, savings, good income, and a lifestyle I enjoyed. Part time worked well. But when a long term casual situation ended, I realized I was tired if men, sex was “too much work with too little reward”, and decided to commit to the whole Crazy Cat Lady thing. I average 2 days a year when I wish for a boyfriend, usually when Life is overwhelming… but I never had a boyfriend who helped me out so it’s just fantasy.

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      2. Yeah well I don’t search for it – I have a full life currently … and I find peace by myself

        I was with my ex since I was 17… so ya know … I just don’t want to sleep around, or give myself to anyone who doesn’t deserve it. So that’s a little of the apprehension.

        I find peace on my own … I wouldn’t be able to handle a casual sex type thing… so whatever… like I said that doesn’t complete me. Is just what I would like.

        If I don’t find that, that’s ok. But I don’t want to just give my time, effort or body to someone unless it’s worth it. So whatever.

        Would be nice – but not a necessity … I would rather be alone if I can’t find that.

        I don’t have any cats – I am more of a dog person … I have chihuahuas lol 😄✌️


      3. Hahaha I was wondering if they offered rent a husband when you need stuff done lol

        I have people who would come help me if I need it, so I’m ok on that aspect. I get taken care of by my friends with those things, I’m very lucky with that ❤️ … I would be lost completely without my friends! I still am, but not as bad

        I am fine with however it goes or ends… but I would just like a companion… I am kinda of a girl like that.

        But whatever – like said fine either way – what is meant to be, will be


      4. I did toilet repairs yesterday. I need to re-grout several windows but they’re a bit too high and the ladder doesn’t balance well on the soft soil. I have 1 more window to rescreen. I took it down a couple days ago and have been enjoying the clear view.. but it needs to go back up before heat returns. But that also requires the ladder on soft soil and I really don’t want to fall off!

        Then there’s the property fence that’s falling. My neighbor’s should split the cost… maybe even take care of it and let me repay them (because the have 2 incomes)…but when I brought up the needed repair they didn’t say a thing.

        And there are a billion other repair projects that need to be done. If I had a handyman boyfriend, he could do them. But I don’t, and many are outside my skill level… so they wait.

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      5. Ooohh you be careful!! Definitely do not be falling!!

        You will have to address it directly cause I doubt they will offer. Unless you are close to them relationship wise?

        Yeah man stuff is out of my skill level too. I am trying to learn all that stuff but I really suck at it, I have nerve damage, and I wasn’t strong to begin with lol

        So I have a few people who help me with those things thank god!!! So I guess that’s good.


      6. I don’t have anyone so I have to learn to do most of the “man stuff” myself. I used to like defying expectations and being self sufficient but now I’m old and sore and it SUCKS!!

        I re-glazed part of a window today but need a ladder for the rest of it and am waaay too sore to be doing that right now.

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      7. Yeah… I am old too… it does suck – I try to learn too… I’m just really girly and also that nerve damage is difficult to deal with. It’s definitely hard 😔

        I should vacuum, but I am not going to. I will do that tmrw – I am spent currently


      8. Yeah not me – all girl – extremely girly… the epitome of girl lol ✌️

        I have zero masculine lol

        Well I brought prickers in by accident – stepped on one… totally vacuuming tmrw… I checked and I think I got them all… I am not vacuuming right now!!! I am way too tired!!!


  2. Oh, hard to deal with women… 🙂
    They always want impossible things, then they blame men… It is said that women’s words are made to hide their true thoughts; I’m sure it is. But no one would say a word about it !
    Hard to find out what women really want ! 🙂

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    1. What is so impossible?

      I don’t blame men at all… but I do know what I want or would like.

      I only want to be happy so that is simply what my wish is

      What do you believe women hide? That was pretty honest with what I want.

      Do you blame women? As you say women blame men?

      I was hurt too, but I don’t blame.. I might have caution due to that, but I just want what’s right for me

      I compromise – I know nothing is perfect, that’s just insight into how I feel

      Speak your words – what do you believe women to hide? And IF no one will speak about it – bring it up … I’ll speak, I’m not afraid ✌️

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    1. Yeah so I see. Kinda sad to see how people view that now. I have never dated actually … I was a senior in high school when I met my ex… so ya know – not my world. Fish outta water ✌️ so whatever – if someone hits that then great… bonus… but if not oh well, wasn’t meant to be then.

      I agree about the start, but people want instant now 🤨

      I don’t want instant. I want to be at ease and I can’t do that instantly.

      I agree though

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