Many events! Whew!

Alright so let’s see… I don’t like to wait on posts cause I forget things with so much going on, so let me retrace ✌️

Ok so… Saturday, me and daughter, went to the Haunted Mansion ❤️ I was so excited to take her around and show her.

She liked it, but she sorta stayed next to me the whole time… I told her to go in the home quarters area and watch tv.

She didn’t want to, so whatever

She hung out with me in the office…

Then suddenly, the woman who works there shows up?? She didn’t know I be working?? 😮

Ok this is what I mean with communication 🤨

I was told July 11 & 18th for sure… no one told me otherwise… but I have ALOT of hours this past week!! ALOT!

So I said to her… am I not supposed to be here?? Can you please check with district manager? I drive over an hour to get there – I would have had issues

So she checked with her and told me that is fine. It was ok for me to stay… and she got all excited and said cool so I can leave then!

She had said she had a ton of things happening at her house and listed them off… including her mother going over for dinner.

So I said, “well that works out then, you get to go help get that all situated”

And then she said “well not really when I work “they do everything and I get to just walk in and have it done, now I have to go help” 😮

My brain does not think like that… my brain is the opposite way… I worry it won’t get done right lol … here let me help lol ✌️😘 … if I can’t be there I do trust my people to handle… but most of the time I just prefer to help… but whatever – to each their own.

So she had a family come in and she had a meeting with them… then she went in the back home quarters for a little while… and then she left.

Daughter was tired so she went to home area and fell asleep on the couch … made me giggle a little … I told her she could also slumber in the slumber room lol … but she just laid on the couch … she thought the place was cool.

When we first got there … we have an area that has big glass doors… it has a covered carport right there for when we load casket into hearse for cemetery.

There were 2 bums sleeping there … it was a couple … they had a little make shift bed… I just let them be… it was shady and early on a Saturday… but they saw me turn on the lights … and they started packing up and left.

I mentioned to the woman who works there and she said – oh yes, they are fine… they just sleep there. She said they are good and listen when she tells them we open for business … I did not even say anything. It was Saturday and that’s in the back and no service or anything going on

Did not bother me, it just surprised me. I wish there was a way to help homeless. I don’t even have any idea how to fix that issue ☹️ some you really feel for

Anyway… it was crazy busy – and we have certain restrictions and things

Also I’m not sure if I have mentioned this or not… but at this moment in time, as per the California Department of Public Health… everyone MUST be in masks.

And now the new thing is,.. if you are coming into our funeral home for a service or memorial… you MUST sign a Contact Tracing Notification form…

You need to list your name, your address and your telephone number … all of them have to do now… if anyone on that form comes down with COVID … everyone is notified there has been contact, please self isolate and be tested.

So is getting tighter.

“Some” (not all) stores here even take your temp before allowing you in. I believe they are doing same form too??

So anyway, I was really busy!! I had a lot of calls… regarding mostly current cases. This week is crazy with funerals. So many! Plus I had paperwork! I didn’t even eat lunch at all… and I went to check on daughter and she was sleeping so I let her sleep.

When it was time to leave, I was exhausted. We were gathering all our things… I had brought a lot of things for us so I wouldn’t have to buy anything…

I brought a couple sodas (yes I have a weakness for Dr Pepper lol) I also brought water and some food for us… I brought a small pizza 🍕 for me (is a personal one) and I brought her some hamburgers.

When I went to get our stuff out of the fridge… the hamburgers were gone … well my daughter would have asked me first… and wouldn’t know how to do there… I would have had to do for her… but I asked her anyway…

She said she did not eat the hamburgers and didn’t know I even brought them for her….

The only other person back there was that woman 😮

So ya know, that kinda makes me see her different – if she asked would have not been a problem… but she didn’t, she just took. That’s not nice, now I can’t trust her.

It was weird … I noticed something else …

With MY girls at MY funeral home… we have each other’s back, completely … and we all help each other… we are kind to each other – we share things and give things – we are not takers …

And I don’t worry my girls take my things or go through my things … I don’t have to. They just don’t.

But at this place, I noticed she put her purse in a closet near her for protection kinda?

So I had though huh that’s weird … doesn’t trust for some reason … yet she is the one to not trust. Maybe that’s why she does that? I dunno? Whatever

I didn’t like that she just took like that. That bothers me and makes me see her differently. Again if asked I wouldn’t have any issue…

But this woman makes a lot of money, drives a nice red little sporty car… I drive a beat up car … and as a matter of fact she made a comment about that even …

Like I said she didn’t know I was working so when she had first pulled up she had thought … “ oh not again, did someone abandon their car in our parking lot”

But it was mine. And obviously she met my daughter… I am a single mom – she is not

So just to take food like that, now I know I have to watch her. That sucks. That is heavy.

So whatever. A lot went on yesterday while working the haunted mansion…

Oh yeah and I get a phone call with a different local area code… I didn’t recognize the number so I don’t answer …

They left a message – was some guy saying he had a package for me 🤨 lol

Um what?? Lol I didn’t order anything?? What is this??

So I called him back and he is at my gate at my ranch… I am at the haunted mansion… he says where do you want me to put the package so is safe?

I said “umm you wouldn’t know what the package is, do you?”

And he said,.. it’s a phone 😮… Oh my god! That was like overnight they did that!! And last night they emailed me to say on back order so I figured would be awhile. Nope, was next day 😮 damn! Nice!!

So I told him my secret spot lol … and he put it there … I got it when I got home.

So whatever, we get home have dinner and then I open the new phone… I plugged it in, and Oh my god! It immediately connected to my phone 😮

I didn’t want to use the new SIM card they sent… so I took out mine and put in new phone. I didn’t have to call and have them activate anything ,.. I just want to not do that!

Well first it says … would like to use last back up from cloud – will be quicker … sure, sounded good…

But no!! It sucked… I am in country with sucky internet … while it was fast for me to use phone… it did not transfer anything!!! Oh my god!

Yeah! So took me awhile to reset the entire thing and do all over again!!

Then… just some friendly advice … don’t leave thousands of apps on your phone 🤨 I use like maybe 5 apps but have millions lol

I have work apps, which I use… and then I have 3 games I like… and this – besides the ones they make me have lol … oh I have my own GPS app because I hate google maps – it always gets me lost so I don’t trust google maps in crunches

Oh yeah and Friday when I did that graveside service … they say here let me give you directions incase we get separated … and they begin to just speak directions to me lol…

Wait stop ✋… just gimme address … I will GPS if we get separated … I will not remember every turn and I don’t know the area … GPS is better / easier lol … just gimme address and you good lol

But anyway… thousands of photos and apps really F’s up the time of transferring 🤨 WordPress was not done when I went to bed … so I was like Fuck it! Gnite lol

So I have to take time at some point and delete crap lol… and the photos I have to get off my phone also!! Ugh so many!! Don’t ask me how many. I am always taking photos

Last night I asked daughter if she wanted to come with me today? And she says “what time do you have to leave?”

I say “early, around same time we did” and she was like “nope, I’ll stay home” lol… so whatever

I was busy anyway!!

There is one case where the family is fighting over control. That’s hard on top of such an emotional time.

I understand from both views – but is next of kin who gets the final say.

And then, we have a special case which is difficult.

And then we have quite a few babies. As in infants ☹️ … is like a wave? Is heartbreaking. 💔 is innocence lost ☹️ and I can’t even imagine the parents heartbreak! You are not supposed to die before your parents, and parents have such excitement and hope with pregnancy and all that… so is just devastating. I don’t like to see babies come in… it breaks my heart the most. 💔 they didn’t even get a chance at life.

So every time I try to do something else – that all was going on. And then I had someone shopping around funeral homes today… wanted price list … so sent that out.

When I came into work this morning … we have a board with all the deaths … has the name, when the service is, what they doing etc.

When I came in this morning… one of the names – is the same as a friend I have 😮😮😮😮😮

But it was not the same one! But for one moment my heart sunk!

And then… do you remember me saying something about some guy wanting my address ?

Well whatever… there is some guy who keeps wanting my address (I know him, I know what he’s trying to do)

Right before I got off work he tried to FaceTime me 🤨

Ok look… I don’t even answer calls unless you important to me… or is work. I don’t like pictures or video anything. So there is no way in hell, I am answering that!!! Nope!

So I declined and texted – sorry I don’t do video.

He text me back and says, you don’t want me to see your beautiful face ? 🤨

Nope, no I do not lol ✌️

Then he says … well what size ring do you wear 🤨… nope not going there either!! Hell no!!!

What is wrong with people?? I don’t even know him like that!! You don’t just buy people rings!! Omg

So I said no ring please

And then he says ok well just give me your address 🤨

Ummm that’s gonna be a no, as well lol ✌️

And he says “you are hard, I’m not gonna hurt you or cause you any pain – I just want to make you smile, you can trust me” 🤨

Yeah whatever – still no.

And he says “I just want to send you flowers”

So I said – then send them virtually … regular flowers die. I don’t need flowers to make me smile.

And he says … “well at least a card”

You can do that virtually also… whatever he had… I had an answer lol … and that was no

I am just not comfortable. You don’t just get my info like that…

And I don’t want gifts!! Please do not woo me that way!! That is NOT how I work!! Every time it will be no.

Someone really has to know me first.

He told me I am very difficult. Yeah well been through the ringer … so I don’t accept or trust things.

Not only does someone have to know me… but I have to really know someone to be at ease

You can tell me whatever you want – but that doesn’t always make it true …

And why are gifts a thing guys like to use? Ya know… get to know the girl. They all fail so badly!!! Nope!!

There is no way I am giving any guy my address like that!! What?? Are you insane ? And mess up my peace??? That could go really bad!! So nope! Not happening.

That gets kinda tiring cause is always the same.

Guys seriously have issues reading women – why is it so hard??? They make it harder

If they be chill, I will relax over time… if you can’t handle time – then it’s a definite no.

Ugh whatever – yes I am difficult in this area… and will continue to be until someone gets it right! If not oh well.

I have my peace. Show me that and you will catch my attention… you don’t need my address for that!

So anyway… I think that is everything – there is a lot here anyway.

I am going to eat and then I will be reading for rest of night lol … sorry about being so busy… I miss reading sooo much – last night totally killed me!!! Stupid phone

Ok I need food ✌️

Ahhh day off tmrw ❤️ well from work – not life 🤨

Good night 🌙 – I read in a moment

11 thoughts on “Many events! Whew!

Add yours

    1. Yeah, some are in utero… but not these. I saw the face of one for the obit – just broke my heart completely – had a little baby smile on face. 💔 its very hard – I can feel those very deeply.

      Well guys kinda are… cause they want to make an impression… plus many girls are all about money. So they try what they can. They are just chasing the wrong girl lol

      They also want to date you so… they need to blind you with other things so you don’t see their flaws or anything bad about them.

      Instead of using patience, honesty and humility… which is rare – and frankly I don’t think they can?

      I don’t care what they have or what they can give me… I don’t even pay attention to that! At all – and then they UP the game 🤨 trying to catch my attention cause they have no idea how! 🤨 that is NOT the way lol

      My thing is – I want to honestly know who they are and what they about. Are they a good person? Do they have heart and compassion? Can they love?

      I also feel it’s very important they understand who I am too. I am quirky and no one is going to change that.

      I don’t want to be owned or controlled – nothing

      So I just feel show me who you are – the rest is just fluff I completely ignore lol ✌️

      They are mostly like that – the stories I could tell you!! I should wear a GoPro lol – here is what it is like when you are a woman lol 🤨😄✌️~sigh~

      But I’m used to it… that’s what I experience.

      Also, both men and women nowadays are way too fast and that’s way over my head. I am not that way…

      They only see that I am pretty – they do not care about anything else. I am the trophy 🤨☹️ I don’t like that. So I don’t like to be noticed. ✌️ when I am noticed, which is all the fricken time – I am hard lol cause is always like this.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. None of them do… they are all pushy like that. This is why I am hard in this area… also why I run the other way lol ✌️

      I’m used to it… happens all the time. Catches me off guard once in awhile – but I know how to handle – handle it ALL the time!


  1. Guys give presents??!!?? I think I have, literally, rec’d maybe 3 gifts of affection in my life. And one was from a gay man.

    Soooo… guys give gifts to PRETTY women!!

    Write off the food thing as a fluke. Maybe she thought it was leftover from the day before, or that office shares anything in the fridge Write your name on future meals.

    I had some other thoughts but they left my brain and I’m too tired to find them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They TRY!! I get offered everything… sounds great but no … I am careful. I don’t want to be leading anyone on… and I also do not want to be a “kept” woman – either way is a no

      Is safer to not accept gifts. I don’t feel comfortable with gifts at all.

      If you know me and/or are a friend… then gifts are ok. They are meant from the heart – I am ok with those.

      Otherwise gifts from random men – umm yeah I’m not good with that… so nope

      When I had that first stalker I ever had – he kept leaving gifts at my door and on my car.

      And it just really important to me that if a man is going to give me a gift… I want to be in love with him.
      (Some man friends I do trust, and they are thoughtful not creepy… so those are ok) I am only speaking of the ones who want to impress me with gifts.

      And also, while I am pretty… I was also around a lot of men who have a lot of money. They are used to “buying” women’s affections … like thinking their money can buy anything… I’m just not like that though.

      I just want to make sure anyone in my life is good. And I don’t want problems or any of that.

      On the food thing… there is a fridge in the home quarters … all our stuff was in a bag together… it was not near any other things… could not have been mistaken. Was deliberate… you had to go in bag to take.

      She simply could have just asked and it would have been fine. But whatever – I won’t bring that again.

      Lol… no wonder I like you – you are similar to me lol


      1. Yeah!! There is no way she could have accidentally taken. Very weird and rude

        I do too… I will talk to anyone, but I am cautious with everyone no matter who they are. I do like to learn there stories though!!


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