Crazy busy!

I will have to save yesterday’s stories for later. Yesterday was crazy.

It’s been getting very crazy everywhere

Even today… when I said was quiet – I spoke too soon … I have yet to even step away from the desk/phone! All morning was non-stop. Literally 😮

I would hang up… go to stand up to do something else and nope… that was not happening… I have done next to nothing besides handle cases and that phone.

Recently, oddly … we have a lot of babies. Heartbreaking 💔

Also… if you have special requirements for death… outside the norm of different religions… it may be best if planned prior… otherwise that can cause families to fight. ☹️

Ok I don’t have time… too much going on – I am being buried myself currently (figuratively of course!) but is busy today!! I am having trouble even writing this!

I’ll be back tonight 🙏✌️

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