School and work

Alright so … school… the way it stands now… at this very moment… they will ALL be homeschooled again.

Supposably they have it set up through InterCONNECT ?? They say is much better now.

We will know for sure on August 5th… our area has to stay ok until then, for even an option of regular school, which I am not comfortable with anyway.

I don’t know if that will happen because the cases in our area are rising currently.

And then on another note – my daughter and her friends are just missing each other very much!! A few have birthdays coming, they wanna see each other…

First she asked to go to a water park – nope 👎 so that was a 30 minute conversation, I swear she will be a lawyer someday – I wish she could take my case lol ✌️

So I obviously said no on the water park. That was an instant no. Even after she found some waterproof mask thing – still no

Now they all want to do a sleep over and assure me everyone has been isolating 🤨

I am just not comfortable with it. This is how you catch. It’s deadly – I don’t have the energy to fight that if I get it bad, and I don’t want to be giving it to anyone else if I am a carrier.

It’s hard, I know. I feel so bad ☹️

I didn’t make it this far and through breast cancer to be taken out by a virus – Oh my god! I would be sooooooo mad!!!

But I told her… what if I let you go? And what if you catch it but don’t get sick, but instead I do? What if I died? Would you be ok with that?

So the wheels are turning lol… they are trying to think of something so they can see each other

But I feel bad. She is 13. She really misses life and her friends… She is missing out on those fun experiences with your friends. Currently she just has them on her phone.

I can’t wait until they have a vaccine 💉.

Then work called… I am working all day long at the Haunted Mansion on Thursday.

Hopefully alone… my daughter is coming with me. She likes that place too. It’s a little creepy here and there – but I love its character … I think she does too? It’s cool when just me and her.

I am not bringing hamburgers this time lol… so I was thinking – what could I bring? I think I will make us Tuna Fish sandwiches 🥪 … that sounds perfect. I’ll make a couple extra so just in case.

I am late starting dinner but I’m just throwing together pizza 🍕 so will be quick and easy. I already made the dough.

I should probably go do that now, so I can be done and sit down!! I will be back.


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    1. Yeah it’s really hard on her … she is my social butterfly 🦋… there is like fifteen 13 year olds in her little friend group!! So not a small gathering lol

      I do not know anyone who has had it either. Thankfully

      Hopefully soon there be the vaccine 🙏


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